Photos of Thailand Camping Trails

Doi Pui Campground: very nice views, coffeshop, restaurant (not always open!), you can rent tent, sleepingbag, mat there. Water apparently comes “from the mountain”.

Hike to Doi Pui summit: nice nature trail with information signs, viewpoint just after the summit (you might be able to camp here)

Hike down to Ban Kunsangkeyn: Steep! Be careful! Apart from that, nice pine tree way with good views, at the village you will find multiple coffeshops that serve food as well

Last section: starting with a dirt road, you will need GPS here! The dirtroad will lead you to a somehwat open area at about half way down this section of the hike. There you have to turn about 300 degree and follow a small path. Later you will get to a intersection where one way will take you to Wat Suthep and the other to Monthathan waterfall. The last one is quit steep at the beginning, but you will pass 4 waterfalls, and they are all very nice!

Tip: download and import the rout into the map there, it will show you all the other trails that run in the national park as well.