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Second time up Kili last week...first time in 2015. What a terrific trek! The Machame Route is a 7.5 day round trip (6 ascent and 1.5 descent) which I would rate as hard, that carries through 5 climate zones and provides for a remarkable experience physically, spiritually and culturally. Summit day can prove to be a challenge...certainly physically and altitude plays a significant role at 19,341 ft. That said, with proper training an achievable challenge and one that is highly rewarding.

Make sure to celebrate with a follow-on safari on the Serengeti. What a phenomenal adventure!

Amazing experience, but incredibly difficult hike on summit day due to altitude. Definitely recommend diamox for altitude sickness.

Great hike with some beautiful views. Coming down wasn’t the greatest, but it never is. I would definitely do it again if I had the money and time.

Amazing very difficult

Summit Day Jan. 21, 2018
When they say "Pole, Pole" listen! This is not a race, but a physical and mental marathon. You will be on a rollercoaster ride every step of the way. I found the key was to relax and enjoy the up and except the downs.
Crew Treks nailed the operations!

Amazing experience and a real challenge! Did the 6 days and 5 nights trek and should have done an extra day for acclimatization. Overall I did summit even though it took a bit longer than expected. Breathing in thin air is hard and it was super windy. Pictures did come out great since there was no fog and the sky was clear.

10 months ago

Huge achievement to get up here! Loved it all! Experiencing the changes in the climate and the environment were amazing! Freezing nights, and the days slowly got colder! Summit night was hard but well worth it!best experience of my life!

Absolutely amazing trip. Took advantage of the 6 day ascent/2 day descent so as to take advantage of time to acclimatize to altitude. Did hike unmediated although I became profoundly dizzy and hypoxic after about 17,500 ft. You CAN ascend faster but we chose this route for beauty of the jungle as well as time to really take in the hike. I could go on and on. A trip of a lifetime for me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Hike of a lifetime. We did it in 5 days and loved the route and the ability to do it quickly based on our limited time in Tanzania. We used Summit Africa and couldn't have been happier.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Loved this route. Great if you have others in your group who may need more time to acclimate to the altitude; depending on the time of year it can get very cold during the nights and especially on the summit. (My water was freezing in the hydration bladder so I had to hike with the bladder inside my jacket) Choose a local outfitter to guide your group, it provides much needed employment to the people who live near here. We went with Zara Tours and they were great!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Amazing experience have done it 2xs looking forward to next climb and going back!!!❤

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This was an awesome trail and a great experience. We took five days to complete the route. I would
Love to try and do it in 1-2 days. If you are thinking about it, DO IT!

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