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3 days ago

This is a very easy and quick hike if you don’t have a lot of time or just want to get out of the busy streets of the city for a little while. It offers pretty decent views of the city in certain spots. Not bad for a quick little hike.

my favorite trail around Taipei.
some rope climbing,but easy. beautiful view from West and East Peak.

It's a nice hike with some tough short climbing parts. But the view over the city is amazing.

trail running
20 days ago

Round trip 95 peak...Stair trail, great view, recommended

Great hike. VERY steep sections with ropes at the top of tiger mountain

Beautiful landscape

You must notice that actually this trail is limited to 3,1 km. Further access is forbidden.
You need a pre-authorisation before entering and last time access is 10 AM.

Nice !

Lots of stairs, but so worth it.

As with most hiking trails near Taipei, this trail has many, many steep stairs. This trail is mostly paved so the hiking is relatively easy (except for climbing the stairs). About 20% is off the paved trails. These turn off the pavement onto smaller, steeper trials. Where the trails steepens, there are stepping stones to assist with footing. Unfortunately, the stones are covered with moss, causing them to be slippery. Occasionally, these trails are exposed to steep drop-offs. So care but be given, especially when coming down. These trails may be considered moderate in difficulty.

There is one section that I would consider particularly challenging. It has switchbacks with each one steeper than the previous one. The final two are extremely difficult, with the last one almost a vertical climb. This section has ropes to assist with footholds cut into the boulders. This section would be difficult.

Bring plenty of water. Wear shoes with good traction. Be sure to bring the map on a device with connectivity. The trail branches off the main trail many times and if you don't have your location marked on the AllTrails map, then it is easy to miss a turn off.

Over all, a good hike. Would have enjoyed more if there were less paved trails.

Pretty easy in a perspective of an experienced climber. The only hard part would be stamina and time management.
Foreigners get priority on the permits, so just state that you are a foreigner leaving soon.

4 months ago

A lot of places are closed due to destruction, but the sunrise is beautiful here

5 months ago

Best walk and geology ever. Not strenuous but very sweaty. Butterfly park, really breathtaking and easy to get to from Taipei

Not as good as expect

6 months ago

Beautiful trail with unreal views of the surrounding mountains. Get a permit many months in advance! We did the 2d1n and stayed in the lodge. If you end up reserving a lodge spot, make sure to have/rent a sleeping pad, warm sleeping bag, and pillow. And bring plenty of snacks! Unfortunately we didn't make it to the summit for sunrise (or at all) because of high winds, but the experience was still incredible.

Love this trail. About 6 hours back and forth. The view is outstanding at the peek. Highly recommend!

I love that this trail is a good workout.. everything is uphill! I took an Uber from Taipei to the trailhead since I didn't want to figure out the bus. As mentioned in a few blogs..there are 2 starting points: one to the left of the restrooms (bring tissues/toilet paper) is the east peak trail and one further up by the parking "lot" (left of the stores selling drinks/snacks) is the west peak trail. We are so glad we took the trail next to the store because 1) there was maybe 20+ people going up the trail by the bathroom 2) the views are much nicer where we started 3) Going up this way is better than coming down this way. The way we took had some stairs but not as much as the other trail. I truly enjoyed this trail because it had more climbing! Of course there are ropes if you need to hold onto them. Honestly, there are signs everywhere and the trails are so obvious. We did the loop from West peak to some peak (forgot the name) then went down east peak (all stairs). I can definitely see this hike being scary if it's raining or just rained. It can be slippery but the weather was awesome and it isn't that bad at all. There are 60+ year olds owning this hike. I love this trail because it's lots of climbing and it just feels so adventurous! it's also great views. Coming down east peak was all shade which was nice but no views..kinda wished I went back down west peak just to see the lush green mountains again. Lots of great picture spots but this place is not for ones who are seeking solitude. These trails are very crowded and there were even tour groups of 20+ people so it's very loud and you can hear people across the ridges. Either way, I enjoyed it. I hitch hiked (so thankful that Taiwanese people are so nice!) to Shiding and called an Uber there. Also got to walk around which was nice.

Hiked April 1, 2018

11 months ago

Completed about 5 miles, moderate, out and back to the highest peak overlooking Taipei City. Trail and directions was not marked properly.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This was a nice city walk. I veered off the road indicated on the map here, where it turns toward the river. If you cross the overpass to walk along the river, there are some nice views, lots of wildlife and lots of other people walking/biking.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Would love to re-visit once it’s sunny and clear, and not raining. ;)

Great trail but very tired because we ran out of our 1.2 liter water supply.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Whenever I visit Hsinchu Science Park, I try to grab a few minutes to visit Green Grass Lake, which is not very far away. It is a pleasant place to commune with nature, and take a nice walk in a scenic place. This is a nice area to have a picnic, or take a bike ride.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A quiet, natural, and beautiful trail in the middle of Taiwan.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Beautiful hike!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Crazy Amazing Geology!! Fun photo opportunity! Go there before the neck gets too thin and Queen's Head rock falls over!

Monday, July 21, 2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! It was my first and last stop when I traveled in Taiwan. Cool hiking trail, great historical site, beautiful valley views, and a cute little restaurant that gives you a lantern at night on the roof with your food.

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