Photos of Zürich Hiking Trails

mountain biking
1 day ago

For hiking the tour is nice. But for mountain biking the route choice is not ideal. The first 200 hm from Bachscheidi (Tössscheidi) are steep and you have to fight with big, round pebbles. Most of us will push there. From the Strahleggstrasse to Tierhag the path from behind the Sennhütte on foot is nice, but sometimes too heavy with the bike and most of us prefer to take the main road to the Tierhag from a corner further up the Strahleggstrasse. The climb is still crisp enough. The most idiotic thing is to take the West Ridge from Tierhag on the Schnebelhorn. You can only partially push that and you have to carry the bike a lot. Here is the up to the first 20m about horizontal trail from Tierhag direction Schindelberghöhi beautiful drive. Shortly before the Schindelberghöhi you reach the south ridge of the Schnebelhorn and it is actually about 50% easy to drive and the rest can be pushed - no need to carry. From Schnebelhorn summit, the tour is beautiful for those who master technical S2.

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