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Know this going in- it is solidly uphill 90% of the trip. For this 48 year old, mildly active, healthy weight female... I was hugging and puffing during most of it. Just when you think you can’t take another step, the trail opens up to meadows and VIEWS. I had to keep reminding myself I’m in the alps! Like, so surreal. It’s an absolutely phenomenal hike. Then the sweet town of KS has food and coffee and trinkets etc. My first time hiking in the alps and it was beautiful.

Gorgeous trail, epic views. The first half coming up from Wengen was in the trees (lovely shade) and then it opens up to amazing views of the glaciers and big 3 mountains. Probably took us double the time with all the necessary photo stops. Felt like an easy hike but 3,000+ ft elevation gain made for a solid day.

11 days ago

has to be one of my fav ever walks. spectacular vistas on every switch back. trail starts through woodlands before breaking out onto the mountain side. some parts walk along edges with steep drops but over grass not rock. definitely challenging to difficult but taken at your own time is achievable for any regular walker and the reward will as me have you finishing with a big smile on your face!

fabulous views. did this in reverse order. the loss of elevation was steep in large parts. If wet could be difficult with footing. 3 or 4 lunch stops (restaurants) along the trail.

I hiked from Wengen to Kleine Scheidegg during late June. There are heavenly panoramas of Jungfrau, Mönch, and Eiger. Bring plenty of H20 and a snack. The only distraction was sound of helicopters near Wengen, but the incline helps keep one focused. ;)

15 days ago

Nice trail with incredible views! We hiked in reverse.

Agree with another person who said trail 42 on the hiking maps is wonderful. You pass the scenic vistas of the Eiger, Monsch, and Jungfrau. You also hike through meadows and forest. We went from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen and there are definitely some tough spots with a lot of rocks but the terrain is very varied so you are never too long on one type of trail.

Lovely walk down from KS, took a few shortcuts but all roads lead to Wengen

27 days ago

We took the cable car up and walked down to Wengen. Not for the faint of heart but doable for those in moderate shape (like us beer drinking upper 30 somethings). It was muddy and we were really hurting for a hiking stick to help with balance or some more aggressive hiking shoes (we were in ultralights). The reverse hike begins at the cable car (make sure to first hike the Summit trail, worth it). It spirals down and begins switchbacks on a STEEP decline. After much of this you make it to trees, goats, and shade. Trail goes though a full delicious smelling forest, some charming cow fields (seriously, the bells are amazing), and then you walk via road back into Wengen.

2 months ago

An absolutely stunning trail, mostly downhill with plenty of places to stop to catch your breath and take in the view which features some of the most incredible scenery. Accessing the start point is extremely easy by just catching the train up from the bottom.

10 months ago

This is a great trail. It is pretty hard, but if you are in decent shape, not an issue. We did it in the rain, so the footing was a little tough in a few spots. We opted not to hike back down, we just walked down to Kleine Scheidegg and walked back to Wengen.

This is an epic trail and if you are in Switzerland for first time, a real gem. Keep in mind that when you look at hiking map of the area, choose trail 42. This trail skirts the outside of the range and the vistas are amazing. You can get to Kleine Scheidegg a couple other ways, but trail 42 is the best in my view. The hike back down to Wengen is also nice, or you can take the train!

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