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Photos of Norrbotten Camping Trails

6 months ago

Hiked this trail in 2018 as organized by Fjallraven, but the whole trail is public so can be hiked outside of the organization as well. 2/3 of the trail (the north-south section) is part of the much larger 'Kingstrail' of Lapland Sweden (Kungsleden in Swedish and Alltrails has a separate trail for that one) and the whole are is supported by mountain cabins (called SFT stations) roughly every 15-20km or so.

The event is walked every year in August and includes 2000 participants spread over 3 start days (8 start groups) and a lot of requests are made about distances, elevations etc so this trail really will help the community prepare for the event.

The hike itself is absolutely stunning, nature is wild and free here and the hills and low mountains provide for beautiful scenery. It is rough terrain and the trail is well marked, but often has a lot of rocks jutting out of the dirt/mud, so walking sticks are highly recommended. Swampy areas are traversed on wooden walkways and larger streams and rivers are crossed on metal bridges.

Although participants are not allowed to use the cabins, of course if you go by yourself and ditch the camping, you can hike from cabin to cabin and sleep in them. Best be sure to make reservations at the SFT in advance though. Camping itself is great though and apart from a small section at Abisko National Park, the entire area allows for setting up camp wherever you wish. Water is not a problem since the water streams are plentiful and clean. Many don't even use filter given how clean the water is, although we did always use a lifestraw bottle just to be sure.