on Gros Piton Trail

8 days ago

Let’s be real! This is close to 2 miles straight up. This is more than hiking... it is climbing! With that said...
I am an avid hiker in good shape & did this to challenge myself. I have done much longer hikes but after 30 minutes, you are climbing some very steep rocks. Did I stop a lot? Sure. Did I make it to the top? Sure... in 2 1/2 hours. But, it was the hardest short hike I’ve ever done.
The sheer steepness of the climb paired with the 80% humidity was the ‘kicker’!
It is wonderfully apparent how much pride the locals take in keeping the paths clean and clearly marked! They were actually sweeping off the rock steps to avoid slippage on wet leaves from the humidity! Not to mention my guide, fun, informative and very, very knowledgeable of the hike! He’s been hiking it since a boy!
Total trip took me 5 hours. Bring at the very least 2liters of h2o. Trail is almost entirely in shade but humidity can tire you out quick! Walking stick or poles can help on way down for people with weak knees as it is steep!!!
Enjoy the challenge!