rock climbing
20 hours ago

A great, once in a lifetime experience. We had a large corporate group with various fitness levels. What would normally take about a total of 4 hours (four 30 minute segments) took almost 6 (lots of stopping and hydrating). The first segment has a nice lookout and a pretty moderate climb. There is a hut selling water and fruit so bring cash. There are no washrooms along the path except at the beginning when you sign-in (you sweat so much there are no fluids to retain). The second segment is a little tougher and ends with a nice view. The third segment is strenuous with lots of boulders and big steep steps. The third segment ends under a tree with no views, just a bench. The fourth segment is always wet, slippery and steep. There are handrails in many places along the entire path to help navigate around the rocks. Just before you reach the summit, there is another hut selling water and fruit. The view at the top is awesome. The climb down is actually harder (not strenuous) as you navigate your next foot placement all the way down. Bring water (and buy as you go), backpack (you want hands free), dry face cloth (wipe down the sweat) and a camera/phone. I am glad I did it and can check it off the bucket list.