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2 months ago

Terrific trail! Make sure you eat a little something before you go and start off bright and early in the morning before the day begins to warm up. There’s a few spots where you need to scramble up but the views are stunning. At one lookout point we even spotted a pod of whales! (Or maybe it was dolphins? This was a few years back.)

Great challenging hike. My and wife and I are avid fitness people and this was challenging. We give it a moderate rating. Very hard sections but for the distance it is manageble. For reference I run 5k in under 21 minutes. We approached this as a challenge and went up and down in just under 2 hours with 15 minute break at the top. The guides are in great shape but we left ours back at the half way point. We met one guide at the top. Mervin, the mountain goat. It sounded like he would be guide to have if you are really wanting to move up the mountain.

Hardest hike I've ever done. It is of course beautiful in areas and you feel really accomplished once you make it to the top. But it was a struggle. Path is well maintained. The guides will make you feel out of shape because it's so easy for them lol.

on Gros Piton Trail

4 months ago

Let’s be real! This is close to 2 miles straight up. This is more than hiking... it is climbing! With that said...
I am an avid hiker in good shape & did this to challenge myself. I have done much longer hikes but after 30 minutes, you are climbing some very steep rocks. Did I stop a lot? Sure. Did I make it to the top? Sure... in 2 1/2 hours. But, it was the hardest short hike I’ve ever done.
The sheer steepness of the climb paired with the 80% humidity was the ‘kicker’!
It is wonderfully apparent how much pride the locals take in keeping the paths clean and clearly marked! They were actually sweeping off the rock steps to avoid slippage on wet leaves from the humidity! Not to mention my guide, fun, informative and very, very knowledgeable of the hike! He’s been hiking it since a boy!
Total trip took me 5 hours. Bring at the very least 2liters of h2o. Trail is almost entirely in shade but humidity can tire you out quick! Walking stick or poles can help on way down for people with weak knees as it is steep!!!
Enjoy the challenge!

rock climbing
4 months ago

A great, once in a lifetime experience. We had a large corporate group with various fitness levels. What would normally take about a total of 4 hours (four 30 minute segments) took almost 6 (lots of stopping and hydrating). The first segment has a nice lookout and a pretty moderate climb. There is a hut selling water and fruit so bring cash. There are no washrooms along the path except at the beginning when you sign-in (you sweat so much there are no fluids to retain). The second segment is a little tougher and ends with a nice view. The third segment is strenuous with lots of boulders and big steep steps. The third segment ends under a tree with no views, just a bench. The fourth segment is always wet, slippery and steep. There are handrails in many places along the entire path to help navigate around the rocks. Just before you reach the summit, there is another hut selling water and fruit. The view at the top is awesome. The climb down is actually harder (not strenuous) as you navigate your next foot placement all the way down. Bring water (and buy as you go), backpack (you want hands free), dry face cloth (wipe down the sweat) and a camera/phone. I am glad I did it and can check it off the bucket list.

4 months ago

harder than I expected. I've done mt. Washington many times, but this was another level. totally worth the effort.

6 months ago

This is a great trail. It is pretty easy. But the view of the Petit Piton is great. You need a guide but they are available at the beginning of the trail. Our guide Jahrod taught us much about the vegetation on the trail. We also ate lunch at the food shack at the beginning and the fish dish was excellent.

Absolutely beautiful with lots of locals around to help guide us through

Let's put it this way I was. prepared for the hike,then it began,It was strenuous all the way up, I would say it was 120° uphill climb and I am not talking about the heat.

it was fun and great accomplishment. it was worth it.

7 months ago

We hiked/climbed to the summit of Gros Piton. Overall, glad we did it. It's one of the iconic activities on St. Lucia after all. However, don't let anyone tell you differently -- this is a strenuous hike to the top. The best views are at the 1/4 and 1/2 points, so you might consider stopping there (though you'll probably feel like a wuss). It's $50 per person (guide required), which might be the only thing steeper than the climb up the last 1/2.

Entrance fee is a bit steep at $50/person. it rained off and on all day so the trail was wet and somewhat slippery. overall the trail is well maintained. it wasnt overly crowded the day we did it (probably thanks in part to the rain.) this is steep and challenging climb. a lot of scrambling and stairsteps. great views of the island. we did the whole thing but in about 4.5 hrs. you can stop at the halfway point if you want a shorter hike.

Nice easy hike and the views are wonderful!

If you ever get a chance I think the views of the island is definitely worth the trek. This is a beautiful area with many activities around the trail to enjoy an entire day.

Gorgeous views at the halfway and 3/4 marks- and then their are the vistas at the top of the hill. Stunning harbor views and sweeping shoreline and islands in the distance.

The hike is relentless in it's climb. No real plateaus , no switchbacks, just a straight shot up. If you like to get a pump you can move through it quickly, you can also take it slowly as there are some benches throughout. The trails are wonderfully maintained, respecting the natural surroundings. Took 2hrs 40mins including 20mins at the top. If not pushing pace expect 3-4hrs.

I started the day as early as possible and didn't see anyone else until the last 1/3 of my descent. What a gift to commune with nature like this.
Beautiful spirit to the mountain, very welcoming and fun.

Nice trail with some steps and rocky areas. Well groomed paths with parts that are paved. Nice historical information stops with beautiful views of Martinique and Rodney Bay. We wore regular tennis shoes and brought water. Wear big spray for the tree covered areas. Great walk from the Sandals Grande.

9 months ago

Incredible hike with a few breathtaking views. It took us about 3 hours up and down. To our understanding, a guide is required. We were fine wearing regular tennis shoes. I hiked with a novice hiker, although he’s in good shape, and he did great. We each drank about 1.5 L of water. I would recommend being hands free. Very rocky. Would not suggest doing if it’s wet.

10 months ago

My fiancée and I are experienced hikers and no strangers to climbing peaks such as Gros Piton. We chose to do this climb because we were vacationing in St Lucia and wanted a special memory to bring back home from our trip.

We made it up and back in about 4 hours. We rented a walking stick to help us hike which proved invaluable. We also had 1.5L water each.

The ascent is quite strenuous as the trail is very steep and highly broken up with large rocks and roots. You will spend maybe 100 yards walking on dirt the entire hike. There are a few natural stopping points along the way where there is a break in the foliage allowing you to look out onto waters far below. Natural and man-made handholds along the way make the climb up doable with the only real challenge being the steep angle of climb.

Now is the time to mention that before being allowed to start the hike you must sign a liability waiver. At the time it felt like a pretty standard thing to do.

The descent is far more challenging than the ascent. Large, irregular steps down from rock to rock are not helped by all of the handholds that were available to you to pull your way up. Also, the top half of the trail is quite wet so you are stepping onto wet and often muddy stones and roots making each step treacherous. It’s a miracle no one in our group slipped and hurt themselves. It’s the type of hike that makes you wish for a helmet. The requirement to sign away liability now becomes relevant.

At the conclusion of the hike we purchased and consumed another 1.5L bottle of water before heading out to return to our resort and a hot soak.

We’re glad we did the hike. Great memories and pictures. One last comment though. Because of the broken terrain you really won’t spend any time while hiking looking around. Your head will be down watching foot placement, especially on the descent. Not that you could see much anyway due to how heavy the foliage is on the mountain.

10 months ago

Our family of 4 moderately experienced hikers really enjoyed our climb. Much of the trail requires climbing over boulders and rocks on steep inclines, but it’s do-able with abundant water and snacks to keep your energy high. The trail is in very good condition, with active upkeep of wooden steps and handrails. Even if you can’t make it to the top, the views from the first and second rest stops along the trail are beautiful.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Physically this was the hardest thing I've EVER done. The taller of the Piton Mountains - Gros Piton looms 2619 ft above sea level. Most of this was a climb - not a hike. I'm SO grateful my body carried me through (although at times I wanted to cry). It was a wonderful, rewarding experience that I'll never never forget.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The best experience in my life!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

As an avid climber and hiker, this was on my must-do list for our St. Lucia trip. Compared to other peaks I have climbed, this one was much different. Given the rain-forest climate, the vegetation is tall and thick, preventing any kind of a view on the climb up. Even the summit's view is somewhat limited (i.e. not a 360* panoramic view). There are stopping points a quarter of the way up and halfway up, both of which offer stunning views (see my pic of the halfway point). I would rate the difficulty as moderate for a seasoned hiker/climber or hard for an average person. The trail is steep and sometimes requires hands to pull yourself up. All of that being said, it was worth it to climb perhaps the most iconic peak in the Caribbean and to stand atop a World Heritage Site! A much recommended break from the beaches!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Beautiful spot right on the ocean with nice views all around

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Did/attempted this hike a couple weeks ago. I was on a cruise so we started from the beach, about 600 ft below entrance from the street and you have total of four hours to get up and back. As noted by others the hike is tough but well worth it, even just to half way. Your two main enemies on this hike are heat/humidity and the steepness of the trail. For reference, I am 50, got hurt playing hockey and laid up for month of March, did not get back into gym, have not hiked a mountain in 40 years and made it half way, about 1400 ft. I am from Florida so heat not an issue but the only hills here are speed bumps.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beautiful views of Rodney Bay and the hills to the south. On a clear day you can see Martinique to the north. Cool historic forts to visit. Check out Jambe Du Bois for lunch afterwards on the beach!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Enjoyed the hike with my wife on our honeymoon a while back in March! Bring a day pack and plenty of water before you get started with your guide. It is heavily trafficked with many tourists from all over. Bring some snacks to eat at the top of the peton. It's a beautiful hike! Be prepared to climb and get on all fours for the last section of the hike!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Saturday, June 03, 2017

You're hiking up and up with your guide that will make sure you have lots of water with you before you start (can buy at the trailhead). The last third of the way up is definitely the steepest with lots of stairs some pretty large steps up to the top. The views at the top of the southern tip of the island from the south side at the top and the view of Petit Piton from the north side at the top are incredible and well worth the hike. Iconic hike of St. Lucia.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I went with my family while on vacation. This is a very challenging trail as it is a quick hike with the guides. It is steep. The trail is divided into four portions and more than a third of those hiking with us could not make it. Take water and a snack. The views are amazing and you will feel accomplished and in need of a full lunch and a swim in the beautiful waters of at. Lucia!

Friday, February 24, 2017

I did this hike in 2012. It is a guided hike (that's just how they do it there) and it is extremely hard. At one point you are climbing up a rocky incline. It's not a dangerous type of hard, the rocks are scattered enough they function like steep steps. I never thought I was going to fall. The "hard" was more of a physically challenging type of hard. It wasn't the incline that was hard for me. I was able to make it up that steep rock-stepping incline just fine (if I had to guess it would be like 45 minutes with the stair master on the absolute hardest setting). What I found extremely hard was the decline (after completing the incline). It got to a point where my legs felt like noodles and with every steep-step down I was worried my legs wouldn't actually hold up, I was worried that when I took each next steep step that my leg would crumble... but they did and it was so so rewarding to have completed this hike.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Incredibly beautiful. Words can't describe the sights, however more difficult hike than advertised

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