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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Map
1 month ago

It was a lovely unexpected walk we did with our 14 month old daughter in a baby rucksack. Took us 2.5hrs with a stop for a picnic half way. It’s a good family trail.

1 month ago

Easy walking for couple of 55+. Park about 1km south. Track well marked, good underfoot. Remember it's cooler than on the coast. Nice scenery!

on Chinyero Loop

1 month ago

Great time spent with my family, including kids of 7 and 9 years old. Easy, suitable for everyone.

3 months ago

Easy walking for couple of 70+. Need to park about 1km south. Track well marked + good underfoot. Remember it's cooler than on the coast + altitude higher than anywhere in UK.

4 months ago

Ruta conocida como "El Bastón", es la parte palmera del GR131, que discurre por tramos en todas las islas. Normalmente se hace en 4 jornadas por evitar cargar con gran cantidad de agua que es escasa en las zonas de cumbre por las que discurre la ruta. En esta ocasión se hizo en dos días y unas horas, como consecuencia de unir jornadas y llevar toda el agua necesaria para ser independiente de los puntos de abastecimiento, en parte por ahorrar tiempo, en parte por si no había agua en los lugares posibles.
Es una ruta espectacular en todo: diferentes paisajes, sustratos, altura, vegetación. Con dureza asequible a todos (dependiendo de cómo la hagas) y que recomiendo a todos los que disfruten con los grandes senderos. La Palma es un lugar privilegiado y los palmeros han sabido cuidar su patrimonio natural como para disfrutar en toda la isla.

Route known as "The Cane", is the part of the GR131of La Palma, which runs by sections in all the islands. Normally it is done in 4 days to avoid carrying a large amount of water that is scarce in the summit areas through which the route runs. This time it was done in two days and a few hours, as a result of joining days and bring all the water necessary to be independent of the supply points, in part to save time, partly in case there was no water in the possible places.
It is a spectacular route in everything: different landscapes, substrata, height, vegetation. With hardness accessible to all (depending on how you do it) and that I recommend to all who enjoy the great trails. La Palma is a privileged place and the La Palma inhabitans have been able to take care of their natural heritage as to enjoy the whole island.

19 days ago