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Before I start, a warning... El Caminito de Rey is seasonal. I guess you can check it online, not sure. another reviewer mentioned buying tickets before hand. it appears that there might be a ticket line.

Now, the trail. The trail is nice and easy. the only part I would consider slightly difficult is the section that comes off the road towards the peak and becomes an actual trail. not difficult, but the large smooth rocks may get very slippery if wet. The view at the top is worth it. Just avoid the edges and headgear. The wind was strong enough to make me stumble.

Unfortunately, due to my earlier warning I didn't see what I came to see and was very let down for it. But I cannot say it was a bad hike. I got in about 6.5 miles of easy trail with decent views.

The area was crowded when I arrived and it is off season. parking may be difficult as the season picks up. if you can manage it, there is a restaurant called "Mirador" that has parking outside of it that would be great parking. There is also a little cafe, right after the bridge that you can take a left at and park on either side of the tunnel. these seem like good kicking off point to me. They both offer easy access to both the entire loop or just Camino de rey.

Hope this helps

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30 days ago

Pay attention to the trail! When I read 3 mile easy loop, I expected to hike for about 2 hours with picture taking. I stop a lot, but my pace is usually pretty good. 2 hours was not the case. 4-5 hours later, I rolled into town in the dark and in the fog, drenched in sweat and bleeding. I was following the trail, and after circumventing what a cow blocking the gate, I missed the turn and hiked an extra ways out. By the time I realized I had missed it, I decided to follow the extended loop back to the original trail as it looked like it would be easier. Huge mistake. Low light, low visibility (due to fog), rain, and a lot of slippery rocks to climb over. I regretted my decision once I found myself climbing over boulders and other jagged rocks with what might have been cactus in either side. It was almost impossible to find the trail once I stepped off it. Almost as soon as I found the trail, I was face to face with a glowing set of eyes, probablly a cow, but I wasnt gonna risk it. I backed up and tripped over some rocks going around and lost the trail for a while. So, pay attention to the trail and be smart. It's a tough trail when you mess up.

So, I did not do any planning. Just decided I would go for a hike. I do not recommend hiking this trail late or in low visibility. It is easy to lose the trail at the far points. Thank goodness I had the alltrails app pro version. Old school maps would work as well, but the all trails maps and gps made it alot easier to get back. I had a headlamp, but I was not prepared to camp.

In a way, this is a note to my complacency. I have become accustomed to easy well marked trails, and have not been taking the proper precautions. If my phone had died, it would have been a long, cold, wet night.

on Fuente Ojito Nogal

2 months ago

Benaocaz is in Cadiz, not in Caceres.

on Rio el Bosque

2 months ago

Benamahoma is not in Caceres, it is in Cadiz.

2 months ago

As humbling and stunning as the Grand Canyon. Super easy to walk, especially with the renovations. If you have the opportunity, do NOT miss this.

2 months ago

Stunning views, impressively engineered cliff side walkway. Final forge spanning bridge is not for the height averse.

really nice trail info center at parking and really clear water and easy to follow trail only problem is the amount of people there on the weekends makes it hard to not get pushed off the trail a lot

This trail ended up being day 4, 5, and 6. It was absolutely a long and daunting hike. We had such a wonderful time together. I might be losing a toenail but it will be fine. I'm beside myself with how much training I did for this hike and put almost 60 something miles into breaking in a new pair of boots and still had a foot issue. if you decide to walk the Camino I highly recommend doing four to six mile day hikes to prepare yourself.

I feel bad giving only four stars... The trail is great. I would rate it “moderate to hard” due to rather steep and poorly paved parts of the trail. I would recommend not to go up the mountain after the first bridge (that offers a spectacular view, btw), but continue along the river. It was too ambitious for us to complete all 8 km with 8-year old on a hot August day. We have made the first 5.3 km from Capileira to Pampaneira, but had to cup the hike short and take a bus back to Capileira. I am definitely coming back one day to complete the whole trail.

6 months ago

So wrong. The Trail is in Cáceres, not in A Coruña. The revise la for All Trails, not for the hike. I havent done it.

In the summer, El Caminito del Rey is best enjoyed very early mornings before it become too hot. Very well laid out path, easy enough for children and their grandparents alike.

À voir! Facile mais spectaculaire!

Great hike to wrap up “The Camino.” Just like “The Way.”

I enjoyed the amazing caminito del rey hike through the gorge and it was so breathtaking! It’s a must if you are in the area. Just make sure you buy tickets in advance!

Monday, September 12, 2011

nos gusto mucho y no es tan peligrosa la parte del canal,lo unico si tienes vertigo
nos falto buscar el atajo despues del embalse

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