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off trail
1 month ago

We really enjoyed the trail and the beautiful views!! It was so interesting to be in Spain then in France and back again!!! The trail was difficult toward the top but nothing that we had not down before you do really have to keep looking to stay on the trail and not get off but it is not that hard just be aware. The only part that was NOT fun was making the connection for the loop going off trail down the side of the mountain (not too steep) and getting scratched up by thorns and sticker bushes. There is absolutely NO trail to follow and it is through some very thorny bushes. It took like 15-20 minutes just to work our way down trying not to get too tore up even though it was not far down. After that the trail is more like a Jeep trail and very easy to follow. Overall we enjoyed the trail even though all of us had bloody legs from all the scratches.

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