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7 days ago

The google map directions brought me right to the Ruta de Glorieta where there is a magnificent building I think that was used for water control. There is still water moving through the building! A thing I need in my house!!! Plenty to see in the area before setting off in the hike. First off, I highly recommend adding the overlays for Waypoints and Nearby Trails, it will invaluably keep you on track, or decide your diversion as I did close to halfway through the red lined All Trails map. The starting point was a little confusing and I guess I wandered in through some alternate small trails which were fantastic - hiking along little tiny canals where the water ran downwards. This is a really great hiking area all around. Little scrambles here and there, old relics of buildings and past water management systems from who knows how long ago. I decided at about the 4 mile mark to work my way in through the alternate trails. It was well worth it as I was running out of time and it drove me straight into the heart of the woods. I’m downloading a ton of pics which I guess are the first for this trail. There is a fruit all along the trail and I know it edible because I tasted it and it’s delicious! I need to identify it. I’m going to let the pics show you what I saw and keep in mind when you get back to that large building that there are pink peppercorns trees on the property! I may edit this later for a bunch of little tidbits that may be helpful to some. I loved hiking in this area! I highly recommend it if you are anywhere near Tarragon, Spain

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