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3 months ago

We hiked in the opposite direction of the clock because we did not find the starting point. (He is well hidden) To find it you have to go up the road and cross at the junction that led us to the parking lot. We "unmasked" him on the way back. Signals of the trail are painted on road safety barriers, which must be followed. We did not see them. In our sense, the beginning climbs strongly (the elevation gain is essentially there for a short distance) but worth it! The arrival with the breathtaking view and the restored Romanesque Chapel at the top of its rocky peak is superb! View from above we still see the church of the village of Mediano against below. Village completely engulfed by the waters of the dam, whose church as a ghost has not been destroyed and remains the only vestige of this village. Seen from above is a vision of lighthouse in a white desert. The descent is then much softer and rests the legs. It winds along a wide path, then paths between olive groves and almond trees. To the road and back parking. Apart from the start, we liked it a lot and advise to do it in the opposite direction of the clockwise.

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