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South Korea Map

Easy to access from the train station and had multiple paths to descend the top! We went down by Seoul National University so we could have new views on the way down. Heavily trafficked, but beautiful views and well maintained. Hand rails or ropes and curated stairs make for a safe walk up to the temple at the top!

Descending Eorimok trail was rocky, be prepared! Otherwise, hike was great!

18 days ago

not sure what the "dobangson peak" review is about. to my knowledge, the trail outlined on this map is the one going to jaunbong which is dobangson peak. any how, as is mentioned on other reviews this is HEAVILY trafficked. with a city of 10 million people and this well maintained trail with beautiful views i guess its no suprise. last 0.5 km is very vertical. but there are convenient rails and steps placed strategically to make this section very managable. its is crazy windy at the peak so hold on to your hat!

21 days ago

Another great hike in south Korea

21 days ago

Great hike, lots of traffic though.

23 days ago

1 month ago

Super nice.... but if wildernesses is your type.... not the best!

Cables and smooth rocks on the trail to the top. Excellent views!! Headed south trail was the best way down.

For only being 2.8 miles this was a very hard hike. It was like going upstairs almost the whole way.... Literally there are tons of stairs. it felt like it would never end but it was so awesome. And it is really cool to go down the other side of the mountain instead of going back down the way you came. Not sure if that made it longer or shorter to go down that way.

It continues to be one of my favorite hikes in Korea. It is a moderate hike with the greatest level of effort coming at the end as the trail turns to steps when you hit the summit. But the views make any amount of effort worth it. You cannot pass up this hike if you are in Seoraksan.

Been running and biking these trails for 2 years. Biking is better on weekdays or US holidays; weekends and SK holidays bring large numbers of hikers. Trail forks usually head down towards communities and roads, check KAKAO map app for these trails. There are many miles trails just to the east of this system, a huge 19 mile loop, with about 3 miles of farm road connections.

Trail was very steep from the very start. It is very difficult but very nice

1 month ago

Really wonderful hike. I am relatively in shape and it wasn’t that difficult it there were parts that were challenging. If you take it slow you can totally do it and it is very much worth it!

2 months ago

The view is amazing.

2 months ago

Great hike, two sections are under construction and will get bridges in the coming months to assist in the water crossing. The Gapsa temple is a gorgeous and solemn place to pause in order to experience its beauty. Enjoy the waterfalls and quite woods on the way up.

Of note: up hill hiking is currently restricted from 0400-1700 which is not posted anywhere other than a few posters once you get 1/3 of the way up the Gapsa trail. Plan accordingly.

Just did the Gwaneumsa trail up and down, but just that trail isn’t listed on this site. Beautiful, though too misty to see into the crater at the top, definitely a hard and exhausting hike but so worth it.

Very challenging hike up, but amazing views at the top

This is too short to upload on alltrails.com. It is really a short walk.

We'll maintained, popular trail with great views and a beautiful waterfall.

Beautifully maintained water and restrooms on trail that a clean and maintained. They even have bug spray stations for free. Long hike take plenty of water. Saw some mountain biking but mostly hikers. Dogs on leashes

Very happy to have had the opportunity to visit this amazing place. The description says it is a hard course, it is, and it isn't. Be prepared for a lot of stairs! Not so bad if going down them, but if not....

6 months ago

It was awesome!

This was my first hike in Korea, and I’m really glad I took it on. Still, it was far more intense than I expected. They really do mean this is a hike for experienced hikers. I am not one. But my friend and I managed. We took route 1, which is shown in red on the tail maps. The climb is incredibly steep, but doable. Sometimes the trail seems to disappear toward the top, and we found it best to always follow the ropes if the trail appears to split. When my friend and I started heading down we ran into the most trouble. We found that that particular trail (red going back toward the base of the mountain) is not often traversed. It was difficult to find where the trail was. There were several times along the way we found ourselves just heading down, hoping to see a sign, and needing to cross a creek or climb a few rocks to find our way back to the path. We almost got stuck when we discovered we’d come to the edge of a waterfall. A little scouting revealed a way down, but it was a little precarious. Eventually we did make it back. I highly recommend the hike for its stunning views and the intense workout. But if you are not experienced going off trail a bit and navigating rocky/rough terrain, I’d say go back out the way you came in. Happy Trails!

This was an absolutely beautiful hike, friendly people that were very welcoming and breathtaking views. Come well prepared with plenty of water and snacks, and be ready for LOTS of stairs. The trail is steep and strenous at times, but completely worth it.

Great trail. Steep in some areas. The temple at the beginning was great... very friendly.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Easy with incredible views.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hundreds of stairs toward the end but well worth it. Very crowded during Fall weekends.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I hiked this trail couple of times while I lived in Korea. I recommend hitting it each season to see all the pretty changes. During spring the area had tons of water falls and it was absolutely gorgeous. The inclines can be fairly steep and strenuous for an unaccustomed hiker, however, as long as you have water and snacks, it will be worth it to get to the top.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Whoever mapped out this hike of Seoul, certainly knows Seoul well. (I spent 12 years of my life in Korea.) As one would expect, Seoul is a modern and bustling city, but it has various districts which have very distinct atmospheres. This hiking route provides a very nice sample of the different flavors of Seoul.

I personally suggest doing this hike in the spring or autumn.

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