Photos of Seoul Nature Trips Trails

25 days ago

Note that the hike I did started where this one did but finished at the very south end of the national park in Pyeonchang-dong. The hike that I did was much longer than the one listed here. The total distance was 14.6kms. The hike going up to the top on the west side is pretty steep in areas, especially the last kilometer or so. When going down, you will mainly follow parts of the city wall along a ridge line. There are many ups and downs, which makes the hike pretty exhausting come the end even though the overall distance is not that far. Towards the end of the hike, you will get some pretty stunning views of Seoul that can't be seen from anywhere else. But going down will require going down some straight up and down rock faces that would be impossible to traverse if wet. Take extreme caution when on these as any mistakes will not end well. You will end up in a very rich neighborhood with some pretty amazing homes as well. Overall, it was a very beautiful hike, but make sure to bring plenty of water. In my opinion, doing this hike in the opposite direction would be more strenuous.

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