Photos of Central Mountain Biking Trails

mountain biking
off trail
over grown
14 days ago

The trail is exciting, hikers are not allowed so no worries about running into people. I recommend that you are very comfortable with you abilities. I have mountain biked in the past and believe my reflexes are pretty decent, but this trail is tricky. You have to be prepared to bike through difficult areas. The trail is labeled, when a portion of it transitions to a different difficulty there are markers telling you so. I decided that two black diamonds weren’t for me. But you either have to careful push your bike till you see a portion you can comfortably ride, or get off the trail. I didn’t get two far, got off the trail at “Bottomless”. I biked to the trail from where I was staying, which was also a huge factor in why I thought it was so difficult. I was already burnt out from the ride I did before I got there. I will go again and check out the hiking portion, which doesn’t allow bikes!

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