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Lacul Morii ("Mill Lake") is the largest lake in Bucharest, with an area of 246 ha. The lake is approximately 6 km from the center of Bucharest (Piața Unirii) and is located between: Polytechnic University of Bucharest neighborhood to the East, Crangaşi and Giulești districts at North, Militari district at South. The type of it is accumulation lake, made in 1986 mainly to protect the city against floods.[3] It is also a recreation area. It provides a constant flow on Dâmboviţa river in the capital. The lake was built by a dam 15 m high, with a central body of concrete, earth dams extended lengthwise with a total length of 7 km. Lake volume is 14.7 million m³, with a flood mitigation portion of 1.6 million m³, beyond the normal retention. Effectively, to mitigate flooding, the lake volume can be increased when floods are predicted. Making a lake near an urban area required decommissioning of existing uses, including demolition and decommissioning of a church. On the south of Lacul Morii there is a peninsula.
Projects for Lacul Morii
There are projects to make Lacul Morii a travel destination. There are also projects to make the Lacul Morii area a modern residential, commercial and business area. Another project is a highway tunnel which will link Lacul Morii to the Civic Center (Piața Unirii) and the A1 freeway.