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There’s a brand new bridge and clean trail all the way down. Great swimming little hole!

This trail is no joke. Don’t be fooled by the short distance. The stretch to the first river isn’t bad at all. Rocky and a little mud but pretty easy on the way down. Just past the first river it turns into ankle deep mud combined with lots of rock and a steady decline. I fell 5 times and bled a few. The second river is pretty but honestly not worth it IMO. Should have stopped at the first river.

trail running
28 days ago

Easy trail to walk but if you try trail running as I did, the loose and embeded limestone will be quite difficult and dangerous. Plus you won't be able to enjoy the scenery. After about 1.5 miles, I mostly stopped running and fast walked it. At 2 miles is where it becomes interesting with more variety of cactus, a number of craggy inlets, huge carved rocks and crashing waves. Lots of hawks circling, some pelicans and a few hermit crabs. The trail is not well marked but easy to follow. There are occasional blue ribbons tied to branches and after about 2 miles, small blue MTB arrow shaped signs showing the way.

28 days ago

Okay, mostly flat and not the most interesting trail here. You can hear the ocean the entire way but can't really see it. A few other trails go off it if this is too short for you. Although it's an easy trail, the rocks make it more suitable for "hard" soled below the ankle hiking shoes than softer or trail running type shoes.

Seemed like much longer than 3.2 miles but was probably due to the slow pace we had to go, was a slopfest with the mud and didn't have much time to look up. We only got in 20 hrs before and didn't rain in that time and is after rainy season (mid-Jan). We didn't look carefully at the map so I thought that the trail was next to the water for much of the time, but you can only hear the water and falls and pools except for 2 crossings and the end. Pools were very nice, but if I were to do it again, would just stop at early first crossing and enjoy the waterfall just up from there.

Trail is still closed but totally doable! Just pass the barrier and prepare to bushwhack a little and have fun! At no point were we unclear about the direction of the path. We managed to do this in the rain.

Just be sure to wear long pants!! There are long grasses along the way that will tear up your legs. They stick to you and have these sharp edges that draw blood. And find a stick to knock down all the spider webs. By the time you’re heading back down, there will already be more! Fun hike and recommended for the adventurous!

There is one lookout near the top where you can feel the strong winds rushing over the peak. This is honestly far cooler than the little lookout tower on top. Hold your arms out and feel like you’re flying! Just don’t slip!

Never seen a forest of palms before! Super cool and worth the effort.

Slippery but fun!

Extremely mudy but beautiful rainforest trail.

This trail is OPEN and beautiful! It wasn’t super crowded we got there around 10 am took us about 1.5-2 hours but we are slow and have a 10yr old dog that needed some water breaks then pee breaks. It does get slippery in some spots so wear good shoes and watch where you step! Have fun!

Easy walk with beautiful swimming hole at the end. Trail is still officially closed due to bridge repair. Currently, you could be ticketed for entering the area while improvements are being made.

beautiful! go early because it gets busy.

1 month ago

Awesome trail! Wait until the end for succession of natural pools. Can be VERY muddy... bring dry and clean clothes.

Closed on Dec 8 2018 along with all other trails starting / in the vicinity the Rec area here.

Pretty to see for the difference in colors but it’s not a pleasant hike ... trashy

Go early enjoy the history and beautiful paved roads ... pet cats along the way ... lots of history

Great views

Took me about 5.5 hours to the top and back to the trailhead. I did hustle back down because I was running out of light.
Must have hiking shoes, pants, long sleeve. I made the mistake of short sleeves and my arms got sliced up in a couple places. Regular tennis shoes will not cut it on this trail. Also helped to have walking sticks for balance.
Only one two spots where I had to climb over downed trees, it was no problem though.
This trail is difficult during and after rain. Thank goodness for tree roots. Lots of deep spots that look like shallow mud, was helpful to poke around with the walking stick. After the "1.1 km left" sign to the top is pretty slippery and muddy.
In general, inclines were no problem. And lots of tree roots on or at the periphery of the trail to help with keeping footing.
I also liked that the path was obvious. Although the vegetation is thick is spots, it is very clear where to go. The trailhead is also obvious and has parking across the street.
The views on ascent are beautiful.
Be prepared that the cloud cover at the peak may block the view.
Overall, a fantastic experience. I hope for clear skies next time.

Very muddy, but totally worth it!

This trail was so fun! I went with my boyfriend who is in a wheelchair and we were able to do it together which is nice (I had to help him through some parts where the trail got rough). The swimming hole at the end was crisp and wonderful.

3 months ago

Only trail open in the forest. Hike down to flowing stream and then further to waterfall with pool at bottom for cooling off. Can be very muddy. Low traffic too.

This trail was no joke - it’s basically a mud slush fest all the way to the top, or at least it was for me. The summit was worth it though. Definitely wear long pants and sleeves if you can bear it - the foliage is sharp and unrelenting and will leave you with cuts and scrapes.

Only trail open in El Yunque for our visit (Nov 2018). Very muddy and slippery, but rewarding watering hole at the end. Be prepared to get messy/wet and bring water! Beautiful rainforest, but very difficult trail. Took us about 3.5-4 hours round trip.

Limited parking at the trailhead and we did see a ranger ticketing cars parked alongside the road.

3 months ago

Nice hike!

Difficult but the views are totally worth it!

Great view from El Morro.

4 months ago

So great! Went with my godmother and her son. The trail is beautiful & easy. Just keep straight & you’ll get there!!! So lovely!!

Nice bird watching walking trail. A little hot and humid.

This trail was the first one to be reopened after María. We went there mid-July. The trail was well marked and easy to follow. The trail is constantly being maintained by volunteers. The measured distance was 5.13 miles with an elevation differential of 1282 ft.

It took our group about 5 hours with multiple rest stops. The most demanding portion is toward the end of the trail, but extremely rewarding. The views are spectacular!

It always rains in El Yunque so good boots and rain gear are higly recommended.

If you go, enjoy the trail!!!

5 months ago

Nice¡¡¡ I Like Puerto Rico USA ¡¡¡

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