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11 hours ago

Description is incorrect. This course is actually closer to 16 miles. Quite hard and long. Plan for at least 8+ hours. I was expecting it to be 12 miles so I did not plan accordingly and could not finish it.

Easy path, ridiculously stunning views.

Fantastic trail with a wide mix of terrain and levels. First part is very easy. Second half gets more technical and hilly. Bring a headlamp for all the tunnels! Stunning views!

The correct name is - SERRA DE SINTRA

Parking is very difficult to find and is not at the start of the trail. The trail itself is not difficult but I would not recommend it to anyone who suffers with knee problems.

Amazing sceneries


Great trail! Lots of scenery, pretty moderate, great birdwatching. I was very glad with the circuit we took. Start the walk towards the west and make your loop so you end along the coast/volcanic rock. Once the hike is completed there is a wonderful natural pool to swim in :)

Great hike, plenty of parking with clearly marked trail.

Took this hike on a cloudy mid-October day. It has a variety of environments, from pastures and cork oak harvesting areas to native forests, wetlands, and the Mira River. Very well marked. Took me just about 3 hours at a steady pace.

one of the best!

Cons: 70% is a dirt road; only a couple opportunities for a view; no trail markings; parking is difficult; trail not maintained on non-dirt road sections/severe overgrowth

Pros: easy walk; tons of birds chirping

Great trail

-Well marked (stone path with stairs and guide rails the whole way)
-Moderate traffic
-lots of parking

on Boca do Inferno

2 months ago

Go early for best chance to beat the clouds. Incredible view

2 months ago

Great views with most terrains. Cliffs, seaside, flowers.

Amazing views! Was not a huge fan of the fact that a good distance of the trail was on or next to the road, but had to give 5 stars because of the views the entire way. Simply stunning. We stopped at the cafe for a good hour and enjoyed ourselves and then extended the trail through the town past the church and on the road back up to meet with the original trail. The ending of my recording probably looks crazy—I left it on when we explored the abandoned hotel. FYI—The hotel has been purchased and I think they are going to try to reopen(seems like maybe a waste)? Anyhow, if you want to explore there will most likely be workers there until the afternoon on weekdays. We weren’t able to check it out before we started the hike(I was worried we weren’t going to be able to at all) but they were gone by the time we finished around 3:30.

We got lucky and it was sunny with some clouds, however the winds were around 30km. I was super intimated at the beginning of the trail(top of Areeiro) but soon realized the winds weren’t as bad throughout the trail so I would suggest being more cautious at the peaks throughout the route if you’re trekking on a windy day.. I had a headlamp and flashlight for the tunnels, definitely only need one(either would suffice..my headlamp is 160lumens and flashlight is 1500 lumens.. I personally love the flashlight because I have more control and can see anything and everything in my path but the headlamp is nice if you want to free up your hands. The headlamp was bright enough to see your path to get to the end safely but if you are wanting to see the the tunnels clearly and check them out, I definitely suggest something over 600 lumens.

The walk along the coast is splendid. Crazy, crashing waves and scary, jagged cliffs. Can be heavy going on the deep sand paths.

This section of the fisherman’s/inland hike is pretty unremarkable. There are NO great views until you actually hit the coast. It’s solitary, open terrain walking. Claims of forest are untrue, the best you see are commercially farmed trees.

As noted before...hike up to Moor’s castle is really a cobblestone road walk. Ditto for walk to ‘Palace’. Horrible signage makes it easy to miss delightful wooded walk back down.

Magical trail ! ( I don’t remember seeing a waterfall ?) We did it in 3 hours with a 9 months old baby in a backpack carrier. ( we had to stop to feed him) You definitely need to be fit - as there is some climbing involved halfway - and you have to go through a very dense laurisilva forest (30 min) which is the most mystical part. Trail shoes are necessary as it is slippery. Enjoy !

2 months ago

This is an absolutely beautiful hike around the rim of the Caldeira do Faial. There are great views overlooking the rest of the island and into the caldeira itself. It is relatively easy as there isn't too much in the way of elevation gain.

This is an easy hike. There is virtually no elevation change as you wander across wide open, wind swept, treeless landscape and abandoned farms. The views are lovely, but are few, and usually require a detour to the actual coast from the unpaved roads and paths.

2 months ago

Easy walk with stunning view in every direction.

2 months ago

Everybody tries to park next to the road but actually there is a huge parking lot at the toilet sign, about 200 m from the road if you drive through the gate.
You can also drive to the view point so it meas it is walking on roads not exactly a walking trail.

Have to buy a ticket for the moors castle 8 eur, ticket includes a map of the trail/walk. Very green/lush and lovely city panoramas.

Wonderful hike even though midway I would rate this as moderately difficult climbing over the lava rocks. the forest is definitely mystical and leprechauns could have certainly made this their home! It rained but we still loved the hike!!

Going to give this a 4 Star because it isn’t really a hike, but want to rate it high enough that you do it- the view is awesome

3 months ago

Beautiful hike with the electric green erica azorica covering the landscape below 1700 meters and plenty of wildflowers. Can easily be done in 7 hours and no need for a guide (though I went with a group for other reasons). Will cost you 20 euros to enter. They now mandate use of gps tracker (small and light). Don’t lose it as it will cost 250 euros (can purchase insurance for 25 euros more). Good bathrooms and small bar at trailhead in the Mountain House.

Trail is not hard to follow especially with this App which you will need if there is fog/clouds. Don’t go if it is raining. Will be very, very slippery.

At top the views are fantastic, but plenty of good views along the way.

Only wildlife you will see are birds.

At times, lots of people and some bottlenecks.

Overall a must do hike, but you need some hiking experience, should be in reasonable shape, and proper hiking shoes are a must.

3 months ago

View is spectacular but very weather dependent. Be patient and clouds will eventually break!

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