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We hiked Pico Ruivo from Pico do Arieiro and back - it was demanding hike but it was worth the effort as views were just stunning- some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. Some parts are very steep and narrow, so I wouldn't advice taking small children on this hike.

Super hard but worthwhile. It’s breathtaking.

most beatifull and hard trail of my life !

1 month ago

Fun trail, to bad it was cloudy. Path is ok. There’s a resting place near the peak.

it is really hard,especially the trail back from Ruivo to Areiro. But magnificient views

Nice walk without climbing in forest along levada but absolutely boring because of almost no views! Definitely not hard,it was easy

The view is like you’d imagine paradise. It’s tough but me and my husband completed - going and coming back - without any hiking gears (don’t do that though). Locals will give you info on how to have somebody picking you up in the end of the trail in case you don’t want to make the way back. It’s a life time experience that totally worth it.

Amazing for trail running, bring headlamp for the tunnels!

2 months ago

Nice trail, some steps to go to the top but not so difficult. Beautiful view on top!

Most beautiful trail we have ever seen. Very well marked and maintained. Safe.

3 months ago

Loved it! Was really cloudy but it made the walk feel really mystical

All though the heavy rain and mist its beuatyfull...scenic and breathtaking....a bit hard because of all the stairs but I enjoyed every second.

Great trail with magnificent views and great exposure. Do not miss it.

4 months ago

Nice short hike to the Pico Ruivo summit. The easiest way to reach it and a small introduction to the madeira peak hikes. Nice view from the summit.

very nice! still some heights and foggy circumstances. Due to height 1700 ++ has impact on breathing. great views!!

beautiful place to go, I ran the trail very tough lots and lots of steps!

One of the best hikes on the island. Some websites talk about the trail being closed, in 2018 that refers to the easterly route not the westerly route to Pico Rubio, Which was open, at least in November 2018.

If you do only one way -11km- it's pretty easy but beautiful. Almost walking on the same level - not climbing up . Great views all the time . We had some rain shower ,fog and clouds ( January) so be prepared to get wet. Might be slippery, too. If you miss the bus in Portela it's easy to grab the taxi there ( To Funchal ,6 Euro per person :) ).

Gorgeous, lightly utilized, many unique features.

Did this hike with my girls 2016. Amazing, you know the feeling inside... harmony, happiness, exitement.... don't miss it!! I will do the hike again in april -19.

Excellent course with stunning views! My GPS says it was 8.8 miles.

Amazing sceneries


one of the best!

Great trail -Well marked (stone path with stairs and guide rails the whole way) -Moderate traffic -lots of parking

We got lucky and it was sunny with some clouds, however the winds were around 30km. I was super intimated at the beginning of the trail(top of Areeiro) but soon realized the winds weren’t as bad throughout the trail so I would suggest being more cautious at the peaks throughout the route if you’re trekking on a windy day.. I had a headlamp and flashlight for the tunnels, definitely only need one(either would suffice..my headlamp is 160lumens and flashlight is 1500 lumens.. I personally love the flashlight because I have more control and can see anything and everything in my path but the headlamp is nice if you want to free up your hands. The headlamp was bright enough to see your path to get to the end safely but if you are wanting to see the the tunnels clearly and check them out, I definitely suggest something over 600 lumens.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Absolutely gorgeous hike. The trail head is at the first peak (there is a tourist center with a huge white dome at the top, you can't miss it. Get there early for parking) and then you hike to the second peak (Pico Ruivo), so it's down and then up. It's an out and back so you do that twice. As we were driving up we passed through the clouds and then the hike remained above the clouds the entire time, so it was sunny and beautiful. The hike is mostly built, so there are defined paths and lots of stairs and most parts of it have a cable running along it, although in some places it is broken. Very steep drop offs on either side of the trail at many points, but the views are worth the heights. Wildflowers in May were incredible. There are some tunnels, the flashlights on our phones were enough to get through them though. It was about 7 miles in total with tons of stairs. Bring snacks and water (there is a place to refill your water bottle right before you get to the top of Pico Ruivo). Enjoy!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Incredible hike in the heart of Madeira island, with majestic views of its center valleys. Quite strenuous with very steep elevation gains and loses - burnt around 3000 cals total with return trip but very high reward. Beginning has dizzying cliffs. sometimes surrounding both sides of the trail (absolutely do not do this trail if you are afraid of heights), then towards the middle (after Pico do Gato) it flattens out a bit (and the vegetation changes slightly), and finally there's a grueling ascent through occasional stairs and ladders towards the end. But it is well worth it! Can be made in 3 hours although I would recommend something like 4 or 5 hours at least for breaks and pictures.

20 days ago

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