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3 days ago

It’s more like 6-7 miles round trip if you go to the end (past the cafe). Loved it

Gorgeous, lightly utilized, many unique features.

Did this hike with my girls 2016. Amazing, you know the feeling inside... harmony, happiness, exitement.... don't miss it!! I will do the hike again in april -19.

I did the trail with my girls 2016, we loved the view. Planning to bring my sister and parents in april -19

Amazing views and and scenery, one of the best hikes I’ve done...worth it, just amazing..!

Very easy and super beautiful! Explored off the course too which is worth it! Stunning views!

Excellent course with stunning views! My GPS says it was 8.8 miles.

Easy scenic walk. I didn’t download the map so I didn’t do the exact course but highly recommended.

1 month ago

Description is incorrect. This course is actually closer to 16 miles. Quite hard and long. Plan for at least 8+ hours. I was expecting it to be 12 miles so I did not plan accordingly and could not finish it.

I did this route in reverse. Beautiful easy trail with a variety of views.

Short but sweet and beautiful trail. Wear pants as the thistle bushes are overgrown, trail.

Fantastic trail with a wide mix of terrain and levels. First part is very easy. Second half gets more technical and hilly. Bring a headlamp for all the tunnels! Stunning views!

Amazing sceneries


Great hike, plenty of parking with clearly marked trail.

one of the best!

3 months ago

The description notes this as good for all skill levels. Definitely not. It's a medium to hard walk, but it's great! As well as this walk being marked as "easy", the short distance is also deceiving as it's very steep both ways.

Great trail

-Well marked (stone path with stairs and guide rails the whole way)
-Moderate traffic
-lots of parking

Awesome hike.

Very easy to park right near the entrance for free. Great views along the path.
Well marked

We got lucky and it was sunny with some clouds, however the winds were around 30km. I was super intimated at the beginning of the trail(top of Areeiro) but soon realized the winds weren’t as bad throughout the trail so I would suggest being more cautious at the peaks throughout the route if you’re trekking on a windy day.. I had a headlamp and flashlight for the tunnels, definitely only need one(either would suffice..my headlamp is 160lumens and flashlight is 1500 lumens.. I personally love the flashlight because I have more control and can see anything and everything in my path but the headlamp is nice if you want to free up your hands. The headlamp was bright enough to see your path to get to the end safely but if you are wanting to see the the tunnels clearly and check them out, I definitely suggest something over 600 lumens.

This has to be my favorite hike of them all so far—I loved the trail, you get a mix of terrain but defined paths. Elevation is a nice steady flow of up hills and down hills. Definitely a great trail to run on if you go early in the day aka before 10. Go early for the sunrise. Even if you go around 8 you’ll still be fine. It doesn’t start getting crowded until 10-12. There are a couple of beaches you can trek down to(there are stairs/defined paths, we didn’t see the first path for the first beach until our way back). There is also a little snack shack before heading up to the summit but please be aware there will not be a bathroom for you to use and they do not accept credit cards so take euros!!! They have water/drinks/pastries/sandwiches..and shaded seating.

Beautifull views !

Very nice walk and incredible views! Be careful to walk during low tide from Paul do Mar to Jardim do Mar. At high tide it could be impossible to walk on some parts of the rocky beach! Climb at Jardim do Mar is a heavy one, but very beautiful next to banana/mango plants.

4 months ago

Nice and easy walk. Before end and before the waterfall head up to steep stairs on the righthand side to make your turn for the way back.

Very nice and beautiful trek! There are lots of tunnels there, especially the longest one! Its more than one km long and “funny”. There was a refreshing mineral water falling inside, like a lot of showers!
Beware, there is not much ups and down raising meters, its an error because of the tunnels and GPS positioning. The way is all the time along a levada, so almost flat terrain.
The waterfall is really beautiful! It ´ s possible to get right bellow the waterfall but the way is only climb a short rock.
And more-we prolonged this trek- from the main road on Paul de Serra down into the valley,cca 5km more.

Pretty amazing view and a unique scenery and landscape compared to the rest of the island. Five stars

8 months ago

When we tried to find the trail Levada da Norte, that passes under the ER105 near Boca da Encumeada (we didn't realised that until some french people told us with better informations then our map), we decided to go to Levada da Serra and it was super beautiful! There were a lot of rocks that fell down and waterfalls that end up on the actual trail (so prepare to get wet), but it is a really nice little climb to get to the the plateau: at the end to the levada da Serra you will switch on Bica da Cana trail to get to the Plateau where you'll see the "Parques Eolicos do Paul da Serra", which is really nice and flat ^^... for once!

8 months ago

This trail is always going up and down (can be hard on the knees, especially if you have backpacks) and can be dangerous when there is fog, rain and big winds. We had for two days, starting from Pico Areerio to Boca do Encumeada only fog and little rain... it was sad. But if you can have a good clear sky this, is an epic hike to do and you can camp along the way! We were the only one hiking this trail in early May, because it can be temporarily closed, so beware!

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