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2 months ago

Much like all others, this was an excellent hike. I found the loose gravel to be a bit more challenging then I'm used too, but it was manageable if you stay on the lava flows. Yeah...lava flows! :-) Poles were definitely a help as was good footwear. As we went up, we started in the clouds and ended up in full sun so sunblock even when you can't see the stop was critical. We did go for the absolute peak and even though you're tired and beat, it seems higher than it is. Go for the peak. That's where you'll feel the heat of the volcano, see the gases coming out. Just amazing. And the views are even better with just that few hundred feet more. I used poles to that peak as well, but hand over hand works too. Lastly the GPS you get at the base was a nice peace of mind. They can watch how you're doing and call you if you start to wander, but you can also call them if you have trouble. And you don't want to know how much the cost is for them to go get you if you don't register at the base. Lastly I'm not much of a hiker. I don't work out, but I do trail walk with my dogs a bit. I did can do this. Don't pass up on one of the most amazing experiences in the Azores...even if it's cloudy

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