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Did this on December 18, weather was very foggy, but that didn't spoil a thing, maybe even enhanced the experience. Forest was magical with trees and patches of ground covered with mossy carpeting. Few beautiful small ponds with their water still and reflecting all shades of green, yellow and brown vegetation. Black vulcanic rocks contrasting the green and yellow transitioned to an incredibly beautiful forest of tall trees. This trail is like a kaleidoscope of colorful gems.
Hiking boots highly recommended (lots of roots, mud). No trekking polls needed. Definitely moderate difficulty in places, but most is easy.

The trail was awesome. Very well marked. The bus dropped us at the trail head then we had a coffee at the mini market and headed out. Steep but not a problem. Well taken care of. Steps in good shape.

Not sure where exactly we started the hike, but it ended up being about 7 miles and ended at the Parish of Sete Cidades. Another absolutely phenominal hike. The views of Lagoa Azul are amazing. Lots of hydraingas, cows, etc.

Tip: Stop for a cold beer and/or ice cream in the town; need to stage a car or take a cab from the Parish. Sunscreen, hat, plenty of water recommended - no shade.

One of the best hikes you can find on the São Miguel Island! Beautiful views over Sete Cidades and its lake.

Amazing views! Was not a huge fan of the fact that a good distance of the trail was on or next to the road, but had to give 5 stars because of the views the entire way. Simply stunning. We stopped at the cafe for a good hour and enjoyed ourselves and then extended the trail through the town past the church and on the road back up to meet with the original trail. The ending of my recording probably looks crazy—I left it on when we explored the abandoned hotel. FYI—The hotel has been purchased and I think they are going to try to reopen(seems like maybe a waste)? Anyhow, if you want to explore there will most likely be workers there until the afternoon on weekdays. We weren’t able to check it out before we started the hike(I was worried we weren’t going to be able to at all) but they were gone by the time we finished around 3:30.

I hiked this trail in perfect weather conditions today. Since there is almost no information available here I will give a rather detailed review:

1. Despite all remarks below the trail is very beautiful and probably one of the coolest on the Azores. I do recommend it!
1. I went FROM Fajã Grande to Ponta Delgada northbound and I would certainly recommend that direction. Benefits: you start off with the big climb and its easy hiking from there (otherwise you will need a lot of leg strength coming down that mountain at the end of your hike); if you start in the morning you hike in the shade; if it is raining this part will be horribly slippery and you dont want to do it downhill
2. Once you reach the plateau its basically all cattle ground (cows!) and sometimes the trail will be pretty rough and all carved out from the cows hoofs.
3. Because of tht and the the up- or downhill (depending on the direction) I would not hike the trail in rainy conditions. Parts of it will be insanely slippery, its just no fun and you get literally no views.
4. Yesterday we had a couple of strong rain showers. Today just sun. All the creeks I had to cross were small. You can easily jump from one rock to the other. No problem for kids even.
5. If you have the chance to get picked up by car I recommend to end your hike at the light house. From there until Ponta Delgada its just road walking.
6. My rating for this trail is moderate rather than difficult. There is no difficulties except for the elevation gain.

It is a popular and therefore a bit crowded walk. Weather in the Azores is very erratic and unfortunately it was rainy and foggy when I was there. Keep it in mind that when wet, trail is very slippery.

Extremely beautiful hike around the rim and down to Sete Cidades. Easy as it mostly goes downhill if you just go one way. We used two cars. It was unclear to us whether there was an easy way of going from the town to the beginning of the hike.

Easy trail. Well marked and maintained. Hiking this trail gives you the feeling that you stepped back into some mythical story. You're just waiting to see an elf or something running through the woods. Awesome history all along the trail.

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This hike takes you on a less trafficked part of Faial (not that any of Faial is particularly high-traffic). The ridges are fault lines, hence all the earthquakes in the area. It's a very pleasant hike - a mix of history and scenery.

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