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Azores, Portugal Map

The trail was awesome. Very well marked. The bus dropped us at the trail head then we had a coffee at the mini market and headed out. Steep but not a problem. Well taken care of. Steps in good shape.

1 month ago

Well marked, no waterfall but there are a couple ponds. Good challenging climb through the woods, over some trees and around the black volcanic rocks.

Not sure where exactly we started the hike, but it ended up being about 7 miles and ended at the Parish of Sete Cidades. Another absolutely phenominal hike. The views of Lagoa Azul are amazing. Lots of hydraingas, cows, etc.

Tip: Stop for a cold beer and/or ice cream in the town; need to stage a car or take a cab from the Parish. Sunscreen, hat, plenty of water recommended - no shade.

1 month ago

Did this hike back in July of this year. Epic is all I can say. The views of the Caldeira on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side are out of this world.

I highly recommend this hike.

Tips: a hat, water, & sun screen when it's sunny. It's an expose trail - no shade.

horseback riding
1 month ago

Loved it

Parking is very difficult to find and is not at the start of the trail. The trail itself is not difficult but I would not recommend it to anyone who suffers with knee problems.

One of the best hikes you can find on the São Miguel Island! Beautiful views over Sete Cidades and its lake.

2 months ago

We enjoyed the walk nice and easy lots of photo opportunities on the way around

A pleasant walk in November with only 1 small car on the back of the lake. The high view point is reached only by a narrow vehicle road. Easy bus rise to Furnas from Ponta Delgada.

great all around. make sure to do the loop and pet the cats guarding the water

great trail and city walk. perfect to see the coast

Great trail! Lots of scenery, pretty moderate, great birdwatching. I was very glad with the circuit we took. Start the walk towards the west and make your loop so you end along the coast/volcanic rock. Once the hike is completed there is a wonderful natural pool to swim in :)

Cons: 70% is a dirt road; only a couple opportunities for a view; no trail markings; parking is difficult; trail not maintained on non-dirt road sections/severe overgrowth

Pros: easy walk; tons of birds chirping

It made for a nice pre dinner walking trail, it’s flat and easy and you can go just as far as you want, I would suggest walking up to the windmill.

on Boca do Inferno

3 months ago

Go early for best chance to beat the clouds. Incredible view

3 months ago

Great views with most terrains. Cliffs, seaside, flowers.

Amazing views! Was not a huge fan of the fact that a good distance of the trail was on or next to the road, but had to give 5 stars because of the views the entire way. Simply stunning. We stopped at the cafe for a good hour and enjoyed ourselves and then extended the trail through the town past the church and on the road back up to meet with the original trail. The ending of my recording probably looks crazy—I left it on when we explored the abandoned hotel. FYI—The hotel has been purchased and I think they are going to try to reopen(seems like maybe a waste)? Anyhow, if you want to explore there will most likely be workers there until the afternoon on weekdays. We weren’t able to check it out before we started the hike(I was worried we weren’t going to be able to at all) but they were gone by the time we finished around 3:30.

I hiked this trail in perfect weather conditions today. Since there is almost no information available here I will give a rather detailed review:

1. Despite all remarks below the trail is very beautiful and probably one of the coolest on the Azores. I do recommend it!
1. I went FROM Fajã Grande to Ponta Delgada northbound and I would certainly recommend that direction. Benefits: you start off with the big climb and its easy hiking from there (otherwise you will need a lot of leg strength coming down that mountain at the end of your hike); if you start in the morning you hike in the shade; if it is raining this part will be horribly slippery and you dont want to do it downhill
2. Once you reach the plateau its basically all cattle ground (cows!) and sometimes the trail will be pretty rough and all carved out from the cows hoofs.
3. Because of tht and the the up- or downhill (depending on the direction) I would not hike the trail in rainy conditions. Parts of it will be insanely slippery, its just no fun and you get literally no views.
4. Yesterday we had a couple of strong rain showers. Today just sun. All the creeks I had to cross were small. You can easily jump from one rock to the other. No problem for kids even.
5. If you have the chance to get picked up by car I recommend to end your hike at the light house. From there until Ponta Delgada its just road walking.
6. My rating for this trail is moderate rather than difficult. There is no difficulties except for the elevation gain.

Magical trail ! ( I don’t remember seeing a waterfall ?) We did it in 3 hours with a 9 months old baby in a backpack carrier. ( we had to stop to feed him) You definitely need to be fit - as there is some climbing involved halfway - and you have to go through a very dense laurisilva forest (30 min) which is the most mystical part. Trail shoes are necessary as it is slippery. Enjoy !

3 months ago

We hiked this trail in fair weather today. A few notes:
1. I was not very impressed with the available photos but the trail IS really beautiful. Make sure to approach the trailhead from south of the island and you will get a cool view at the cliffs.
3. In dry weather you MUST hike the loop. The formerly abandoned village and the brick road connecting it with the town are amazing!
2. That being sad, I would advice against hiking the loop in rainy weather as it has a lot of steep sections with inclined brick ground that I imagine to be crazy slippery when wet.
4. Based on Alltrails rating (which is a bit silly) I would rate the trail as moderate instead of easy because of the constant elevation change.
4. The trail was definitely worth the more than an hour approach. We were located in Ponta Delagada.

3 months ago

This is an absolutely beautiful hike around the rim of the Caldeira do Faial. There are great views overlooking the rest of the island and into the caldeira itself. It is relatively easy as there isn't too much in the way of elevation gain.

4 months ago

Easy walk with stunning view in every direction.

Walking is mostly on the road but landscape is interesting. There are windmill and natural pool on the trail.

4 months ago

Weather was unstable when I was there therefore I had to cut my hike shorter (there are trails unmarked on this map). Please note that walking on the ridge can be hazardous when wet and rainy and it is advised to have long trousers or a machete. Otherwise it is mind-blowingly beautiful.

4 months ago

Everybody tries to park next to the road but actually there is a huge parking lot at the toilet sign, about 200 m from the road if you drive through the gate.
You can also drive to the view point so it meas it is walking on roads not exactly a walking trail.

It is a popular and therefore a bit crowded walk. Weather in the Azores is very erratic and unfortunately it was rainy and foggy when I was there. Keep it in mind that when wet, trail is very slippery.

You walk on the same road that you drive to the trail. As a matter of fact it is not a trail but a road walk all way long. Easy, flat walk but I think other places are more beautiful on the island and deserve to have more time than this walk.

Wonderful hike even though midway I would rate this as moderately difficult climbing over the lava rocks. the forest is definitely mystical and leprechauns could have certainly made this their home! It rained but we still loved the hike!!

Going to give this a 4 Star because it isn’t really a hike, but want to rate it high enough that you do it- the view is awesome

4 months ago

Splendid and refreshing waterfall

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