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over grown
12 days ago

It does not have to be very big, but otherwise a beautiful view of the sea and mountains.

13 days ago

good training. remarkable points of view. overgrown: do not be too big

2 months ago

A really excellent short trail BUT (!!!) several issues. 1. significant portions of the trail are not marked (from 7 - 5.6 km and from 3.7 - 4 km) - I walked the trail counter clockwise. 2. ALSO (!!!) on the unmarked portion from 7 - 5.6 km the Trail is marked is not correct, and doesn't follow the GPS if you are trying to figure it out somehow. Eventually it reconnects at km 5.6. The path as it appears on the Alltrails GPS track makes no sense and goes through impenetrable or heavy undergrowth, whereas the trail I followed - with a few false starts in different places - does follow an established track. 3. I would describe the trail as moderately DIFFICULT if going in the direction I went. THere are two steep sections which would be downhill if you do the circuit clockwise. ONE of these sections would be difficult if you took the route I took on the unmarked section. 4. I don't know what issues you would encounter doing the trail clockwise, since from the clockwise direction the trail follows another trail (the San Luis to Cercal section of the Historical Way) and there is no indication as far as I can make out of where you turn at km 5.6. So if you feel confident and have a GPS with you, you will find it is an excellent trail, with two very high points that give very good views to the west. The trail goes through woods, farms, and hilly countryside - exceedingly pleasant, with few other travellers, and lots of birds. My issues with the lack of trail marking and the incorrect GPS vs Trail path (as provided by Alltrails app) were minor irritations. It should be easy to fix these issues. I hope someone does.

A great trail with great views. Some sandy portions but also some great walking on top of the cliffs and along fields. Thanks for making this trail such a quality experience.

Very beautiful. Lots of people on the trail including a tour bus of over 30 people at one viewpoint. The ups and downs were not as hard as the sand walking from previous northern sections. We were staying at Casa Dorita at Praia Odeceixe and we were super happy to be able to wade across the river at low tide and avoid 6k of road walking. Swam at fabulous Odeceixe Beach with a gorgeous sunset at the end of the day.

Very exhausting because you walk through a lot of sand but spectacular views of the coast are worth it. Bring lots of water!

4/9/19 walked Almograve to Cabo Sardao and back. Best part is before the Cabo. lighthouse is not really worth it.

Another gorgeous section of the Rota. This one is not so difficult as the one from Porto Covo but also not quite as spectacular. Mixes coast with farm fields. The last 4.5 km are all sand dune and so slow to walk. We found a rope ladder down to the beach and enjoyed walking down there for about a mile before finding another rope ladder back up. The ability to walk the beach is tide dependent.

This is a beautiful trail along the coast. The first third gets you near the beach with lots of tide pools. The last third has wonderful cliff views, accompanied by fishermen and surfers. The middle third is a bit of a slog. It’s mostly flat but you are walking in sand so the going is slow. Bring lots of water and a hat as there is no shade.

This is a beautiful and very easy walk along the west coast of Portugal. Anyone can do this trail providing they set their own pace. Sometimes the sand makes it a little difficult in the dunes and the Portuguese sun can be scorching. I’ve walked this trail three times and my favorite time is during September.

That was definitely the toughest part of the trail (I started in Porto Covo and went south) - loads od ascending and descending, sometimes pretty dangerous, which may be difficult for people with fear of heights. otherwise it was super nice and I think I liked this part the most.

Easy terrain (except for the dunes and sandy path at the beginning), the difficulty of this trail is it's length. From Cavaleiro to Zambujeira do Mar it's only regular "country" road which is super comfortable but slightly boring and your feet may start hurting at some point.

loads of sandy paths, quite difficult

pretty easy most of the time, loads of sandy paths for the last 2-3 km

Took this hike on a cloudy mid-October day. It has a variety of environments, from pastures and cork oak harvesting areas to native forests, wetlands, and the Mira River. Very well marked. Took me just about 3 hours at a steady pace.

Monday, August 13, 2018

easy going but enough exercise through a natural and beautiful area of oaks and flowers going by a wonderful community of natural personal development called SerVivo with wonderful nice people. Top rate *****

Sunday, July 01, 2018

I hiked the Fishermen's Trail, which is part of the Rota Vicentina, over the course of four days. It's a pleasant long-distance hike hugging the Portuguese coast, with extensive ocean scenery and generally flat terrain. I think it would be a very approachable multi-day hike for beginners given the relatively undemanding terrain and very reasonable daily mileage. There are several small towns along the way, so you don't need to tent camp or worry about running out of provisions. I completed the trail in May and, in addition to very agreeable temperatures, this meant that there were abundant wildflowers along the trail and plenty of opportunities to view nesting sea birds and their young. The most challenging aspect of the trail was the fact that much of it is on a base of very soft sand, which requires significantly more effort from your legs than most other trail surfaces. Good sun protection is a must as the trail offers almost no shade at all. Most hikers travel north-to-south but there is nothing to prevent you from hiking in the opposite direction, which is what I did. The trail is exceptionally well-signed in either direction. It is not a heavily trafficked trail, but traveling south-to-north affords you even more solitude.

1 month ago

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