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Sun Dec 30 2018

A fantastic walk/hike... amazing views of the valleys and the lake. i will do it again!!!

Mon Oct 29 2018

great views all around. just be cautious on the road in the immediate section after leaving the abandoned hotel

Tue Oct 16 2018

Took this hike on a cloudy mid-October day. It has a variety of environments, from pastures and cork oak harvesting areas to native forests, wetlands, and the Mira River. Very well marked. Took me just about 3 hours at a steady pace.

Thu Oct 11 2018

Fri Sep 28 2018

I wouldn’t call this a hike. I was under the impression that it was a nicely trailed pathway as seen in the popular boco do inferno photo. It is an old dirt road trail that takes you around Sete Cidades. Some great view points of the lakes but it is a long 20km trek on a dirt road. Would recommend spending time walking around Boco do inferno viewpoint.

Wed Sep 19 2018

Great trail. At sunrise, I spent the first two hours totally alone without seeing anybody. The view is fantastic. The drawback of this trail is the last stretch (at least 3 km) that you spend on the road in between the guardrail and cars passing by.

Fri Aug 31 2018

Beautiful hike with the electric green erica azorica covering the landscape below 1700 meters and plenty of wildflowers. Can easily be done in 7 hours and no need for a guide (though I went with a group for other reasons). Will cost you 20 euros to enter. They now mandate use of gps tracker (small and light). Don’t lose it as it will cost 250 euros (can purchase insurance for 25 euros more). Good bathrooms and small bar at trailhead in the Mountain House. Trail is not hard to follow especially with this App which you will need if there is fog/clouds. Don’t go if it is raining. Will be very, very slippery. At top the views are fantastic, but plenty of good views along the way. Only wildlife you will see are birds. At times, lots of people and some bottlenecks. Overall a must do hike, but you need some hiking experience, should be in reasonable shape, and proper hiking shoes are a must.

Wed Aug 29 2018

Done by night with family, what a wonderful view to see the sunrise over the clouds !

Mon Aug 13 2018

easy going but enough exercise through a natural and beautiful area of oaks and flowers going by a wonderful community of natural personal development called SerVivo with wonderful nice people. Top rate *****

Thu Jul 12 2018

beyond beautiful! at all angles. fun, not too difficult and made me want to keep going

Tue Jul 10 2018

Hiked the trail during foggy/misty weather. Great scenery! Due to the wet terrain, some of the rocky parts of the trail were slippery and this slowed our progress A LOT. Estimated time for the hike was 4 hours in these conditions.

Sun Jul 01 2018

Sun Jul 01 2018

I hiked the Fishermen's Trail, which is part of the Rota Vicentina, over the course of four days. It's a pleasant long-distance hike hugging the Portuguese coast, with extensive ocean scenery and generally flat terrain. I think it would be a very approachable multi-day hike for beginners given the relatively undemanding terrain and very reasonable daily mileage. There are several small towns along the way, so you don't need to tent camp or worry about running out of provisions. I completed the trail in May and, in addition to very agreeable temperatures, this meant that there were abundant wildflowers along the trail and plenty of opportunities to view nesting sea birds and their young. The most challenging aspect of the trail was the fact that much of it is on a base of very soft sand, which requires significantly more effort from your legs than most other trail surfaces. Good sun protection is a must as the trail offers almost no shade at all. Most hikers travel north-to-south but there is nothing to prevent you from hiking in the opposite direction, which is what I did. The trail is exceptionally well-signed in either direction. It is not a heavily trafficked trail, but traveling south-to-north affords you even more solitude.

Sat Jun 09 2018

Good and difficult

Thu Jun 07 2018

One of the best hikes of my life

Sun Jun 03 2018

Very nice trek! The trail is marked all the way up to the summit, you don’t need a guide.

Wed May 09 2018

It was one of the best hike I’ve done! Most people do it in approximately 7 hours. Bring a hat because there is no trees to cover you! You can camp at the top and please go on pequeno, it is juste amazing to see the Atlantic ocean all around you!

Mon Jan 29 2018

Very nice trail with great views and a connecting option towards the ocean and the most recent volcanic addition to the island

Mon Nov 13 2017

Spectacular trail. Also I strongly recommend you go to the boca de inferno miradour somewhat off the trail. It is the most spectacular view in the island!

Thu Nov 09 2017

Did half of the loop and enjoyed the views.

Sat Aug 12 2017

Really long tour. Be carreful with the roads pointed by MappsMe at the end of the tour. Those way are really hard.

Wed Feb 06 2019

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Tue Dec 04 2018

Mon Oct 08 2018

Thu Oct 04 2018

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