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9 days ago

Absolutely incredible hike. The elevation makes it hard work as you are hiking over passes reaching between 5000-5200m each day but it is well worth it! We went with a guide but with hindsight we would have preferred to do it alone. Take layers!

Fun great time. Guides and porters were great.

Ya, pretty epic

This is an amazing trip. The scenery, the history and culture were life changing.
I was on a 10-day portered trip with four days spent on the trail and 1 full day at Machu Picchu; however, I started my trip with a nausea issue that prevented me from being able to eat the entire trip. Imagine in four days I burned 35000 calories during the hike and was only able to ingest about 3000 calories of soup. We couldn’t identify the issue until 8 months later when my appendix ruptured. Turns out I had an infection from my appendix for probably over a year (I was having nausea issues in my hikes all that summer) without having elevated white blood cell count. Anyway, as miserable as I was it still didn’t overshadow the majesty of the Inca trail and Machu Picchu. This trip should be on every adventures bucket list.

Gorgeous every step of the way. Altitude is no joke. Temperatures throughout the hike range from very hot to very cold - be prepared!

Not a pleasant experience due to altitude sick. The view was so so without sun. There’s other alternative in the world that serves same spectacular view without suffering the 16,000 ft height.

washed out
1 month ago

Day one of salkantay was great. Day two was too much. It's started out great, but then the walk from Hydroelectico to Aguas Caliente was over trail tracks which really messed up my feet. I should have taken a bus for the last segment.

I loved hiking this trail. I did it with a group over four days. It could be less but we were working with some altitude difficulties. Go if you can!

This was my first hike over 4km and a definite challenge! Like another reviewer we did the first 18km on day one and spent the night at the oasis. The first day we hiked downhill, crossed the river (watch out as there were holes in the wooden bridge), stopped and ate lunch at a village on the other side, and continued relatively flat on to the oasis for the night. In the morning we woke up early and either hiked up the side of the canyon on the switchback of payed 10$ to sleep a few more hours and ride a mule to the top (really fun and unforgettably terrifying experience that I would definitely recommend if you’re ok with heights).

The vistas are amazing with ever changing landscape. At night, I thought the stars were lights at first as I’d never seen stars so bright, so I definitely recommend staying the night even if just to see the incredible night sky.

Beware for those with bug allergies, there are quite a few mosquitos and spiders in the oasis and the hostel’s windows and doors do not seal the room completely from outside. Keep your shoes in a bag to avoid spiders taking refuge while sleeping. Be sure to wear good hiking shoes and blister proof socks (wrightsocks). Take a hydration pack as well if possible, you’ll run out of water quickly otherwise in the heat and large bottles can become tiresome to carry in your bag. Days are hot and cool right down at night. Bring a pillow for the bus there if possible as the road is extremely bumpy (esp at 3am). Many people had hiking poles (we didn’t and were ok) as the trail is gravel, steep, and easy to slip on during the downhill portion.

Would definitely recommend and really would like to hike again on a future trip to Peru. After completing this hike, I feel like I can accomplish anything.

1 month ago


tough elevation but very pretty! getting there takes a while if you are bussing in from cusco but worth it!

beautiful 5 day trek to machu Picchu! highly recommend it and do it solo, no need for a guided tour. altitude can get to you over the salkantay pass but after that it's not too challenging! beautiful mountains and jungle views. ausangate is next!!

KILLER (especially if you normally live in a place that is sea level) but so worth it. Breathtaking views and so so rewarding. If you camp near Sorasypampa do the extra hike up to Laguna Humantay - even if you feel like you are dying it is so worth it!

There are tiendas with water and snacks along the way owned by locals so you never have to carry a whole days supply - there are also streams on trail or taps at camp sites from which you can filter (don’t drink without filtering!). Our lead told us that the locals who own the little tiendas also own the land and are the ones who maintain and prepare the trail, so knowing that made me want to support their businesses even more =)

Hiked late December with a trekking company we were in tents 3 of the 4 nights. It rained during the night but not too much during the day. Prepare for very cold weather on Salkantay pass and (possible) warmer weather during day 3 and 4 (hiking through Amazon).

Difficult but worth it!

1 month ago

Beautiful Scenery ....one of the most amazing hikes I’ve ever been on. A must do

Wir haben den Trek mit Guide gemacht, jedoch auch ohne gut machbar. Der Trail ist nicht besonders gut gepflegt, es ist viel Geröll auf dem Weg und viele Steine. Trotzdem ist er wunderschön :)

2 months ago

Absolutely breathtaking trek! I mean that literally and figuratively! It is so beautiful every step of the way, but being above 15k feet, definitely a very difficult hike. If I can give one tip of advice, pack sparingly! 25 lbs of gear feels like 50 at that altitude.


One of the best hikes I have ever done in my life. The elevation is real. At some points it gets a little bit scary. The view on top is breath taking. I got so emotional on top I was actually in tears. You got to be in a good shape otherwise you will face some difficulties.

I cannot say enough about this hike/camping experience! The hike itself was not too difficult if you are already a hiker and all the history, story telling, and unbelievable food made it even more comfortable and exciting. The steps get a little daunting at times but nothing you cannot do with a little training. I live at a high elevation (5,300 ft) and have hiked up to 13,000 ft so the altitude was not really felt which made it easier. Machu Picchu itself is very crowded but many of the other sites along the way were essentially empty. The flora/fauna is incredible. You see everything from rain forest to desert! I recommend good shoes, rain gear, walking poles for uphill, and a water reservoir in your pack. I found I drink more water and don't have to stop every time I get thirsty. This is a life changing hike and one I highly recommend!


trail running
2 months ago

Tried running this, the elevation is really intense. Goes well above 16,000 ft. Beautiful place.

Once in a lifetime trip to Cusco Peru with a nice walk around town after 2 days of hiking around Machu Picchu.

3 months ago

My wife and I did this hike in Oct 2012. It is something I still count among the most amazing things I have ever done. Beautiful hike through jungle, cloud forest, and other Incan ruins. That final climb to the Sun Gate and seeing Macchu Picchu for the first time was an amazing feeling. If you only do one hike in your life, do this one.

Unbelievably beautiful and fulfilling. For me a hike of a lifetime.

day two was hard as i feared

Amazing journey through spectacular scenery ranging from alpine desert to rainforest. Unforgettable NatGeo experience!

3 months ago

An incredible experience, the trail, the views, the guides, the porters, the chefs and the food!! The great friends made during the hike. And of course Machu Picchu!!!

Hiked in April and was a truly amazing trip. Quite hard, but worth it. It rained 2 of 4 days, but we managed to stay out of torrential downpours. The only thing I'd wish I'd known was how much horse poo would be on the trail.

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