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just finished this in 3 days with 2 friends. we did it on our own without a guide. went up to humantay lake first then on to the salkantay. make sure you acclimate before starting. it is a tough hike but very rewarding. camp in one of the coffee plantations just after the town of la playa. there is a lot of water on the trail so bring a filter and dont bother carrying much water. the final several miles to aguas calientes is miserable as it follows the train track and you are walking on loose rocks the entire way.

20 hours ago

Challenging hike, beautiful scenery culminating in Machu Picchu. Unforgetable experience!

Great hike. A bit difficult to breath toward the end but it was worth it. Starting snowing when we got to the top but most of our trek was awesome. Our guide left around 10 in the morning for the trip so we managed to beat the crowd on the way up. There were only four of us at the top. Excellent sights and wildlife for most of the hike.

4 days ago

Wonderful hike but very steep. Expect the route to always be fairly busy. Track is extremely narrow so at times you may be 'in line' to continue. However, use those moments as breaks because you'll need them + the views are progressively stunning of the Andes.
Summit is well worth it but not much room so you can't relish in it too much without inconveniencing others.
Can be quite muddy with very small 'rock steps'.
Any moderately fit person is capable.

9 days ago

I did this trek solo with all my own gear and food /water starting on Mollepata. See my profile for a day-by-day breakdown. The All Trails map is outdated in spots, as I found, and it starts from Soraypampa vs Mollepata. It was 5 days, 4 nights and incredible. Email me if you have any questions - bobbyboombeck at gmail dot com.

Difficult, but worth it!

We did this as part of a guided tour through Mountain Lodges of Peru (highly recommend) in June 2016. I struggle with altitude but spent two days in Cusco beforehand and took Diamox and was able to manage it fine. The last little bit was tough, above 14,000 feet, but definitely worth it. I did not take hiking poles and was fine except at the very highest part because altitude makes me dizzy. If I did it again I would probably take poles. Pack lots of layers and water.

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15 days ago

Experience of a life time

Wear sturdy shoes for this very nice walk up to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu. The views of the valley and the site are awesome. Took us about an hour up and half that down, very glad we took the trail.

1 month ago

We did this as a 3 day hike, beginning in Sorayampa. Don’t underestimate the effects of the altitude near the pass- it’s extremely hard to breathe- we ended up taking a horse for about a mile or so until the top of the pass. After that, the trail gradually descends and the scenery is beautiful. The campsites were nice- our guide took good care of us! We ended in Agua Caliente, and bussed to Machu Picchu.
We chose this trail instead of the original Inca Trail, as there are less people.

This is actually 26 miles long and on the second day after Dead Woman’s Pass you will want to quit but you summon the strength and energy to keep going somehow! This trek is a 100% positive life change. I broke down and sobbed when I made it to the Sun Gate because I was so proud of myself. You will be stopped in your tracks multiple times to have your breath taken away (literally and figuratively.) the end goal is obviously Machu Picchu, but once you’re there you’re going to already miss the trek and those beautiful Andes Mountains and will long for them. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend training for it and getting prescription altitude sickness meds. We did the trek in September which is the best month to do it from all the research we did and experiencing it. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON WHAT TO PACK!

One of the best experiences you can have. Beautiful hike, beautiful country, and awesome history to learn. Did the trail in early March, which is the tail end of the rainy season, rain every morning but would clear up soon after the sun came up. Weather is good this time of year for hiking but because of the season there is often clouds/fog obscuring some views. The accent up to the 1st mountain pass and decent on the back side is tough but that is the only real challanging part. I would recommend sticks to lighten the load on your knees, even if you don't have bad knees taking care of them is the best way to keep the hobby going for many years. I can not recommend this trail enough. Extreme Turbulancia was a great tour group and our guide Roberth was awesome.

1 month ago

We went independently backpacking. Amazing nature & landscapes. You pass through 3 different ecozones. The directions are easy to followed as we we downloaded the offline map from all trails. The hike is hard; altitude plays a huge role in its difficultly. Better to acclimatize for 3 days before hitting the trail. You need to carry meals at least for 3 days as in some camping areas you might not find food. At first two nights it gets really cold. It’s worth all the tiredness.

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1 month ago

Amazing valley with shepherds, alpacas, lamas. Dress in layers it, rain jackets. Despite arriving while it was snowing we still snow the different colors

1 month ago

Most amazing life experience! I did the trail in March 2018. It was the most rewarding and humbling experience.

This hike was AMAZING. I recommend spending the extra Soles to continue on to Huayna Picchu or Waynapicchu (the higher mountain). Waynapicchu isn’t for the faint of heart, however. If you have problems with altitude, heights, or climbing narrow stairs, this probably isn’t the one for you. The views are spectacular.

This hike is a lung-burner, but well worth the effort. A previous reviewer said it best, some hikes take you to a view and others ARE the view. This one IS the view. Be sure to bring an extra 5 Soles to continue on to Red Canyon, which is an extra nine miles, approximately.

The views were out of this world! Brace yourself for this challenge, but remember YOU CAN DO IT! If you worry about your knees, you may want a knee brace and hiking poles for this one.

1 month ago

A must-do hike. I did this hike about 10 years ago. I was unable to complete it after one day of hiking due to the altitude. If you are like I was (coming from sea level), I would strongly recommend spending some time in Cusco to acclimate. Do some hikes in the surrounding area (also beautiful). I saw people who really looked bad being carried out on the backs of Peruvian porters. At least I was able to walk back down and take a train to Agua Calente. Disappointed but there's always another day. Also be sure you communicate with your outfitter. I could tell I was struggling with the altitude even in Cusco but my outfitter just brushed it off.

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3 months ago

We chose Valencia Travel and they were excellent. The hike itself was my first major hike and it was something I will never forget!

4 months ago

Perfect hike to Machu Picchu if you don't have a ton of time in order to do the 4 day Inca Trail.

Some trails have a view, and some trails ARE the view. This one is the latter. Which makes it even more of a shame that searching online for Rainbow Mountain yields two major misconceptions about this hike. One is that you will find a Dr. Suess-drenched literal rainbow mountain that the Photoshopped and heavily filtered photos implore you to believe exists. The second is that the point of this hike should even BE Rainbow Mountain. It’s a cool little mountain but somewhat underwhelming after a difficult hike at 16,000 feet. But the rest of the hike! The valley is dripping in purples and greens, rust reds and Caribbean aquas, as if a painter has carelessly tossed all his brushes aside over the ragged peaks thrusting themselves diagonally through the grassy floor. Sheep and the occasional horse dot the landscape, grazing, seemingly oblivious to the beauty surrounding them. You’re rewarded to glimpses of the snow-blanketed Ausangate Mountain, and clouds spilling into the valley on the far side of Vinicunca.

This hike is not steep and would not be difficult save for the altitude. It affected us all a lot more than we anticipated. The coca tea (3 soles) at the top helped but we all had headaches the whole next day, never mind the struggle to the top. It gets cold and windy; dress appropriately. Entrance is 10 soles and you can also hire a horse to ride up. We didn’t start at the parking lot but found a spot on the side of the road, which added about 3.5 miles roundtrip (some of my pics are from that part of the trail). The drive is sketchy; you can find day tours that leave by bus from Cusco, but we drove ourselves. There is also a 3-day trek.

4 months ago

Dangerous but incredible

4 months ago

The trek from km 82 to Machu Picchu is longer than what’s listed in the description here. The actual distance is 26 miles. We booked a four-day Trek with Alpaca Expeditions and were very happy with our choice. They offered amazing service for a reasonable price.

Finished the four-day Inca Trail and capped it off with a hike up Huayna Picchu. The trail is mostly stairs and via ferrata (metal cables bolted into the rock that you can use to pull yourself up). It’s very steep, and the average time it takes to complete it is two hours.

Amazing trip and even better than the pictures, I highly recommend to any hiker that wants a great hike. The Altitude is what kicked our butts.

less crowded trail. a nice place to just sit down and enjoy the scenery

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