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1 month ago

We chose Valencia Travel and they were excellent. The hike itself was my first major hike and it was something I will never forget!

Perfect hike to Machu Picchu if you don't have a ton of time in order to do the 4 day Inca Trail.

Some trails have a view, and some trails ARE the view. This one is the latter. Which makes it even more of a shame that searching online for Rainbow Mountain yields two major misconceptions about this hike. One is that you will find a Dr. Suess-drenched literal rainbow mountain that the Photoshopped and heavily filtered photos implore you to believe exists. The second is that the point of this hike should even BE Rainbow Mountain. It’s a cool little mountain but somewhat underwhelming after a difficult hike at 16,000 feet. But the rest of the hike! The valley is dripping in purples and greens, rust reds and Caribbean aquas, as if a painter has carelessly tossed all his brushes aside over the ragged peaks thrusting themselves diagonally through the grassy floor. Sheep and the occasional horse dot the landscape, grazing, seemingly oblivious to the beauty surrounding them. You’re rewarded to glimpses of the snow-blanketed Ausangate Mountain, and clouds spilling into the valley on the far side of Vinicunca.

This hike is not steep and would not be difficult save for the altitude. It affected us all a lot more than we anticipated. The coca tea (3 soles) at the top helped but we all had headaches the whole next day, never mind the struggle to the top. It gets cold and windy; dress appropriately. Entrance is 10 soles and you can also hire a horse to ride up. We didn’t start at the parking lot but found a spot on the side of the road, which added about 3.5 miles roundtrip (some of my pics are from that part of the trail). The drive is sketchy; you can find day tours that leave by bus from Cusco, but we drove ourselves. There is also a 3-day trek.

Finished the four-day Inca Trail and capped it off with a hike up Huayna Picchu. The trail is mostly stairs and via ferrata (metal cables bolted into the rock that you can use to pull yourself up). It’s very steep, and the average time it takes to complete it is two hours.

less crowded trail. a nice place to just sit down and enjoy the scenery

4 months ago

A great alternative to the Inca Trail - you get to see high mountains with snow, the jungle, the country... it's really nice! However there's a lot more climbing down than up so your knees may hurt! And the afternoon of the second day is really muddy, so boots are recommended.

One of the best treks I've ever done

Just returned from Machu Picchu. The trails around there are difficult for sure and the trek up Huayna Picchu was steep and difficult. I live in a town whose elevation is around 500, so the trail was made that much more difficult to me since I am not used to the altitude. The trail at some points was so steep that I had to use my hands to climb up the rocks in front of me. I could barely breath, my legs were burning, and my pack was too heavy, but it was the best hike I've EVER done hands down. The reward of the top was totally worth it and it will be in my heart forever.
p.s. it felt like the walk through Machu Picchu and the hike up to the top of Huayna Picchu was more...much more than 2 miles...

Hiked up to the sun gate after we came back down from Huayna Picchu. My legs were jelly to start with and I thought it would just be a little, short walk to the sun gate. Wrong. Slow and steady uphill most of the way with steeper bits and though and it takes about 45 min to an hour to get there (had to take a break or 5 lol). It was much quieter up there and it was a beautiful hike! Totally recommend.

After the little 45 minute hike, you get a really nice overall view of Machu Pichu and the surrounding forest !

I've never done a hike as magical as this one.

Great place to visit

Nice views. Not easy though, I’d rate it moderate, it’s a very steep climb in rocky trails.

6 months ago

Absolutely amazing

Steep and strenuous hike from start to finish, but well worth the climb to the majestic views of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

6 months ago

This is a gorgeous trek with lots of great mountain landscapes. Here is a trip report I wrote describing my experience on the Salkantay Trek. https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/machu-picchu-salkantay-trek/

Steep, gets your heart pumping, but not at all technical. Basically a hard stair master work-out rewarded with an AMAZING view

Did the 4 day hike back when it wasn't so touristy. Hear it's getting very overrun by tourists....

7 months ago

We hiked with salkantay trekking. Awesome experience. They take you to Llactapaka so you get a second hard summit. See my review on TripAdvisor under salkantay trekking. 4 reasons.

8 months ago

Once in..I wish.. everyone's lifetime

moderate to difficult. scenery is out of this world. day 2 is most difficult but not impossible.

This is the "right" way of doing Macchu Picchu - is that pretentions? Was a little unsure of exactly how to get there, since the vast majority seem to take the bus. Just hike right on down the road the buses go down and try to not get hit. After crossing the bridge, the trail is off to the right up a road. Then the stairs begin...enjoy!

Macchu PIcchu gets 5 stars, and the masses of tourists get 2 stars. Impressive and beautiful, but looks like it's becoming a real tourist trap.

Much more enjoyable hanging out up at the Sun Gate and watching folks (especially the porters) come through.

Amazing views of high forest. Makes you wonder what else is hiding out undiscovered.

The best views of Macchu Picchu are from Huayna Picchu in my opinion. However, this was an extremely challenging hike especially immediately after the Inca trail. Think climbing stairs for about an hour that are very narrow and steep. Worth it for the incredible views

Extremely challenging straight up, sometimes the steps are so tiny you have to walk sideways. Incredible views!! Can't recommend it enough if you can handle it

9 months ago

The best thing I've ever done. The views are out of this world. Harder than I could have imagined but I would do it all again, best experience

on Salkantay Trek

10 months ago

just completed the 4 day, 3 night trek, distance in km was 11, 26 and 26 for each day respectively to get to Machu Pichu, beautiful scenery, mountains, glaciers, cloud forests, jungle, make sure you are acclimated to altitude snd are in excellent shape

11 months ago

Best trek ever. Drink plenty of cocoa tea!!!

11 months ago

I contacted a tour agency in Peru 3 months in advance and they obtained everything I needed to do this beautiful trail, mainly permits and tickets. They took me to Ollantaytambo to take the train headed to Aguas Calientes, I was in a group with 2 people and the guide. The train stopped at the Km104, then we started our journey first crossing the Urubamba River. The trail is in excellent conditions, the views of the mountains, the plants, the flowers, the river, were amazing! Although it was still a rainy season, the day was beautiful, just very light rain and just for a few minutes. The highest point on the trail is at Puerta del Sol, an Inca site from were we first enjoyed the beauty of Machupicchu and the mountains, something i'll never forget. Once we arrived near the entrance to Machupicchu, I decided to walked down by the pedestrian trail, too steep and not easy to walk, but I arrived to Aguas Calientes on time for a delicious Peruvian dinner. This was an unforgettable experience!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Straight up until you reach a little rest area, then tiny stairs take you to the very top! Tremendous views of Macchupicchu!

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