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Sun Feb 17 2019

Mon Jan 07 2019

This was my first hike over 4km and a definite challenge! Like another reviewer we did the first 18km on day one and spent the night at the oasis. The first day we hiked downhill, crossed the river (watch out as there were holes in the wooden bridge), stopped and ate lunch at a village on the other side, and continued relatively flat on to the oasis for the night. In the morning we woke up early and either hiked up the side of the canyon on the switchback of payed 10$ to sleep a few more hours and ride a mule to the top (really fun and unforgettably terrifying experience that I would definitely recommend if you’re ok with heights). The vistas are amazing with ever changing landscape. At night, I thought the stars were lights at first as I’d never seen stars so bright, so I definitely recommend staying the night even if just to see the incredible night sky. Beware for those with bug allergies, there are quite a few mosquitos and spiders in the oasis and the hostel’s windows and doors do not seal the room completely from outside. Keep your shoes in a bag to avoid spiders taking refuge while sleeping. Be sure to wear good hiking shoes and blister proof socks (wrightsocks). Take a hydration pack as well if possible, you’ll run out of water quickly otherwise in the heat and large bottles can become tiresome to carry in your bag. Days are hot and cool right down at night. Bring a pillow for the bus there if possible as the road is extremely bumpy (esp at 3am). Many people had hiking poles (we didn’t and were ok) as the trail is gravel, steep, and easy to slip on during the downhill portion. Would definitely recommend and really would like to hike again on a future trip to Peru. After completing this hike, I feel like I can accomplish anything.

Sun Jul 29 2018

This was the most challenging hike I’ve ever done to be honest. Rewarding when you climb 4 miles straight up switch backs the second day. We did the first stretch down and over and slept in the little oasis hostel at the bottom of the canyon. That pool was incredibly rewarding. Definitely remember a headlamp and bandaids for blisters. Also, look out for condors!

Sat Jun 02 2018

We did this in July of 2017. The hike hike down the canyon from Cabanaconde was easy. We camped a couple nights in the small "oasis" of Sangalle. I'm not sure if this map represents that exact path. Anyway, incredible place to camp! Id never seen so many stars! Also, we didn't pay to camp the first couple nights because we got in late and set up camp down hill from the main camping area(whatever, we were broke backpackers). The hike back up suuucked. Pack light but bring lots of water. They'll gouge you if you try to buy it in the canyon.

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