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My wife and I did this hike in Oct 2012. It is something I still count among the most amazing things I have ever done. Beautiful hike through jungle, cloud forest, and other Incan ruins. That final climb to the Sun Gate and seeing Macchu Picchu for the first time was an amazing feeling. If you only do one hike in your life, do this one.

Unbelievably beautiful and fulfilling. For me a hike of a lifetime.

day two was hard as i feared

Amazing journey through spectacular scenery ranging from alpine desert to rainforest. Unforgettable NatGeo experience!

11 days ago

An incredible experience, the trail, the views, the guides, the porters, the chefs and the food!! The great friends made during the hike. And of course Machu Picchu!!!

Hiked in April and was a truly amazing trip. Quite hard, but worth it. It rained 2 of 4 days, but we managed to stay out of torrential downpours. The only thing I'd wish I'd known was how much horse poo would be on the trail.

21 days ago

We did this hike just before the Santa Cruz hike to get a feel for the altitude. the weather wasn't great, we were in the clouds for most of the way and then couldn't see the lake at the top. The hike itself was good, not too difficult and as long as you take it easy the altitude isn't too much of a problem. The lake on the drive up was more of a view that Laguna 69, but again that's because we couldn't see it because of the weather. Still would recommend as for 30 soles (less than £10) it's definitely worth it. (Note: we did this 21st October - so heading into summer/rainy season)

We hiked this trail for our honeymoon and it was amazing. It is very challenging but worth it! Definitely bring Deet spray for chiggers, they’re worse than mosquitos.

Did the trek in Aug with REI adventures. Food and lodging was amazing. The hike took us 6 days with the longest day being 9 miles. Not very many people on the trail and the weather was perfect. Hardest day was getting up and over the pass at 15,200 feet. Take diamox if needed and acclimate a few days in Cusco or higher if able.

I’m so glad that we didn’t take classic Inca trail. Salkantay trail is definitely marvelous, holy, peaceful and not crowded at all. Our trip with “Alpaca Expedition “ makes the 4-day trekking flawless.

1 month ago

tough because of the over 4000m altitude

1 month ago

So hard but incredible trail

We did the classic 5 day hike to Machu Picchu with Salkantay trekking in May. Highly recommend they were wonderful! Food was amazing! This hike pushed us past our mental and physical limits. We’re from very low sea level. We arrived a few days early to help acclimate to the elevation but it’s still hard to breathe no matter what. Just take it slow and go at your own pace! Reaching the pass was the hardest day with the highest elevation of over 15,000ft. But once we reached the top it was the most beautiful sight! We even saw an avalanche happen right before our eyes at the top of the pass! Truly an experience of a life time.

We did this for our honeymoon and it was an incredible trip! We did the 5 day which is spectacular and the Salkantay company was amazing!

1 month ago

This is my favorite day hike in the area - less crowded and cheaper than Laguna 69, and in my opinion it is more difficult and more beautiful. To arrive, we grabbed a collectivo in Huaraz to Llupa, and started our hike from there. It was a difficult and adventurous climb to the lake - at times you were going straight up - using steel ropes to help you climb. Plan on spending at least and hour at the lake - taking to the view and getting photos from all the different angels. There’s also a smaller lake above that’s pretty beautiful if you’re feeling up to it and have the time - it takes about 75 mins to get to and 45 mins to return.

Difficulty is based on acclimatization. If you’ve adjusted, this hike is pretty easy. Cheapest way to arrive is with a tour. Spectacular views of 2 other glacier lakes right before beginning this hike.

My slowest 5 miles ever because of the altitude but absolutely worth every bit of effort it took to reach the end. The view of Rainbow Mountain is absolutely stunning.

Fantastic trek! It’s much more difficult because of the altitude but so worth the effort. Parts were quite scary because the steps were so steep up or down but when you have no other choice, you make it through.

1 month ago

Great comments in here, and all true. My wife and I did a private trip with Apamayu Expeditions. They were first class. The trek was difficult at times and tough on the knees, but conditioning ahead of time, time at altitude in Cusco before setting off, and any advance stair work you can do will pay off in spades.

As for the crowds at Machu Picchu, our guide was brilliant. We took off on day four later than all the big groups who were in a rush to get to sun gate. By getting there we’ll after the morning bus groups had arrived, we were able to avoid the big bus tour groups as they had already moved down. The bus folks in the morning have to leave before the afternoon group is my understanding. We had the Inka bridge mostly to ourselves.

Hope this helps someone. Definitely worth doing, good luck.

1 month ago

Tough acclimatisation hike for longer treks - very short steep ascent up to the lake but totally worth it. The picture here doesn’t do it justice!

Gorgeous scenery and it is great (and a bit scary) to look at the classic pictures of Machu Picchu to know that you also hiked that mountain right behind it. I do have vertigo but it only kicked in after I reached the summit. Safe hike overall. Be sure to use sunscreen year round and long pants in the wet season (Off was more like an attractant for the mosquitoes) but they only seem to aim for exposed skin.

After being in Machu Picchu itself, which was sooo breathtaking, this was a great way to finish the day. Spectacular views with a different perspective on the citadel. Well worth it.

Very difficult because of the altitude, it is literally breathtaking. I have never experienced something so magical feeling really sick and yet wanting to push forward. Spectacular., we experienced extreme sun, rain, hail and snow! May 2017

Great experience. Challenging with the high altitude and steps. We did a 4 day/3 night trek with Alpaca Expeditions.

2 months ago

Did this yesterday. Definitely a cardio workout with the most spectacular views. Fairly safe but take it slow and easy on the top part. Take 1. To 1.5 liters of water and your camera. Took about 40 minutes up with some bottlenecks and about 35 down to the entry point. You will need to sign in and out. Wear good hiking shoes as some folks came in street shoes and never made it up to the top.

Very difficult hike but absolutely beautiful. You can pay to get a horse, while it’s a really rewarding feeling to hike this mountain without it. Views are amazing!

Walked the Lares trek, similar in many ways, highest altitude 4600 metres, walking was easy breathing was harder! Fantastic experience. Didnt see any other groups but plenty of animals, (Llama’s) and locals. Kiliminjaro next!

3 months ago

Guided journey, 3 days. Lares to Cucani and overnight camp. Days 2, Cuncani to Ipsay pass. Day 3 Huacawasi pass to Mantanay, then end at Yanahuara. Altitude 15,700 at pass. Snow at pass. Alpine lakes, too numerous to count. Will llamas and vicunas.

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