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Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America's first national park. Located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, it is home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Preserved within Yellowstone National Park are Old Faithful and a collection of the world's most extraordinary geysers and hot springs, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Not really a trail in the traditional sense. The hot springs are nice, but way too ‘touristy’ and crowded for my taste.

The trail was 5.1 miles round trip. maybe 50 percent covered in snow. definitely adds a bit of difficulty, but we among 3 other strangers did this in a round trip of 2hrs total. if u do the math, there is snow but it doesn't drastically slow you down. the geyser at the end supposedly goes off every 3 hrs, but it is unpredictable so the payoff isn't great. just a nice easy hike to do in yellowstone. recommend boots though because feet will be wet. everything is melting by the day.

1 day ago

Had the mountain to myself all the way up and half way down. Trail is all good till the last .1 mile. Its straight up some slick snow. Its insanely beautiful.

3 days ago

Love this trail. Started at the Petrified Tree parking taking the loop clockwise which turned out be a wise choice. Encountered a total of 5 black bear on this trail as well as a small group of elk. Nice change of scenery throughout the hike and a beautiful lake as well. A morning very well spent.

3 days ago

Uncle Tom’s Trail closed due to snow as of 5/20/19. Canyon Rim South open, moderate snow still on trail.

beautiful waterfall. just stunning.

beautiful. gets crowded.

3 days ago

Short and easy hike to a beautiful waterfall. We were the only people on the trail which was nice. Waterfall was flowing nicely which I believe is more normal this time of year. Saw a Marmot on the way there and back which was a first for us.

Really easy! Some days it has a better view of the colors than Grand Prismatic Spring, just due to the steam- according to a park ranger!

Lovely trail starting right from the centre of Mammoth. We started next to liberty cap which means you start with a 300’ climb. About 3 miles in we encountered a big brown black bear with a cub, what a joy to watch mom being very relaxed while the cub was climbing/falling up and down the trees. Enjoyable hike with nice change of scenery.

Nice short hike with some cool features. Trail was pretty crowded on the weekend

Bison, Bald Eagle, Swanson's Hawk

Snow cover average of 12 inches over 80% of trail.

4 days ago

Short hike to a hidden lake. My kids loved the beach area. Beautiful spot.

Easy boardwalks to follow that take you around to see all the geothermal sites.

Amazing view of the whole lake and mountains in the distance! Right now there is snow on much of the bottom half of the hike which made it a fun challenge with added risk of falling knee deep sometimes. Did the hike with 6 other friends and we were probably the first to do it this season (no footprints to follow). There is a sign warning of bear activity at the start and we did find bear prints on the trail. Walking as a group or carrying bear spray is the best option.

Trail is almost completely covered in boardwalk so it's fairly easy. Many interesting geothermal features to see.

no shade
6 days ago

Easy, short hike with nice view of falls. This time of season may be better for water flow

6 days ago

Amazing trail! When we went there was a herd of buffalo on the boardwalk! It was amazing!!!

Easy boardwalk trail. Has some amazing natural features!

7 days ago

9 days ago

Hiked this a couple days ago and there was still some snow on the trail but nothing serious. Most of the trail looks like a road, but the scenery was amazing, so no complaints here! Falls are beautiful! Would love to do this again in the summer and wade around a bit! Did find lots of ticks on us though.

Great hike if your looking for something quite easy it’s mostly flat and is so gorgeous. It has good huckleberries and lowbush berries if you go in the right season.

9 days ago

Great hike I’m a camp loller right next to this hike and have done it many times, the view is most bodacious. Just watch out for cardiac hill.

Wicked hike!

Nice hike. Easy boardwalk at the beginning.

I couldn’t believe how many aggressive animals there where in this trail! First off there was an angry bison blocking the trail followed by an elk at the lookout point. I almost died several times!

10 days ago

Bears every where!! Very dangerous!

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