Bear tracks

Did this hike in late July. Long but the falls and hot springs are worth it. Bugs were bad that time of year, so anticipate that.

some of the lake is steaming from the underground volcano

Last hiked June 2018. Awesome hike, fairly easy. We did get a huge windstorm on our way back that had us terrified with several of the old, burned pine trees falling all around us.

I’ve been coming back here for the past 4yrs and it never gets old! Super easy walk

Easy hike to the lake. Great opportunity for bird watching.

Hiked in summer during trout spawning. Go early to avoid the crowds, the pull off for parking is small.

I hiked this trail in August 2018 with two friends and to date its still my most memorable experience hiking! I absolutely Love this trail! It's definitely not easy to cross the river when it's completely swollen and flowing so quickly as it was for us. Pictures we saw of the trail showed the river at ankle deep on kids but when we cross it was nearly chest deep. Make sure you bring trekking poles for stability when crossing as there could be alot of runoff from the surrounding areas. Some sections are pretty tight with alot of brush and others wide open on slick rock. This trail is shockingly beautiful and you won't regret a moment of it especially when you make it to the falls!!

This trail was my first overnight hike ever! It was beautiful! The thermal features getting to the lake were also a treat!

washed out
3 months ago

Did it in July 2018, the hike was difficult, needed a few stops on the way up. The part throught the foreat was amazing. It was very windy on the top.

Did the morning hike in mid July 2018, started around 5am from Glen Creek Trailhead parking lot. About 1 hour to the top, nice and easy hike.

4 months ago

First week of June caught us in a surprise hail storm while on this short hike. A cold, but terrific memory. A beautiful view at the top. Flooded, if sudden rains happen, the trail back was flooded and we just slogged through the water. No biggie, but FYI.

Steep trail but so worth it. beautiful 360 view at the top. It’s super windy up there so bring a sweatshirt or windbreaker and take off your hat. Steepness starts from the beginning and doesn’t end. You can go off path up a dried out watershed to save some distance, but it’s not a huge amount. I’ve seen people trail run the first 2 miles through the woods. After exiting the trees you’re exposed to direct sunlight the rest of the way so bring sunscreen!

This was the prettiest hike I’ve ever done! The first 8 miles are through a woody area but ends at the actual start of the trail near a pretty lake. It took us 11h45 minutes. Didn’t see any bears or mountain lions. Never felt unsafe and I’m terrified of heights. Only one super steep hill (like a double black diamond steep if you ski) to get down. HIGHLY suggest to start at Dailey Pass, it’s more rewarding and you don’t have to hike up the steep hill.

5 months ago

Great place to snowshoe and get lost in the magic and solitude of the Park during winter! Went 11/30 and got a late start, about 2:15pm, so only did a small portion of the trail, out and back.

Gorgeous hike! Wildflowers are amazing in the summer!

6 months ago

A super easy scenic trail. Started late but no issues. Spotted a coyote and if course, bison.

We only hiked about half way around the lake in late August. The trail travels thru forested areas and open meadows. We saw on large black bear running full speed across the meadow and up into the tree line before we even reached the lake. Head counterclockwise around the lake back thru dense forested areas, and eventually opening back up to views of the lake. Camped at DR2 a beautiful large site with amazing views of sunset and sunrise over the lake. Small path down to the shore to the lake to filter water. A pit latrine a distance from the campsite.

I took the clockwise route, but both have a decent incline to start and gain/lose elevation throughout. So alltrails is inaccurate for the el. I was glad to go clockwise because the last mile and a half are open and it was super windy today, but it was at my back so it made it ok. Super muddy by the largest pond. Poles were helpful, didn't need my microspikes. Saw some birds, 2 ducks, and a herd of elk.

7 months ago

Hiked or walked this short easy trail on a sunny Friday afternoon, 10/25/19. The trail had a mix of snow and muddy sections with some icy patches. You don’t really see the colors and full view until you get to the top section where it all comes together in a nice scenic view.

Harder trail than expected. The snow made it a rough traverse, but falls well worth the hike. Many goat trails. I’m afraid of heights, and those gave me pause. Trail heads up and up and just when you think you’re done ... you keep going up. Great hike

no shade
7 months ago

We only hiked a short distance to kill some time before we could check in at the hotel. It was super windy and there's nothing to block the wind where we were on the open plains.

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