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We did this trail on our visit to Old Faithful Geyser, at the same time taking in Black Sand Basin, Biscuit Basin and Mystic Falls trails. Amazing trail featuring the abundance of Geysers, Hot Springs, Fumeroles and many pools. Splendid sites , an amazing trip ... not to be missed!

A beautiful hike accessed from Biscuit Basin Geyser. We did the out & back trail to the falls. Stopped a while at the very pretty falls where we had some little squirrels come to visit. We then made our way back to Old Faithful via BIscuit Basin.

I didn't get to complete any long or "hard" hikes due to time restraints (only in yS one day) but this was by far my favorite. great views, seclusion, a good workout, and plenty of pic ops. i was hesitant on doing the whole loop at first but I'm glad I went for it. it feeds off of that hot springs trail which is an extra bonus to start or end your journey.

Snowshoed out to Morning Glory in December and had the entire trail to ourselves, minus a few bison. One of the few times in the year when the area is empty, albeit -10 degrees.

2 days ago

Great overall hike. We went right before Memorial day. Took us ~2 hours, from 9a-11a. Because we set out earlyish, we were the first folks up the mountain that day and could really enjoy the solitude. On the way down we passed ~20 people.

Ascending you can see the Golden Gate, and the terraces at Mammoth.

Most difficult part of the hike was the scree at the top. That said, boots (which we wore) or even tennis shoes should be fine.

If geothermal activity is what you are after, this is the most convenient hike there is in yellowstone. However, true hiking is more my preference (which is why I only give this 3 stars). We actually hiked cascade canyon in the Tetons the same day and it is no comparison (cascade wins in a landslide).

Probably wouldn't do it again, but the walk is easy.

this was 3.5 miles? I must have missed a lot. It's def worth checking out!

We started at the Wapiti TH and hiked to Clear Lake, then through the geothermal area, then up to Ribbon lake where we found a good spot to eat lunch. We hiked back the same way. Great trail through, forest, geothermal areas, meadows and beautiful lakes. It really lets you take in some of the varied terrains that YSNP has to offer without the crowds. Very quite, the bubbling of the mud pots and the calls of nearby elk were all we heard.

Trail ended up being 18.5 miles but worth it. Amazing views and I didn’t see anyone else while hiking!

Awesome hike. Family friendly too!

10 days ago

Not much trees, but views were awesome.

Trail was closed 1 mile in. Looks like it would have been a great hike.

16 days ago

The view from the top of the valley was one of my favorites. It’s absolutely beautiful at the top.

17 days ago

About the easiest hike you can do a beautiful waterfall. We also saw a bison on the trail minding its own business but please have the common sense to respect wildlife’s privacy and keep safe distances. We waited till the bison headed back into the woods before starting out again.

I did this trail 5/31 and was open. some snow but easily passable. swampy in some areas. you can get to lone star either starting at the parking lot just past Kepler Cascades or Howard eaton. I started at Howard Eaton and was about 7 miles. geyser goes off every 3 hrs. first mile is steep on the way up but after that is flat. trail can also be taken to shoshone lake for 16 miles.

did 6/3 open and snow free but muddy so make sure to wear hiking boots. tons of wildlife such as bison and elk frequent the area. Hiked from fountain flats parking lot at the next Perez picnic area to fairy falls and imperial geyser out to the Grand prismatic overlook parking lot and hitched a ride back to the car. totaled 9.2 miles hiking. BRING BUG SPRAY. I think this is a much more senic version on fairy falls as you see the falls as you walk to it. there was noone on the trail. took 3 hrs 15 mins

Very beautiful view with very little traffic. While we were hiking up we crossed a black bear across a scream, we brought bear bells and spray as the chance of crossing a bear was fairly high. Trail can be difficult at times to navigate as it is not frequently sought out, bring lots of water and food!

Parking is definitely a problem

Beautiful but crowded

18 days ago

Short hike, great view of geysers

Loved It. Amazing area

18 days ago

Almost missed this one, glad I didnt

Place is amazing!

18 days ago



scenic driving
18 days ago

beautiful drive

18 days ago

Turns into a great hike once past the overlook. Wish i had more time here.


Colors from the spring are amazing!

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