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The lake behind the geysers made it that much more interesting...one of my favorite geyser basins.

Real cool spot to check out some hot springs

4 months ago

My husband and I hiked this Trail on September 15th, 2018 on our way in the north east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. It was beautiful, picturesque hike that was nice to loosen up our hiking legs up for more difficult hikes. There was a nice variety to the surroundings. Some thicker forest area while hiking up a hill then it opened up to a beautiful lake with valleys surrounding it. There were ducks in the lake and a few fishermen fishing.  It was a very peaceful hike.

A nice short walk.

I personally enjoyed the beautiful pools of West Thumb even more than the Grand Prismatic area. It features beautiful views of Yellowstone Lake, and the pool depths and colors are other-worldly. The trail offers a brochure that talks about each feature that can either be returned or they ask for a dollar donation.

Awesome trail with a little bit of everything. No complaints on this one at all. Its got meadow parts, dense forest parts, beach parts, etc. On the way out we had a big Bison bull eating just off the trail which was cool to see. Lots of Grizzlies in this area so be smart.

Nice, relaxing trail. Most of it in dense forest but still neat. Be VERY bear aware. We got to the beach and found fresh Grizzly cub tracks in the wet sand. Come to find out this area is home to Raspberry the bear and her cub.

5 months ago

Very nice hike. Flat and easy. When we got to the lake which was much larger than we thought it would be. Looked like could have been Moose country at one time. We did not stay long as it was chilly with about a 20 mile per hour wind coming off the lake. Only saw two Bald Eagles.

nice walk along the lake. can be quiet windy but beautiful with the pools.

5 months ago

This is a marvelous little ramble! So relaxing and refreshing. Not strenuous in the least. A great walk for children. Beautiful vistas of the lake from the point. Sunny portions with a marmot colony in a rocky outcropping. Shady portions in the beautiful lodgepole forest. A small footbridge over a tiny, marshy brook was washed out but easily bypassed.

Nice walk. Beautiful views.

a short boardwalk stroll to very beautiful thermal pools
get there before it warms up to see the steam wafting through the air

When I went there it's raining and too much fog. I think it will be better in a sunny day. Besides, I didn't see the fish cone. I think it is related to the water level in the lake.

6 months ago

Our favorite Yellowstone hike. Meadow, lake, beach, and forest. Kids traversed down to the beach and enjoyed time by the lake. Saw a yellow belly marmot and a coyote on the hike. The bridge is still out but you can go 20 feet down the creek and early cross to complete the loop.

A pleasant, easy hike along a lakeshore, through a wooded area, and a meadow. Lovely wildflowers along the way, and excellent views of the lake.

6 months ago

If you do one trail in Yellowstone, this should be it. It's easy enough for children and rewarding enough for adults. The bridge was out at the end, but there was a clear way to get around it and up the hill to the part of the trail that looped back to the rest.

Nice little walk close to the lake and around the geyers. Very crowded, though (I was there when it rained heavily, and there were still so many people).

Great trail!

Far too crowded when I visited and slightly worn. The boardwalk needs renovations and there were unattended children running amuck. It's ok for strolling but tourists have torn the place up.

Super family friendly and easy walk around these gorgeous, vibrant hot springs. Great view of Yellowstone Lake as well, definitely worth a stop.

7 months ago

Nice little hike with a little sample of everything! Hike through a meadow by a pond with tons of birds, then a wooded section along the shore of the Yellowstone Lake. Keep your eyes peeled for bears! The bridge was out (7/4/18) when we went so we had to turn around instead of completing the entire loop.

This isn't really a hike, it's a boardwalk path. It's good, quick loop that gives you views of the lake, plus some hot springs and other thermal features. If you don't have much time in the park, this is a great spot to see a lot in one short walk. Be prepared to fight through crowds.

I'd recommend doing this and the Yellowstone Lake Overlook trail, another short hike which leaves from the same parking lot. There you can get overhead views of the lake away from the crowds.

Did the trail yesterday. Was fairly muddy at the start and back end of the loop. Lake views were decent and the trail was good for children. Only saw a deer. The trail is pretty average otherwise. More wildlife would have made it much better.

Easy hike with great views of Yellowstone lake and geothermal features.

don't miss out on this. super easy and lot of great photo ops

8 months ago

After being in the valleys and woods of Yellowstone for a few days, it was great to get to the shore and near that big beautiful lake. Easy terrain, saw signs of bears and saw actual bison. The bridge was out (as of early June, not sign/warning posted at trailhead) at the end of the wooded section of the trail, so we just turned back and hiked the way we came for about 4 miles roundtrip, although a person could scale the river/bank if they wanted to.

An easy hike with some great views. I would not wade into the lake again, though. The leeches were terrible in the summer of 2017.

An easy boardwalk trail but one of my favorite “quick stops” in the park!

Heavily trafficked; takes a while to get around through the crowd, especially if you are interested in photographing the thermals. But extremely beautiful, particularly with the right lighting on a sunny day!!! You just have to put up with a lot of inconsiderate tourists. One guy actually hopped off the boardwalk, touched a pool and was continuing to walk the thin crust area! Thankfully, he eventually listened to the ranger yelling at him to get back on the boardwalk for his safety.

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