love it!

my wife and I enjoyed turtle trails, nice scenic veiws.

I love this trail! It's one of my favorites and I can't imagine anyone would tire of it. The scenery is utterly magnificent and varied - huge boulders and rock formations, pine and aspen woodland, ponds and streams with willow, beaver ponds (saw the signs of beaver activity yesterday), alpine paths . . . Vedauwoo is scared to the Arapaho - and if its your first visit you'll very soon understand why it's known as the place of the earth born spirits. The geology is spectacular. There are wildflowers, shrubs, and trees that vary according to which part of the trail you're on, and a wide variety of birds and animal wildlife. I've seen bobcat and black bear prints - OK, the latter only on one occasion about three years ago, but then clearly visible. There are definitely moose. We'd walked the trail at least 7 or 8 times before we saw one, yesterday. (And it was agitated about some other hikers with a dog, so if you see one and have a canine hiking companion its best to keep walking.)
As visitors to Laramie each year, my husband and I always hike Turtle Rock Trail at least once. At weekends, in good weather, it's quite - sometimes very - busy. During the week, you can walk it and meet just two or three people. We usually visit in late winter, early spring, so conditions vary where snow is concerned. At this time of the year, you park beyond the ranger / pay booth. Don't walk down the road to the trail - take the easy-to-follow path that leads beyond the fence from the left-hand side of the booth car park. Enjoy - this is a shortish trail, but one to remember. If you want a shorter walk, you can cut out the pine and aspen woods section and pick up the trail by the beaver ponds - but I'd not want to miss the woodland. Clearly signposted. Difficulty: easy to moderate, depending on your fitness.

4 months ago

7 months ago

Nice and easy trail just outside of Laramie. Rock formations were interesting and we saw a lynx!

8 months ago

Beautiful hike. Would have been better without the 5 classes of 5th graders :)

It was beautiful and not an overly exerting hike. I will be going back again.

9 months ago