4 months ago

Loved this hike. Didn't see anyone else on the actual trails the entire time I was hiking. I ventured off of this trail onto a couple of the other trails that veer off this trail. Ended up doing approximately 7 miles. It wasn't marked at all on those trails so I relied heavily on the map on this app. Was 50's on October 12th. Some snow on the trails but easy to navigate.

Great Hike.. Started out on Hwy 80 and hiked in to the Trail Head.. Very peaceful relaxing hike.. Seen other hikers with dogs.. Animals have to be on a leash.. No horses allowed.. From the Hwy to TH and back it is around 6.1 miles.. Happy Trails!!

Great Trail for hiking, running or biking.. Easy access to TH, with a restroom at the Trail Head (TH).

Would be a great hike for family's. It has some moderate elevation change, but nothing to drastic.

I usually park at the ready area and hike to the TH (.5 miles)... Happy Trails

on Turtle Rock Loop Trail

5 months ago

Our favorite...

Easy and beautiful hike for a short day trip!

Nice little hike. Fairly scenic, not too strenuous. You will find more people on the front leg of the trail as they seem to like to go to the rock formation and turn around. I saw about 15 people on the way out and only 2 on the way back (past the rock formation). If you don't want to see many people, take the reverse route and turn around at the formation.

great views if you scramble a little

6 months ago

Real easy and peaceful hike. Took my Doberman there and she loved it. Would recommend this trail to everyone. I'm also new to the area , and I'm not use to Wyomings state parks. But make sure you bring at least $20 cash because there is a $5 fee to enter and a $10 camping fee and you have to put in an envelope. If you forget cash you'll have to drive to Buford for the nearest ATM. It's just up the highway.

Gorgeous family friendly trail with plenty of opportunity for the kids to climb around on the rocks. Even on a hot day, the trail is short and provides plenty of shade opportunities. We went on a Saturday and saw 5-6 other families as well, but I would still go again. If you went on a weekday, I suspect you'd have the entire place to yourself.

I'm also a trail runner and will be back to do a few loops on this trail. It would work well for long run days, just keep your aid in your vehicle and hit it each 2.8 mile loop.

6 months ago

This is an easy loop with rocky outcrops and nice views of the surrounding area. There are some beaver ponds along the creek, with waterfowl and beautiful mountain flowers. Bring a fleece or windbreaker because the elevation is +8,000 ft., and after all it is Wyoming (windy). The most exciting part of the trip aside from being there with my good friends, was watching rock climbers at the Veedauwoo climbing area.

7 months ago

Hiked the two mile trail and camped. Very peaceful and dry and cool at night. If in WY a must see.

love it!

my wife and I enjoyed turtle trails, nice scenic veiws.

Nice and easy loop trail with a trail off of the backside that leads to more trails. The farther you you go the quieter it gets. Keep your eyes peeled for moose.

10 months ago

I love this trail! It's one of my favorites and I can't imagine anyone would tire of it. The scenery is utterly magnificent and varied - huge boulders and rock formations, pine and aspen woodland, ponds and streams with willow, beaver ponds (saw the signs of beaver activity yesterday), alpine paths . . . Vedauwoo is scared to the Arapaho - and if its your first visit you'll very soon understand why it's known as the place of the earth born spirits. The geology is spectacular. There are wildflowers, shrubs, and trees that vary according to which part of the trail you're on, and a wide variety of birds and animal wildlife. I've seen bobcat and black bear prints - OK, the latter only on one occasion about three years ago, but then clearly visible. There are definitely moose. We'd walked the trail at least 7 or 8 times before we saw one, yesterday. (And it was agitated about some other hikers with a dog, so if you see one and have a canine hiking companion its best to keep walking.)
As visitors to Laramie each year, my husband and I always hike Turtle Rock Trail at least once. At weekends, in good weather, it's quite - sometimes very - busy. During the week, you can walk it and meet just two or three people. We usually visit in late winter, early spring, so conditions vary where snow is concerned. At this time of the year, you park beyond the ranger / pay booth. Don't walk down the road to the trail - take the easy-to-follow path that leads beyond the fence from the left-hand side of the booth car park. Enjoy - this is a shortish trail, but one to remember. If you want a shorter walk, you can cut out the pine and aspen woods section and pick up the trail by the beaver ponds - but I'd not want to miss the woodland. Clearly signposted. Difficulty: easy to moderate, depending on your fitness.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Nice and easy trail just outside of Laramie. Rock formations were interesting and we saw a lynx!

Monday, October 03, 2016

Beautiful hike. Would have been better without the 5 classes of 5th graders :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

It was beautiful and not an overly exerting hike. I will be going back again.

mountain biking
Sunday, August 28, 2016

Very good trail for beginners who want to learn to ride some rocks and roots but nothing "scary" by any means. Some loose sand or light gravel in some spots. Only a couple of spots they had to walk but an advanced rider won't have an issue.

Minimal elevation gain so great with dogs. There is a creek on the right side of the rock (see map pic. Blue dot is where the creek is for dogs).

Great family ride but still need good bikes. Don't bring your 30 year old cruiser. Tons of trails all over. All levels. It got the teen boy interested in riding with me!

nature trips
Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For my two years as a graduate student at U. of Wyoming, Happy Jack has been my go-to for emergency nature visits. At just 15 mins or so from Laramie, this trail is so easily accessible when I need to run my dogs or find some quiet. Surprisingly, even being so nearby I have more often than not found the place entirely to myself, though I've seen lots of cross-country ski tracks, trail runners, and the like year round. The only disadvantages to this place are the fact that snow comes heavy and often makes the trailhead inaccessible by vehicle, and also that the nearby highway can snap your dream state at certain points in the trail. High summer months also bring intolerable waves of biting flies and mosquitoes. I have seen moose in these parts more than any other land animal, as they especially like the mountain pools. I have had some really joyful experiences with this very convenient trail, especially with my dog who loves it even more than me. I'll be sad not to have this in my backyard anymore.

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