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This is a great spot to take little and not so little kids on a little walk down to beautiful waterfall views. This is a favorite spot we take family from out of state when they come to visit.

Beautiful, not hard at all. Fishing was great.

Fun and easy hike! Snow is gone and there are lots of bugs, but it was a great evening hike and didn’t take long at all.

Great hike! Took about 15 teens ranging from 12-18 years old. Even took my one year old and my 10 year old. My husband took my one year old in the hiking baby carrier. It was a steep hike. I don’t think I could have gone up with the baby carrier without worrying I would fall from the steepness. My 10 year old daughter did great. Our friend took his 6 year old daughter and that little girl is a climbing beast! She didn’t even complain and made it all the way up! I recommend this hike to everyone, however be prepare for a steep hike from the beginning. I would love to do this hike on a cloudy day. And would not go on a rainy day unless you have amazing hiking shoes with good grip. The view was amazing

A agree with the last review, this hike was very easy. The day we went was cool, 52°, and breezy. The forest cover kept the strong winds out but the wind did keep the mosquitos away. I would imagine this trail would be full of mosquitoes on a nice day with no breeze. The views of the river were beautiful and the waterfall was fun to see. A nice easy groomed covered hiking trail for sure.

nature trips
7 days ago

Pretty easy trail. Fairly well maintained parking area, bathrooms and trail as well as pet friendly.
Just 25 minute drive from Idaho Falls

mountain biking
7 days ago

This makes for a great quick mountain bike ride with fun downhill on the way back. People do hike it too but be on alert as it seems to be primarily used by bikers and is a fairly popular trail.

This is a fun backpacking trail with camping at lower and upper and other trails that break off from the lakes. It's a really fun area to explore.

9 days ago

One of my top trails ever. Went in early June and water was really flowing- saw multiple falls with trail culminating with a great view of wind cave. Take bear spray. This one can’t be missed.

So much fun with my three little ones

Ran this trail a few days ago. Beautiful. 5a on a Tuesday meant not a soul around. Weather was awesome in early June. Took about 2 hr 25 min to run to upper Palisades and back with no traffic. From the campground it was 14.3 miles and about 1700 ft of elevation. I’ve run this trail on a Friday morning and it was starting to get busy. Saturday’s are really busy. Good luck getting around all the horse and foot traffic on the weekend if you are a runner.

13 days ago

A short and sweet hike! And beautiful views! Would do it again. Steep in some areas. Carried my baby on my back and we did great!

Great hike. Follows a river the entire time that is beautiful. At the time we hiked the creek was pretty full leading to some muddy parts of the trail but it was still very doable. There is not a lot of steep incline on this hike so it's good for a lot of ages. very popular

Fantastic scenery, great hike, and we saw a Moose! I love the campground area near Lower Palisades lake, it was a great place to eat our lunch in the shade.

Fairly even. Nice and pretty. Had kids with us.

19 days ago

Very nice hike...even saw a moose on the other side of the creek. If you only want to do a shorter hike, turn around at the Dry Canyon intersection...about 2.7 Miles in. Otherwise, there are no real destinations before that...just a nice hike in the woods near a pretty stream. There was a little mud, but not all that bad. My 15 year old daughter hiked in canvas sneakers and got sore feet, but otherwise okay. Spots are a little rocky.

20 days ago

This was a good beginner hike. It’s more an ATV trail than a hiking trail. Very little of the trail is shaded and it’s not marked very well where to go from the parking lot (go behind the gates). Luckily my gps worked fine the whole time. When you get to the Y, go left. There’s a giant cell tower. Go past the cell tower and the view is amazing! Plus you’ll have perfect cell service lol

We climbed this mountain may 28th!! We lost the trail due to snow and was almost on all fours do to how steep it was. The view is absolutely stunning but boy was it hard work.

21 days ago

When you get to the top, make sure you go straight for about another half a mile. The view there was 10 times more gorgeous.

fun hike, went the extra few miles and went to the Continental Divide and a couple of small lakes, saw a few deer and a mountain goat with a kid

Very well maintained trail with a nice mountain creek and wildlife. We saw a little gopher snake!

This was a really beautiful hike, with tree cover for most of the trail. The river views were great as well. I was a little nervous because this hike is rated at a moderate difficulty, but it was actually very easy, with little or no altitude change.

I’m not sure why this is saying the hike is only one mile??? We tried the hike on Memorial weekend and couldn’t go past a mile because of high water. We did encounter one moto biker. I think during summer one could cross the creek and make it up to the basin. Not sure how far that would be. We did hike up Driveway Canyon for a ways but not far enough to be impressed.

24 days ago

The trail has some muddy parts because of the spring runs offs. Otherwise it is dry. No snow. After about 2.5 miles there is a ford. You do not need fording shoes to cross, but it may not be easy to cross if you have small kids with you.

I continued to Siddoway fork, but got to a creek that I was not able to cross (deep, fast running water about 45 feet wide), so I turned around and got back.

25 days ago

This trail had a little more uphill than anticipated but it wasn’t bad. We went at the end of May and the place was beautiful. The view is pretty awesome too. It was perfect for a short homework break, I will definitely go back.

Great hike! Some steep parts but nothing a 11 and 13 year old couldn’t handle! Saw a rattle snake, and scorpion but didn’t mind them and they didn’t mind us!

The trail itself is very easy, flat, and wide. It offers two great, wide open views towards the middle and at the end. You don't get a very good view of the lower falls from the main trail, so if you can, I would recommend taking the side trail down.

To get to the edge of the lower falls, you need to do quite a bit of moderate scrambling on an open-faced talus field. It gets pretty steep, but if you are able, the view of the lower falls is fantastic right from the edge!

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