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This is a great hike with beautiful scenery and plenty of covverage to keep you out of the sun for most of the trail. There are plenty of spots to camp between Lower and Upper Palisades with a few between Upper Palisades Lake and Waterfall Canyon.

great trail for kids

Unbelievable hike!!! Did this yesterday with my family of five—three teenage boys. Reasonably challenging but doable for individuals that only hike periodically. Wildflowers were beautiful. Trails well-maintained. Views of the surrounding mountains, streams, and waterfall gorgeous. Last 1/2 mike challenging but worth it.

Long drive down a gravel road to get the trail head. No cell phone service on the trail so plan accordingly.

gr8 wild flowers at top

This is a great family hike. We made it all the way to the back of the wind cave with our kids (9, 6, and 3 years old) and an excited German Shepherd. Our family loved this hike with countless wild flowers, a waterfall, and the wind cave. You're supposed to keep your dog on a leash. But don't be surprised to see other people not following the rules. Our dog was one of three out of probably 30 dogs that was on a leash. A minor frustration for those of us that are constrained to following rules.

I absolutely loved this trail it’s well kept and absolutely gorgeous there are so many flowers and out look spots! And it’s not a hard hike. I would do this hike over again:)
You do need head labs and so water shoes or another pair to change into( you do have to cross some water and my feet out soaked)

Beautiful walk. Easy, covered trail that runs by a lazy river that is trafficked by fisherman and river rafters. Two thirds in, there’s a waterfall across the river and a great spot to take a break and picnic. Bring bear spray and a camera. Gorgeous!

5 days ago

My family and I thought this was a pretty difficult trail. The whole time, you are walking up, up, up! During the hike up, it's quite beautiful. You'll be surrounded by gorgeous flowers and butterflies. The top has great views. Lastly, amongst the pretty flowers and butterflies were some pretty annoying and big flies, recommend bringing some bug spray.

We were disappointed to find that this trail is no longer dog friendly. We only made it about 0.3 tenths of a mile till it became Yellowstone National Park land.

Easy to use product.

9 days ago

took my wife 1 yr old 3 yr old and 8 yr old. was very enjoyable.

Great trail to take kids on, but be aware that there are numerous spots where the trail drops more or less to the river below. So keep an eye on the little ones! Take out what you take in and remember hiking courtesies... there's tons of people using this trail, so let's keep it looking as natural as possible.

My favorite hike around here. An easy day hike to the lower lake.

Great hike!... fire wood is scarce for overnight trips.

Trail to Lower lake is pretty easy. Lower lake to upper lake more difficult but worth the climb. I’m 58 and first time hike. My sons and I did it and I was exhausted at the end but the hike is so worth it!!! Beautiful mountain scenery and even saw 2 moose.

It’s a great hike with lots of scenery throughout and the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because when we went the water was too much to get across and actually go into the cave which was our main goal. I’m not sure if it’s because it was raining days before or if the snow was still melting but we could not enter the cave. This was in early July.

Great day hike. Not too hard. Recommend starting the hike early in the day.

Amazing place to hike! The views are amazing!

15 days ago

July 5. Nice short and easy hike. Not crowded at all pasig boo one in either direction going out. Wildflowers were abundant. We only did about 2.5 miles a bit past the end of hike 1 as shown per this app before turning back due to some time constraints. Would like to get further in to some of the lakes that show on the topo maps of the area.

This trail is a lot of fun. Definitely not a trail that's all about the destination as there are parking lots basically at both ends. Well maintained. Beautiful vistas and space to think. I don't know how often this happens on a Sunday afternoon but I was the only soul on the entire trail. I loved it!

17 days ago

The hike itself was very pretty. A few spots where just off to the side of the trail had some major drop offs. I’d say kid friendly but not toddler friendly. If you go into cave take a headlamp and jackets. Inside the cave you have a few stomach crawls and eventually leads to a waterfall but to get to it you will need rock climbing gear. I would not take kids into cave, but would stop at the waterfall in the mouth of cave.

Beautiful hike. This was my second time hiking this trail. Beautiful views the entire hike. I went the 1st of July. The cave was fun to explore. I’d recommend you bring a change of shoes as there are several water crossings. If you go into the cave the hike is just under 7 miles out and back. Would be a great hike for kids. There are several switchbacks but nothing too steep.

We went in early July and it was beautiful there. Nice and green with lots of wild flowers along the trail. No bathroom so make sure to go before you leave the house. It took about 2 hours to get up and 1 hour down. We went around 3 on a Saturday and not a lot of people on the trail. Lots of switchbacks but not super steep. Unfortunately, we didn't see much wildlife. All in all, Great hike!!

We do this hike as often as possible.

Awesome short hike

I don't quite understand where the trail ends, we went 2.75 miles out and the trail kept going but we were running out of light, wherever it is supposed to end, this trail is certainly longer than 5 miles. Were we supposed to go to that cave? If so, that would have been a solid 7 miles at the least. At 1.8 miles you can see what I think is the "wind cave" at your 2oclock, this pretty much stays in sight for the next mile and the views are great all along this portion. I'm not sure where we were supposed to have gotten to and formally turned around, but anywhere after 1.8 miles up should do. This hike is a gentle climb, but it doesn't let up the entire way so it's quite exhausting. There are several water crossings at the beginning of the trail, we were able to go across some logs, but on the way back those had already been overcome with water flow so we had no choice but to wade through ankle deep. Beyond that, the trail was bone dry. Falls were flowing hard. Parents carrying toddlers on your back, trekking poles help tremendously make the water crossings to stay balanced on the logs as you cross.

26 days ago

Hiked it on June 24th and the snow was 99% gone...on the trail that is! Beautiful hike. Somewhat steep, so plan accordingly. At a good pace with several breaks, it takes 2-2.5 hours round trip.

27 days ago

The trail was beautiful, but it started hailing at the top. The waterfall coming out of the caves is still pretty full so access is limited. We will try it again later in the summer!

27 days ago

This trail seems to be an old forest road. Pretty easy quick little hike. Lots of wild flowers right now.

Beautiful hike!!

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