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1 day ago

The trail was a nice walking path, but once you get to the end, there are several smaller trails that lead you closer to the water. They're extremely steep, but really cool views.

2 days ago

This was probably the most beautiful hike i've been on so far The lakes were pretty full The creek was moving pretty fast . It was an awesome hike.

Roughly the first half of this trail is paved and handicap accessible. There are guard rails and benches along the way. My son loved the informational signs that taught about the land, animals and plants that are in the area.

Busy trail but fun and scenic

fun for the family

pretty cool trail but no shade

awesome hike and views

This is a very good trail. It is relatively easy/moderate until you get to the final ascent. Then it becomes super steep and got rather difficult just underneath and on the snow banks that weren't melted all the way because it caused the ground down hill of the snow to be really muddy.

Loved the informative markers and provided paper guide! Learned a lot about the native plants and animals!

Great hike, heavy rains from the night before meant that we had to find alternate stream crossings at several locations, and the trail essentially was a stream at others. Still snow up at the cave. Wonderful trail!

6 days ago

Nice easy trail. Lots of wildflowers. Too bad it wasn't a loop trail.

Great trail. There is no shade so this hike can get pretty hot in the summertime. I love to go in the evening and watch the sunset and hike back down in the dark with a headlamp.