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I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife. Instead of doing this trail out and back, we took the Old Pass Road To Teton Pass Trail back up to our starting trailhead..... approximately a 10 mile hike total. After descending from the high views, the trail carves through some of the neatest forest hiking we have ever seen.

I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife and son. My family and I thought this was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever been on with awe inspiring scenery and views. Unfortunately, we were forced to turn back at the top due to too much snow. We were unable to get to Mirror lake. We will definitely hike this trail again.

I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife and son. Like that of previous reviews, this is a 10 mile out and back hike. This hike is also more on the difficult side as well. We ran into a number of people that were struggling on this trail that felt it was far harder than the moderate app rating. Personally, my family and I thought it was a beautiful hike with a lot of beautiful scenery. We will definitely hike this trail again if I’m ever in the neighborhood again.

This is a great little nature hike. We take all our visitors who like to see our area. A good hike for all ages.

One of my favorites. I often continue on to the falls.

I love this hike a lot.

Nice winter hike

2 months ago


2 months ago

It was okay, there are definitely better hikes out there

2 months ago

Good for a quick dose of nature

One of our absolute favorites. We have gone in the summer, spring, and fall. It's gorgeous in the spring/summer with all the flowers

trail running
3 months ago

Great trail. We made a late season run to the 6.5 mile mark in preparation for next year's Palisades Ultra Trail Series. Creeks were cold and snow was 1-4 inches with lots of animal signs, no actual sightings though. Can't wait until next year!

A pretty easy trail. Something you can take your time with and enjoy the view.

This was a nice trail! We hiked it at dusk so we made a fair amount of noise to warn off any bears. The trail runs parallel to a road but with a lot of pine trees on either side. Didn't see anyone else on the trail.

Very nice scenic hike. Easy. My 3 boys loved it.

Very nice hike for our family of 5. Easy trail along the creek and beautiful views.

beautiful hike little muddy and snowy but amazing

4 months ago

Great trail, super pretty, just very muddy.

Fun hike with great views

This is a terribly treacherous trail!! You start in the parking lot to the west. Once you get to the top, the trail becomes a loop all around the top of the crater. You enter the loop at 9 o’clock, going left or clockwise. When you get to the cell and microwave towers, you are at 3 o’clock. The tough part of the loop is when you hit 5-6 o’clock. You’ve dropped down to the lowest part of the crater rim. When you start back up, good luck! It is nearly impossible to determine where the trail is. It didn’t help that we had 40-50 mph winds up top (35 at regular elevation ). First try we got too far outside the trail and when we corrected we got too far inside the trail. The shear rock face was slippery and we often had to use our hands to stay on the rock. If it wasn’t for this app All Trails, we never would have found our way. This is NOT a trail to take children on, and I wouldn’t go without my phone and app.

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