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Great trail, super pretty, just very muddy.

Fun hike with great views

4 days ago

The trail on the map is going the wrong direction! If you are driving up the pass from the Wyoming side the trail will start on your right, and vice versa if you're coming from Idaho. Either way, the trail is on the OPPOSITE side of the road from the parking lot. Change this, AllTrails!
(Oh also a great hike)

This is a terribly treacherous trail!! You start in the parking lot to the west. Once you get to the top, the trail becomes a loop all around the top of the crater. You enter the loop at 9 o’clock, going left or clockwise. When you get to the cell and microwave towers, you are at 3 o’clock. The tough part of the loop is when you hit 5-6 o’clock. You’ve dropped down to the lowest part of the crater rim. When you start back up, good luck! It is nearly impossible to determine where the trail is. It didn’t help that we had 40-50 mph winds up top (35 at regular elevation ). First try we got too far outside the trail and when we corrected we got too far inside the trail. The shear rock face was slippery and we often had to use our hands to stay on the rock. If it wasn’t for this app All Trails, we never would have found our way. This is NOT a trail to take children on, and I wouldn’t go without my phone and app.

14 days ago

Great trail for kids. Well maintained. Nice views. Today the leaf color was at its peak: orange and gold galore!

The hike there is beautiful, it's a little difficult to get down to the lake but worth it. There was quite a bit of people there already when I went (during summer of 2016)

on Cress Creek Trail

20 days ago

This is a great little hike. It is quite short, but nothing is left short when it comes to the experience. This is a great hike to go, especially in Late September and October to see the colors change for Autumn.
For someone who is just starting out in hiking, it is doable but it can be tough with the inclines it provides. It is possible to hike with kids as well.

The hike up to Aldous Lake was easy and the lake was beautiful. The tall pines we're fantastic and well worth the trip by themselves. Hancock Lake, the upper lake, was much more difficult to get to, but was still a great hike. Well worth the extra effort.

Great hike, beautiful views. you can see the Tetons very clearly from the top. The summit is pretty rocky (some of it loose) heading downward towards Mary's saddle.

I just wanted to clarify for people this is actually a 10 mile hike. The description is extremely misleading. The 5 miles are not a loop and you will be ascending a steep grade for most the hike. The cave lies near the top of mountain and you will climb another mountain and work your way around the canyon. In addition, the drive to the end of Darby Canyon road involves 4 miles of gravel road that will be slow going to reach the trailhead. Make sure you are prepared and take suitable precaution. I have hiked many areas in the west and i would rate this as a moderate to difficult hike. It it definitely worth doing.

We started the trail with no snow and by the time we made it to the cave there was about 4 inches. Such a beautiful hike and the cave is awesome! The last tenth of a mile is the toughest part but not bad; I would consider the rest of the trail to be easy.

I went on this hike twice in my life while in a church camp. Sadly I've never been to the caves, but the hike is still worth making, it has gorgeous scenery, including some breathtakingly bright, colorful wildflower patches (depending on when you go of course) and the waterfall at the end is nice as well.
Only complain I have is that I remember it being a lot less steep than it actually was