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Started hiking a few miles before to make the hike longer. Beautiful scenery and very clear water. Watching the bald eagle fly by was the icing on the cake!

A beautiful hike with amazing wildflowers. Hike was 7 miles round trip from the parking lot. Plan enough time to picnic at the top and enjoy the amazing mountains.

Nice easy walk. Could have taken a jogging stroller on the trail. At the very end to get close to the falls it is really steep and somewhat difficult, some of our group didn't climb down.

4 days ago

Great trail. Hard to find loop trails in this area, but this one was just right for our second hike of the trip. Steep enough to be a challenge, but not too long. Great views.

on Big Elk Creek Trail

4 days ago

Gorgeous trail that follows the river with beautiful scenery and didn't see anyone else. River is still pretty high but passable now. Bring your keen type sandals for this one and go in August or September when it's warm and the river is lower. Or just make it a smaller hike since it doesn't cross the river for a while.

Great little hike. Made it all the way up to the top where there are some rocks you can sit on and have an even better view.

This was a beautiful hike the entire time. The cave and waterfall at the end are so worth it! It took us about 2.5 hours to hike up with some stops and about an hour down. We also found an awesome camp spot near the trailhead by a creek. Will definitely be back to explore more.

8 days ago

Went the first week of August. It was a gorgeous hike. I agree with one of the previous reviews that it is on the upper edge of moderate. Don't get into this one expecting a nice leisurely stroll. Near the top it turned into a battle of wills and personal fortitude to make it all the way up. We somehow took a wrong turn and ended up overlooking a beautiful valley for lunch before our trek back down. My wife, our 9yr old son, and I were on the trail for about 8.5 miles and it took around 6 hours. All in all a worthwhile trip. They weren't lying about the wildflowers either. Between the flowers and the hundreds of hummingbirds it was something to remember.

Great for a day hike or an overnighter.

9 days ago

The lake is pretty and you can swim in it if you can stand chilly water. However, if you don't have an all wheel drive, I don't recommend this trail. You'll have to park at bottom of the hill and it's at least a couple miles up a rough road to the trailhead without much scenery.

Great trail. I see why it is so highly recommend. Beautiful hike up to cave with all the meadows in bloom and the cave is awesome. It's a great way to spend 5-6 hours of your day.

Steep up and precarious down. Great views when it isn't fire season.