Photos of Sand Dunes Wilderness Study Area Trails

3 months ago

The road out to Boars Tusk is great for walking, impossible for a low car, and doable if you go slow and careful for a suburban which is what we drove. Rather, the family drove and I walked. I love walking in the desert (I grew up a few miles away from this landmark). I saw myriads of animal and bug tracks in the soft sand, startled rabbits and antelope from the road, and heard coyotes in the distance.

The actual Boars Tusk is impressive and fun to walk around. There are smaller boulders that are fun to climb, sit on and take in the views.

As a teenager I climbed to the highest tip of Boars Tusk but I wouldn't recommend it now. 1. It wouldn't be safe without ropes and its crumbly, 2. it's a study area and probably should be left alone.

This spot in conjunction with the petroglyphs and sand dunes near make it a good destination.

I'll be blogging and putting up a YouTube video of our visit.