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on Laramie Peak

2 days ago

Besides the loose rocks on most of the trail, this was an amazing, scenic 10+ mile hike

that elevation isn't a joke after being at sea level for 4 months. it really isn't a hard hike, i'd call it moderate, but it felt like 20 miles at elevation. beautiful though. the top ridge was windy the ENTIRE time, so be prepared. even at my worlds slowest pace, i finished under 5hours.

Love this hike so much did it again! Despite the rating of hard, I would call this more of a moderate hike as the elevation gain is spread out over the distance, and my Fitbit measured more like 600 ft elevation gain. The boulder field along the lake scares a few people, but just take your time and watch where you place your foot. The views, snow and wildflowers on this hike are amazing.

Loved it. Absolutely beautiful but the elevation will hurt if you’re not used to it

The ascent was challenging, but the views were worth it.

10 days ago

Such a fun trail - did this with my family a few years ago, even some of my cousins who were pretty young. Make sure you start early as thunderstorms are common in the afternoon. Awesome view from the top though and really great wildflowers if you go in summer! There was some snow at the top when I went and part of the trail is incredibly rocky so bring appropriate shoes.

A beautiful hike. We took our grandsons to Reservoir Lake on a fishing overnighter and they had a blast. Boulder field at North Gap was a little tricky for me...60... with full backpack, other than that, it was great. Great memories!

This trail was a lot of fun, started at the Sheep Lake Trailhead and backpacked the loop to end back at Brooklyn Lake. Hiked in a little over a mile on a Friday night, then split the remainder of the 14 mi. total trail on Saturday/Sunday. Weather was good, little bit of rain and hail but not bad at all. Caught some brookies at North Gap Lake, plenty of people up there fishing. My only warning would be to inexperienced backpackers - when you arrive at North Gap lake (either before or after you go over the gap at Browns Peak), there is a cascade of boulders between you and the continuation of your journey that could be a little challenging. I've seen some people say to go up top to the shelf and OVER the boulders, however we stayed low on the water and walked on the boulders. It was...unpleasant, but doable. Our dog got stuck at one point so we had to drop packs to go back and get him, but all ended well. Was just a bit of a surprise to us, so thought it might help other people. Overall, beautiful trail, will definitely be back to backpack again!

12 days ago

Highly recommend! For a beginning homer, I did the trail in about 5-5.5 hours and that was with a few short stops along the way. (Couldn’t help myself, make sure you take in the beauty. It’s awe striking.) BEAUTIFUL views almost the entire time. Gets rocky, wear appropriate clothing!

We started the hike to barber lake. We didn’t get there via the trail, we ended up on the road, turned around and took the trail to Libby creek. It was pretty, extremely strenuous. Lots of uphill walking, hard. Later we discovered barber lake does not exist anymore. It’s dried up.

Gentle climbs from one stunning meadow to the next. Very green. Downfall has been cleared from trail as of August 2018.

Stunning! 10/10

Gorgeous and powerful, suitable for all ages, few others hikers. Very accessible.

Great hike!lots of wildflowers. awesome views at the top.

Took the trail and overnighted Monday. Beautiful trail, not as hard as rated (I’d say it’s moderate).
But, getting over the boulder field at north gap lake with a full pack could be a little dicey for some, not too bad with just a day pack or something light. You’ll just need a lot of balance and a heavy pack could throw you off and ruin your day.
Snow was all melted off the trails.
Gorgeous flowers the entire way. My wife’s new favorite trail.

23 days ago

Beautiful scenery hiking along a creek.

one of my favorite hikes of all time. along water the entire way. absolutely stunning and a good workout. saw a few moose on the drive up.

Trails not marked well and we got lost ended up walking 11.5 miles . Too many unmarked forks in the road. Loops within loops confused us. We’ve done many hikes no problems . Maybe someone messed with the signs .

Super rewarding hike. Killer views without much effort. My bud and I went light and stopped on the way home from a trip. Took 3 hrs on the nose seems most average 5 or so though. Highly recommend!

1 month ago

I went up Laramie Peak this morning, And it was a interesting route. Though we made it to the top, it’s definitely occupied by the most annoying flies. But the view is definitely worth it. I would suggest bugs spray and water. A lot of rocks on the route so some shoes that secures the ankle from rolling. I definitely got a good workout in and some amazing pictures!

1 month ago

Scenic but just a walk up a canyon in a picnic area.

1 month ago

Super pretty hike! All the flowers are blooming (early/mid July)! The trail is well marked and relatively well maintained. I started at the Lake Marie Trailhead & backpacked in a few miles before finishing the loop the next day.

Beautiful hike! Not crowded!

1 month ago

Gorgeous views the entire hike. There are a few spots where the drop off next to the trail is a few hundred feet, but even those with fear of heights can get through it. It's worth it!

Great loop with spectacular views. Was here three weeks ago an snow covered much of the trail. Today was gorgeous weather and mid all of the snow is gone.

on Medicine Bow Trail

1 month ago

did this hike on 07/07 which was a saturday. get there as early as possible! i started the hike at 7AM and im glad i didnt any later because it got hot and crowded on the way back down, and it looked like a storm was brewing for the afternoon. i took the Lake Marie trailhead which was a gradual hike to the top. coming back down the loop towards the mirror lake parking lot, i saw a lot of people struggling to hike up because that trail is a lot steeper. which means its steeper to get down, but i never felt unsafe. i did have to crab walk down at two different parts (lol, i know...) because of snow blocking the trail, but thats because i wouldnt consider myself an extreme hiker and i have an irrational fear of rolling my ankle. so if i can do it, so can you!

it took me 6 hours overall, that includes my lunch break at the peak.

This is a beautiful hike, and a great one for anyone looking to summit their first peak. The top is nothing but a boulder field, so be prepared to scramble. There is still quite a bit of snow on the trail with some sections blocked, or washed out. The Sugarloaf area is not yet opened either, so you must park outside the gate and hike an additional mile just to get to the trailhead. The many lakes, flowers, and the breathtaking view from the top, make this a must hike trail!

1 month ago

Great hike. Highly recommend turning to the left when starting the hike to do the climb first. Either way the summit is right around halfway but the views are nicer going clockwise and a less strenuous uphill (the uphill is spread out over more distance). Also recommend going across the street to see the waterfalls

Hike this trail every August from 1969 through 1972. The trail was very sparsely traveled back then. I think it was in 1970 or 71 wev watched a huge heard of elk move across the far slope of Elk Mt. from the lake's outlet. Definitely a Bucket List experience.

1 month ago

Great short hike, only a few minutes off the highway. Amazing rock formations to climb about and explore a bit off trail. Great for our 3 and 8 year olds! Also fun to watch the climbers on the cliff faces.

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