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I couldn’t find this particular trail from where it had the trailhead, but we wandered around that area and went on a beautiful journey. Lots of rocks for climbing, beautiful flowers.

End of April, lots of snow still and loads of mud! about 2 hours to do the whole loop.

pros: beautiful wooded area, peaceful, quiet, decent trail.

cons: strangely at least 3 quarters of the trail seemed to be uphill...if we did this again, we would start with Aspen trail instead of Middle Aspen, maybe that would make a difference.

Lots of rolling hills and several downed trees to navigate. I saw a moose up pretty close here

Beautiful area and a very pleasant drive with very little to no traffic whatsoever

21 days ago

Hiked this yesterday May 26.. Mostly uphill on the way up but beautiful once you get to top. Lots of little streams on way up. At the top you can see several other mountains and valleys. Beautiful hike.

Nice peaceful trail with lots of wildlife - I even saw a couple pine martens chasing each other. No mosquitos or flies out yet on May 13, but I did pick off one tick. Lots of good campsites, especially after reaching the wilderness area ~4 miles in.

Nice nice Trail very Scenic and pretty I think it's well-marked but I believe it is an out-and-back and not a loop.

Nice trail, we hiked in July 2017. Be aware of your surroundings as it wasn’t incredibly intuitive on the descent. Signage isn’t great on this trail and at times we found ourselves a bit lost.

3 months ago

Beautiful in the summer, tons of wildflowers.

cross country skiing
5 months ago

Such a great winter spot!

5 months ago

Was looking for a hiking trail close to Douglas and saw this trail. The trail was great and had beautiful views!

on Little Laramie Trails

5 months ago

loved it

I hiked most of this trail in the summer of 2016 and found it to be a peaceful and leisurely walk most of the way. It was generally shady as we followed the stream, and there were wild raspberries along much of the trail. Quite a treat. It did get a bit warm when we had no shade, but that was only a small part of our hike.
I must have turned around before reaching the difficult part because I thought the hike was almost entirely easy.

excellent trip. harder at top. very remote so be prepared

Don't be fooled by the "hard" level. 95% of the trail is easy. The overlook of the lake is worth the trip, which you can hike to for the photo opp then turn around for an easy day hike. The color of the water from the lookout is worth The trip. You'll be amazed how blue looking the water is. No picture will do it justice. The "hard" portion is from the overlook down to the lake itself, which probably should be classified as "very damn hard". The trail is lightly traveled, so there is some downed trees in the trail, but you can easily get around them. We set up camp near the lookout and enjoyed an easy overnight trip. You should too.

We generally start at the trailhead just above Mirror Lake rather than by Lake Marie (which while beautiful, will take you alongside the road for a good stretch). You'll come upon a crossroads at the top before the trail ends, at which point one has the option to either a) turn around and return ("out and back"), b) go left to do the Medicine Bow Peak trail (leave plenty of extra time and have extra supplies!), or c) go right and continue on to end at Lewis Lake as the trail map here shows (at which point it's a good option to catch a ride there or walk the mile to the road to hitch back to the trailhead, rather than just go back the way you came). All are great options, if you have the time, supplies, and inclination...

Beautiful hike today! Very windy, however.

Beautiful walk/ very easy hike through the woods. some down trees.

8 months ago

Beware of this trail in the winter!!! The maps are incorrect, both online and at the trailhead. It says the trail is a 7mile loop, which is not true. After me and my partner hiked this peak we came to the conclusion that the switch backs into the valley must have been destroyed by a rock slide or something like that. Because of this we had to hike about 7 miles along the peak until we were able to scale down the boulder cliff face at the very north end of the valley to reach the valley ground before night fall. This trail is not fit for the snow and the trail markers are extremely confusing and scarce. I suggest hikers give yourself at least 4 more hours to explore than originally planned. Please be careful, we had a very frightening experience!

A lot of open spaces, we got hailed on for a majority of the way but a good, flat hike regardless

8 months ago

Nice heavily wooded trail that avoids a lot of the highway noise at other nearby trails.

Great accomplishment and not as hard as you may think. Can be difficult for armatures or hiking with no water or prep.

Love the snow range area!!!

Gorgeous and diverse trail!

Beautiful views the entire trail.

9 months ago

Be aware that the River Trail is not a loop as it might appear. The end of the trail comes out in a campground and not the parking lot for the trail. The full hike will be 4 Miles as you will have to turn around and hike back to get to the parking lot. The trail basically goes through the mountains. The name might lead you to think it will follow the river but you will only cross the river a few times and there are a couple places you have a little view of it. Trail is ok but nothing exceptional.

9 months ago

I've hiked this trail twice and I've yet to be disappointed. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Highly recommended for anyone who loves a good challenge and view that pays off.

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