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Beautiful hike today! Very windy, however.

6 days ago

Beautiful walk/ very easy hike through the woods. some down trees.

16 days ago

18 days ago

Beware of this trail in the winter!!! The maps are incorrect, both online and at the trailhead. It says the trail is a 7mile loop, which is not true. After me and my partner hiked this peak we came to the conclusion that the switch backs into the valley must have been destroyed by a rock slide or something like that. Because of this we had to hike about 7 miles along the peak until we were able to scale down the boulder cliff face at the very north end of the valley to reach the valley ground before night fall. This trail is not fit for the snow and the trail markers are extremely confusing and scarce. I suggest hikers give yourself at least 4 more hours to explore than originally planned. Please be careful, we had a very frightening experience!

23 days ago

A lot of open spaces, we got hailed on for a majority of the way but a good, flat hike regardless

Nice heavily wooded trail that avoids a lot of the highway noise at other nearby trails.

Great accomplishment and not as hard as you may think. Can be difficult for armatures or hiking with no water or prep.

Love the snow range area!!!

1 month ago

Beautiful views the entire trail.

Be aware that the River Trail is not a loop as it might appear. The end of the trail comes out in a campground and not the parking lot for the trail. The full hike will be 4 Miles as you will have to turn around and hike back to get to the parking lot. The trail basically goes through the mountains. The name might lead you to think it will follow the river but you will only cross the river a few times and there are a couple places you have a little view of it. Trail is ok but nothing exceptional.