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Gorgeous through and through. Numerous crystal clear small mountain lakes dot the path up. Awesome 360 view of both North and South Gap Lakes from vantage point in the middle. CAUTION mosquitos were nearly unbearable once hiking along the South Lake. Bring more bug spray than you need.

Stunning views all the way south into Colorado from the top of the peak. Start at a time where you know you will be able to get all the way up and started back down before noon. Storms pop up in a few minutes at this altitude.

Hiked this on a clear day at the beginning of September and couldn't have been more perfect. Incredible views for relatively minor challenge.

5 days ago

My three boys and I just packed this trail. it was the first time we had hiked this one. Lots of rocks about midway up the trail to the summit. We had a lot of fun. It was very scenic. There is still a lot of smoke in the area from fires out west and just down the road west of Wheatland. Nice hiking trip for a day. There are a lot of structures on the top of the mountain. Not sure if any of it is still used, kind of blocks the view, but still worth the climb. Take lots of water, not many places to purify water after the first couple of miles. also wear good shoes. My boys and I had a blast and will definitely go again. Late summer early fall a great time to do this one. The leaves are already turning. Have fun!

Lovely trail with some awesome views! Not well marked but we just make sure we remembered where we came from and enjoyed the fall colors.

This hike was one of the best hikes I’ve been on! The climb to the top is hard work but you are rewarded with amazing scenery! The walk along the lakes is also beautiful, especially in the fall when the foliage is changing!

We had a blast. Not too hard but some need to pay attention because if larger rocks. Will be using this one again!

Beautiful trail! Amazing views and a perfect workout. Not too steep for those acclimating to the altitude.

So far in life, this is my all-time favorite hike. The views are breathtaking the entire time, with a wonderful mix of pine forest, alpine tundra, and mountain lakes. The view from the summit is awe inspiring. I sat up there for a good 45 minutes, and could've sat there longer. The hike is not easy, but even for someone who is in modest shape at best, and who flew to Denver a mere 24 hours earlier, I was able to do it, albeit slowly. But why rush it?

Okay...to describe the actual hike, it's not overly technical, with only a couple of basic rock scrambles. Even in mid July, there was still some snow, which can be slick (I did fall on my rear once lol), but the temperatures were mild (upper 50s/lower 60s Fahrenheit) during the day. I was staying in Laramie overnight where the overnight lows were in the 50s, so I'd imagine it is pretty chilly at the campgrounds at the base of Medicine Bow Peak at night, even in the summer. The hike starts out in pine forest, but gets above the tree line fairly quick. After that, you go through lots of alpine meadows (wildflowers were abound in mid July). I did the loop "clockwise", which puts the steepest part going down rather than going up, and that's how I'd recommend doing it, as you'll get plenty of workout as is. Take your time, enjoy the scenery.

This trail can be unforgiving as most of 'em can, but what a hike nonetheless. I took the lady up today for her first time. We hit the summit beneath an overcast sky, as it was raining on and off. A great day hike for anyone looking for a workout and amazing views, but beware if anyone has fear of heights. We brought all necessities for day-long alpine hiking--insulation, plenty of water and food, trekking poles, sturdy boots. We were out on trail from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m ., and my patience became shorter toward the end as we traversed the trail going from Mirror Lake to Marie Lake, at which point the trail dissipated as darkness fell. We ended up on a lightly used trail along the brim of Marie Lake opposite the mountain, which fortunately led to the asphalt walkway going to the parking area along WY 130.

Absolutely beautiful

Absolutely beautiful!!

Hiked clockwise with my 2 boys (13/16). We went 3-4 miles the first day and finished the remainder of the hike the next (setup tent at campground).

Gorgeous views/lakes first half of hike. Second half was a bit more lack-luster, but the valley's and peaceful nature was hard not to enjoy.

My boys enjoyed the large rocks and lakes. We saw a deer, but that was it. Hoping for more wildlife...and possibly a little more rugged terrain. Overall, nice hike. Moderately trafficked. (...but it was Labor Day weekend - open day of bow hunting.)

16 days ago

The trail goes through some beautiful country and we found some great picnic and camping spots along the way. However, the trail is very narrow and has steep drop offs so good hiking boots are a must. There are several crossings through scree/rocky areas that were hard on my dog's paws.

mountain biking
17 days ago

A ton of really pretty views of the creek.

mountain biking
17 days ago

Super fun trail we started by the north fork campground and one day took the right turn toward the trailhead, the next time we stayed left and caught this trial. It was a great ride.

19 days ago

Amazing view

Chose this trail as a more relaxing hike the day after Medicine Bow Trail, and it did not disappoint.This out and back trail takes you to a handful of lakes and provides awe inspiring views along the way, without too much hard work . The elevation, distance, and difficulty makes this great for the whole family or anyone looking for a quick and easy trail. Bring a light jacket as the wind can get intense (August).

Stunningly beautiful up n back. Saw lots of kids. Rates right up there as awesome for me. Go early as parking lot fills up. Also 8/27. Cold n windy. Would be extreme weather any later than Sept end. Will be back soon. ❤

Beautiful hike! We went clockwise and had lovely weather the whole time, with just a touch of rain the first evening and some wind the second day. There was moderate traffic but not bad and we camped just beyond North Gap Lake with no neighbors. We encountered no mosquitos or large wildlife other than cows and horses.

As another reviewer mentioned, the trail as it skims along North Gap Lake is all boulders and may be a bit difficult for some dogs. Not hard to traverse if you know what to expect and take your time with foot placement. We added some photos showing it from both sides.

This is definitely one we would do again!

Some scenic views on the way. Lots of loose rocks, big and small, especially the top third of the trail. Advise extra water, stiff soles and some ankle protection.

27 days ago

Beautiful hike but WOULD NOT recommend taking dogs on this trail. My dog is pretty adventurous but once we got to the Medicine Bow peak it was all boulders with some lots space and crevices in between. My dog was NOT having it and we had to turn back around. He did fine on the earlier rocks. Dogs cannot traverse the peak, in my opinion.
Okay to take dogs up to peak and back down but no loop for us and spent most time on backside of mountain that was not that pretty. I’m assuming other side was. Views of lake side are stunning. Was pretty disappointed. Very windy but to be expected.

on Laramie Peak

1 month ago

Besides the loose rocks on most of the trail, this was an amazing, scenic 10+ mile hike

that elevation isn't a joke after being at sea level for 4 months. it really isn't a hard hike, i'd call it moderate, but it felt like 20 miles at elevation. beautiful though. the top ridge was windy the ENTIRE time, so be prepared. even at my worlds slowest pace, i finished under 5hours.

Love this hike so much did it again! Despite the rating of hard, I would call this more of a moderate hike as the elevation gain is spread out over the distance, and my Fitbit measured more like 600 ft elevation gain. The boulder field along the lake scares a few people, but just take your time and watch where you place your foot. The views, snow and wildflowers on this hike are amazing.

Loved it. Absolutely beautiful but the elevation will hurt if you’re not used to it

The ascent was challenging, but the views were worth it.

Such a fun trail - did this with my family a few years ago, even some of my cousins who were pretty young. Make sure you start early as thunderstorms are common in the afternoon. Awesome view from the top though and really great wildflowers if you go in summer! There was some snow at the top when I went and part of the trail is incredibly rocky so bring appropriate shoes.

A beautiful hike. We took our grandsons to Reservoir Lake on a fishing overnighter and they had a blast. Boulder field at North Gap was a little tricky for me...60... with full backpack, other than that, it was great. Great memories!

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