This scenic drive is some of the best you will see. Lots of wildlife, buffalo, elk, and moose. Can be crowded and slow during the summer months, but a beautiful connection to two of America's best National Parks!

Lined with dense forest, this road is one of the most exciting roads to drive in the USA. Why? Because if you're headed north you're bound for Yellowstone, and if you're headed south you're aiming for Grand Teton National Park. Does it get any better than that? I didn't think so.

(Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife - don't be the guy who stops traffic because you hit a moose - no one, and I mean no one, likes that guy.)

Beautiful drive between the Tetons and Yellowstone. Soak in the scenery here before enjoying whichever park is next for you!

Pretty drive between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park

Always love driving through the Parkway

This is the highway between Yellowstone and Grand Teton. It's only about 7 miles, but is awesome!

WOW!! We drove this Parkway at least 3 times while we were in the yellowstone area. What a beautiful scenic drive. If your going to the south entrance this is the road you will be on.

This is the "main drag" entering Yellowstone from Moran in the south. The mountains and forests are breathtaking. The bears, moose, elk and other wildlife are easier to see than you might expect - if you take your time. This was our first exposure to magnificent Yellowstone and, if we hadn't seen anything else, this would have sold us on the park as one of our favorite destinations.