on Mud Lake Trail

2 days ago

Climbed the Table on July 21st with 2 friends. It was a great experience. Took The Face up and Huckleberry back down. God blessed us with awesome weather! No bear sightings, which was good, however when you come to the first crossing of the creek (way down), and really, both crossings, definitely look for something to cross on. Don't do what we did which was just wade across barefoot. Why? That water was so cold I thought I was going to die! Literally it was the worst pain on my feet I ever felt. But other than that, it was awesome. Just like any other hike, bring lots of water and snacks, wear moleskin if you need it, and you'd be wise to have trekking poles.

5 days ago

This was a life changing event ! I have hiked all my life, but this was better than any before. We hiked Table Mountain with our 12 year old daughter on 8/3/17. A wide variety of different terrains, vistas, and plants. Snow in August was very fun ! A challenging hike, but the awesomest one of my life. One of a kind, and so worth it ! Pack lots of water, sunblock, and snacks. You will need it. Back in NC by now, but I would love to do an encore tomorrow. Ready to go !

Taking the face is challenging but faster than huckleberry trail. Beautiful wildflowers once you clear the trees and reach the meadows. Views are tremendous! MUST EXPERIENCE! If you take the face up, don't take the face down unless you hate your knees and feet.

13 days ago

18 days ago

Wow. Long, long hike. Was a little bit of snow on the trail at the top of the switchbacks, but was easy to get over. Took 9 scouts to the top and they all made it. Also had a 68 year old leader with us. Took huckleberry up and back. Kids had fun in the snow near the trails. People mentioned that the bridge was out, but it is still passable. Really took our time up and back. Left around 7:30 and got back around 7:00 at night. If you go up huckleberry, stock up on water just below the switchbacks. No water to filter past that point.

Beautiful! Took my 11 year old with me up and down the face. I wouldn't recommend coming down the face.

Breathtakingly beautiful trail!

Incredible hike! Take the Face trail up and the Huckleberry trail down. It is 4,000 feet in elevation gain, so be prepared. The final view of the Tetons are awe inspiring. Completed on 7/24/17.

25 days ago

Did this hike late summer of 2016 and loved it! Started early in the morning with a mixed group of people, going up Huckleberry Trail. Spectacular vistas as we kept a slow and steady climb upwards. Stopped for an early lunch just below the switchbacks where part of our group turned to go back down the Huckleberry Trail and the rest of us continued upwards. Once you get onto the upper saddle, the wind picks up significantly so bring a windbreaker! The last couple miles are tough mentally and physically, especially in the cold wind, but just keep going because the view from the summit is breathtaking! We came down the face and saw a few moose along the way. That trail is hard on the knees but faster to come down than Huckleberry. Took our group about 9 hours with a moderate pace for various skill sets. This is not a joy hike, so come prepared with the right gear and food! There may be snow throughout the trail early in the summer if it was a heavy winter. We only saw a small snowfield near the saddle.

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29 days ago

I climbed July 21 went up the face came down huckleberry conditions were perfect Great hike very scenic

This trail is awesome but very hard. I clocked the loop at about 11 miles. Four miles up the face to the top then 7 miles out down the Huckleberry Trail. Hiked on 7/15/17 and there were still a few patches of snow to go through or around.

1 month ago

If you're looking for a workout this is the trail , steady incline and rocky with not much to see on way up. The top is nice however.