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First and foremost, it should be mud pond. When I arrived I thought to myself "this can't be it" and continued on for another 1/2 mile and found nothing.
After seeing pictures from another post I realized that I was at the right spot.
I suppose I call a lake something much bigger than this?
The hike itself is very vertical from the beginning and the first 1/3 mile has been overtaken by flooding causing a deep ditch in the middle.
Overall it is a decent hike, the payoff wasn't worth the hike, mainly because it's used for cattle grazing, walked through cow dung and battled through a 100+ herd.

Tough but worth it. Snowed on the summit in August so come prepared.

Great trail for dogs, especially those that like to swim!

Amazing scenery, totally worth the challenge. Will definitely do again!

Killer, but amazing at the top. Worth trying at least once. Something to be proud of accomplishing.

Loved this hike. It took us all day, but I ran a marathon the day before. The dogs loved it! Also, it's the perfect spot to get engaged if anyone is thinking about it.

6 months ago

I've hit this hike a few times while at BYU-Idaho. I enjoy the huckleberry trail; however, the face trail going up is a lot more exciting if you want a challenge.

two ways up if you not in good shape take huckleberry much easier

It's some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever encountered but DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ITS DIFFICULTY!! This is not an easy hike but all this considered it is absolutely 100% worth it! I would recommend going up the face (the shorter steeper trail) and down the huckleberry ( the longer trail), this will help conserve time, allow you to see new scenery both up and down, and save your knees ( as opposed to going down the face, which I do not recommend)! Start early because you will want all day to hike and will want time up top to take in the view and take a break. Note that it is often very windy and cold up top, regardless what time of year. Also pack your bear spray! 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!

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9 months ago

I recommend going to the face and coming down huckleberry. Such a great hike...views of the Tetons take your breath away. (The wind at the top may also contribute to this). Took us 3 hours up and 3 hours down. We saw lots of unprepared hikers with no water or packs and crappy shoes. This is one hike you'll want to come prepared for.

9 months ago

We spent the night near the top and then hiked up to the top the next morning. It was way more rocky then I remembered and the trail was super crowded... beautiful view when you reach the top.

Hard to find trailhead. Take green creek road just before red barn/gas station. Go up road. When it divides take table mountain road. Do not stop at "trailhead" unless you need to park trailer. Keep going straight about 2 more mile across stream and up the hill.

Trail starts up hill and gets real steep. Overall about 3 miles to Cairn. Get out early if you also plan on doing ptarmigan peak. Would be a long day and would than go up to 12000. Ascends about 2000 feet. Good views from the top. Bear country. Do not hike alone.

It was a fun hike a little short for my taste. Had excellent view points most of the way up. I climb the face rather than go around through huckleberry trail. It was pretty foggy through out the hike but was beautiful in its own way. I will go back so I can see the tetons instead of the view of endless fog.

The hike was tough but every step was with it.

9 months ago