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To be honest, I had a mild case of elevation sickness on the last meters but I was a beginner at that time. This trail is stunningly beautiful and highly recommended! Huge pay-off moment, totally worth it!

Tough switchbacks and some steep loose Rocky sections make for a tough climb but the breath taking view at the end makes it all worth it

a pretty tough hike but well worth it can't wait to go back

My new favorite hike in the Teton range.

This roughly 20 mile loop will take you into some magnificent high mountain basins strewn with lakes and streams. Some of the most gorgeous scenery in the region can be found on these trails.

The first three miles is a gentle slope up through the South Leigh Creek canyon. At roughly four miles in, you'll encounter a rather long set of switchbacks, from which you begin to see the Grand Teton. These switchbacks carry you up the mountainside to a large open meadow (in which we saw several day beds). The trail then takes you to the far end of this meadow, at which point you head up the ridge before dropping into Granite Basin.

The trail only takes you by one of the lakes in Granite Basin. However, it's a great place to stop and take in the scenery, and to filter some water. As lovely as this lake is, it only gets better from here.

After the lake, you'll ascend up another ridge into a large plateau that sits right around 9500 feet. Several streams and lakes dot this plateau, and you'll also have some views of the Grand Teton again.

From here, the trail drops down into the Green Lakes basin. You can either go directly toward Green Lake, or take the side trail that passes by the other lakes as well (highly recommended). I would recommend filtering some water at these lakes, as it will be several miles before you hit another water source.

After passing the lakes, you climb up to the East shoulder of the mountain, and then switchback up to the ridge. The top of the ridge presents good views of the valley below.

After following along the ridge for a way, the trail switchbacks down into Tin Cup Creek. Once you reach the tin cup trail, you turn back uphill for a short distance and cross the South fork of Tin Cup Creek. This is the last good water source, so filter from the stream if you are running low.

The last portion of the route heads up the Beaver Trail and then down Beaver Creek to South Leigh Creek. This trail is not heavily used, and it's possible to lose the trail as you cross over the ridge. Plan on bringing a GPS with tail maps (it helps a lot!).

worth every step

Definitely a very hard hike, but when at the top the view is well worth it.

This is a trail that everyone should do at least once. Keep in mind, though, that weekend use in the summer is quite heavy, and parking may be difficult if you do not arrive early.

My preferred route is to take the face trail up and down, which gets you up into the views a little faster. The view from the top is exhilarating, in that there's nothing but empty space between you and the Tetons.

Since afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon in the area, check the weather before you leave, and plan to start early.

Loved it! Beautiful hike.

23 days ago

We went up AND down the face. You're going straight up like 1/2 the way, then you mellow out in beautiful wild flower meadows, and then it goes straight up again for the home stretch. You start the hike in the trees so it's a bit miserable at first, once you hit the meadows it's awesome and you can actually see table mountain. So it's nice walking towards something you can see versus wondering when you're gonna get there. We went down the face bc the meadows were just that beautiful that I didn't care about the difficulty. But my knees feeeeeelt it. Definitely toughest hike I've ever done, but the most beautiful and rewarding too!

25 days ago

Excellent back view of The Tetons. The first segment goes up a U shaped valley very gradually, once you get up on the ridge the altitude kick in and the struggle is real. This is a step by step hike to the summit at about the 10,000' foot mark but the views of the bowls/Tetons on the other side are amazing. There are sheer drop offs into the bowls at the top and the winds make you squat low at times. Definitely a high consideration if you are in the area and like a solid day hike!!

26 days ago

A long hike with some steep sections, but well worth it! I went up and down the Huckleberry trail instead of the face, camped on the ridge, then summited for the eclipse earlier this week. It felt a bit arduous with backpacks, so I'd like to try it as a day hike. Amazing views of the Tetons up top!

26 days ago

Steep trail but amazing flowers and views. Best spot to camp is on the other side of table mountain on the grassy hill.

Spectacular hike, steep and rugged. Hiked up the face and back down the huckleberry trail. The views of the back of the Grand Teton were beautiful and very different then the normal pictures from the east side. However, this is not for the faint of heart. Definitely for the fit and those who regularly hike steep areas.

27 days ago

Amazing, beautiful hike the whole time. It's a bit rocky, steep and definitely a work out especially if you hike up with a backpack full of overnight gear. I hiked up to the top to watch the solar eclipse and it was a surreal experience. 10/10 would do it again even without the magical eclipse.

29 days ago