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5 months ago

I wish I had done this hike on a clear day. The view of the Tetons would have been amazing. Regardless, this was a really fun trail. It is a great work out and is clearly defined.
I made a Gopro video of my hike if you are interested in seeing the fall/snowy scenery. https://youtu.be/4_ojs_Y8gGg

We thought this trail was a great hike! It was a bit cool, hiking in snow the last 1/2 mile, but beautiful!

Very pretty, we had the whole trail to ourselves. Lots of squirrels and chickens to amuse my dog. Road is pretty washed out. My car is 4 wheel drive and struggled through the mud in a couple places. Nothing a lil sheer masculinity and a tight wheel grip couldn't get us through.

Trail is great, uphill for the first half at least, but beautiful enough to distract you. The lake is beautiful as is the rest of the hike up towards the peak. I did not make it to the peak but my friends did. (The altitude slows me down, and my friends are much fitter than I am) The road requires a four wheel drive with high clearance and you need to NOT care that the sides of your car will get scratched up. As a result of how far out this trail head it, it is never crowded. You’ll see other people but most of the time you’ll have solitude. Another positive, dogs allowed and they can swim in Goodwin Lake.

Love the Teton views. Not a lot of shade and can be buggy. Favorite time would be September before the snow flys.

6 months ago

One of my all time favorite hikes!!!!

7 months ago

Beautiful hike and quick to get to. Hiked up with my daughter on my back and she loved the scenery. I wish we would of started earlier in the day. Beautiful weather until we reached the lake where it was windy and I should of brought my daughter a sweatshirt. Tons of horseflys!

FYI this trail is not in Grand Teton NP

8 months ago

Great hike. All clear of snow and lots of beautiful wildflowers along the way. Got to enjoy the summit with less wind than normal!

8 months ago

made it to the trail split and then some bad looking weather scared us. this trail is beautiful, especially all the flowers in the beginning. WARNING: getting to the trailhead is a bit difficult without 4 wheel drive or high clearance vehicle. We parked about 1 mile away and walked up the road. Hopefully will do this trail again later and make it to the top.

8 months ago

Hiked this June 30, 2018–beautiful wildflowers but still a decent amount of snow to get to the summit. Still doable but it slowed us down! Definitely a favorite hike.

8 months ago

4X4 high clearance vehicle is a must to get to the trailhead. We had to park a mile down the gravel road to get there. That mile was okay as a first mile to this hike, but torturous on our tired feet as the final mile.

At the hike, a steep first section evens out on the ridge and offers great views of the Tetons. Bugs usually leave me alone, but these bugs were hungry for my flesh and I came away covered in bites. Didn't see any wildlife apart from the bugs and squirrels. There was still a bunch of snow covering the steep final push to the lake, which we weren't prepared for, so unfortunately we didn't finish. Plenty of shade and high enough elevation that it wasn't very hot.

Great hike but I just want to update about the road getting there---it is in rough shape as of May 2018. A lot of the info online about the road is outdated. Forest service even has a sign at one point after you pass Curtis Campground with a warning, even with 4WD.. I ended up parking and hiking on part of the road quite a way to get to the trailhead only because I was there so I could bring the dog.... Great hike if you get there but the road is currently an issue.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The trail that starts off through some beautiful Aspen trees and we had lovely wildflowers on the day we went, it was a pretty easy incline in the beginning, but then it gets steep and you switch back your way up the mountain. Definitely not for anyone out of shape and not able to handle a steep incline, I took my ten year old and thirteen year old and it was tough, but we made it to the top. Great views at the top and along the way of Jackson and the surrounding area.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Can only get to this trailhead with a 4 wheel vehicle the road is carved up by runiff. Got to trailhead early enough (8:45) am that we did not see anyone else until the last bit of the return trip. Beginning is steep through fields and some forest, then mostly moderate forest trails. Could only get to granite lake because of snow. Roundtrip was about 6.2 miles.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The hike to Goodwin lake is really beautiful and not so hard. The beginning is a little steep, but then it levels out until you get to Goodwin lake. About 3 miles to the lake. Continue around the left side of the lake, then head on the path that goes to open fields. It will get really steep there, and you will go around the south side of the mountain and head up. You will pass onto the alpine level, so no more trees. When you reach the top, the views are scenic. Sheep mountain can be seen and so can the Tetons. A super good hike, would 100% recommend this for someone looking to Summit a nice mountain!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good place to see black bears. They like to come down to the lake.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Please connect this trail to Jackson Peak.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nice forested hike with great views. It was extremely dry when I went and the wildflowers were shriveled up. I imagine it's stunning when they are in bloom. You do need a high clearance vehicle to get there.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beautiful trail. The flies are crazy! Bring bug spray.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Flies are insane.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Great view of Tetons if you climb the mountain near the lake. Nice to bathe in cold lake water too...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Awesome trail with crazy blooming flowers. Not super challenging but can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Beautiful. Watch out for a gazillion flies this time of year while everything is blooming. Heavy use of OFF is recommended.

mountain biking
Thursday, September 18, 2014

The trailhead to the hot spings is actually about 30-40 min drive outside of Jackson. I rented a fat tire bike and did the round trip from the trailhead to the springs (20-22 miles with time off the trail) in Jan. I suppose this could be a hiking trail in summer, but due to the distance, would recommend bikng it. In the winter, the trail is predominantly used for dogsleds and snowmobiles.
As this was my first fat tire bike ride, I wasn't sure of the logisitics. If its snowed recently, as it had prior to my ride, the bike wi will not grip the trail and one will have 22 miles of hellish fishtailing and skidding. If you can be assured of a packed base, then go for it, or go when there is not snow on the ground. There are outfitters in Jackson who rent bikes, and who will take you on a guided snowmobile or dogsled ride.
Aside from the logistics of getting there, the springs are a warm respite from the cold, have primitive pit toilets and changing rooms, but are not crowded because of being off the beaten path. They have water and a few snacks for sale (cash). The facility closes at 5 PM in the winter, and I saw a campground on the trail about a mile back, but did not see anyone winter camping there.
Scenery along the way is beautiful, quiet, and worth it, but again, if recent snow, there can be avalanches onto the trail (there was one the the week after my ride which took out two snomobilers...who made it out OK).
I loved the trip, but would not ride a fat tire bike there again unless I the snow was was not fresh.
If you are travelling from out of town, keep in mind the altitude is a contender, as is the dry air.

6 months ago

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