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trail running
6 hours ago

trail ran it and accidentally missed a turn and had to loop String Lake, which made the whole trip about 11 miles. pretty sweet trail with some awesome land and water features. "easy" is probably accurate--anyone in normal health could manage the inclines, which are not always completely accessible, but definitely not beyond what you'd expect and hope for. no bears seen, but did see moose and her child. only issue I had was black-topped parts near parking lots, not because it compromised authenticity, as one might argue, but because I was trail running and hitting black top wasn't cool. would definitely do again.

One of the best hikes I ever did. Great view of mount Owen throughout all the trail. If you can I suggest to take a boat across the Jenny lake since it significantly shortens the distance (hike around the lake is 2.5 miles and i did it only on the way back). I did the hike in June and trail was prepared very well. Definitely worth trying!

It was beautiful and had a great view of the lake and waterfall

Great hike and beautiful full waterfall in mid-June. Busy trail, but everyone was considerate.

Beautiful hike next to the lake the whole time. The climb is mostly going in, so coming out was easier and a relief. Go early in the day in summer - the parking lot was full in the late morning.

On Tuesday we took the boat across Jenny lake (what a cool ride) We hiked up to Cascade Canyon via the Jenny Lake connector (Horse trail).
The trail was pretty much up hill until you reach the canyon, for most of the climb you’re in the forest. As you leave the shade the trail becomes quite rocky before leveling out right before the canyon. We played in the snow before crossing a stream, We hiked in the canyon alongside the creek for a while, then found a good spot to eat lunch then hiked back down. We encountered some awesome Yellow Bellied Marmots, a Pika butterflies and ravens. Others reported black bears and a moose. The forest, the views and the canyon were awesome.

Wonderful hike! We did the Bradley-Taggert Trail (counterclockwise was a perfect recommendation!) and it was beautiful. Wildflowers galore, overlooks, forests, meadows, lakes and streams. Few people due to threat of rain made it more peaceful. Highly recommended!!!

We hiked the loop and out and back to Huckleberry point on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It had rained the night before yet the trail was in great condition. Beautiful trail with ups and downs through the forest and skirting Phelps lake with stunning views of the Tetons. Park at Rockefeller Preserve, great visitor center and amenities:

2 days ago

Some of the most spectacular hiking scenery I’ve experienced. Saw moose, a bear, deer, lots of marmots. Feel like this trail could be classed as Moderate, all the elevation happens in that first mile and it’s not too strenuous. The loop via Hidden Falls shown on this AllTrails route is currently closed while they develop the area, but you can still access those areas by first returning to the boat dock.

Loved everything about this. The first half mile is tough (and it’s tough as the last half mile too going down)! We hiked it without snow shoes which would have been nice getting to Lake Solitude. We stopped a mile short to save our energy for the trek back down. There is a beautiful canyon there too that is worth the extra mile after the fork!! The trail itself is well traveled and maintained and very clear so it’d be hard to get yourself off-course.

A great blend on this easy/relaxing trail - forest, prairies, views, lake, wildlife, Teton views - highly recommend!

Crowded but worthwhile. The main traffic thinned out after .5 mile or so. Tons of fish and a swan. Easy strolling. .

4 days ago

Excellent trail with incredible views! Not strenuous and well worth it. We were treated this afternoon to a bear killing a baby deer or elk right on the trail. It was amazing to witness in person, a little scary, but definitely incredible to witness.

A few notes on our hike today: 1) the internet makes a lot of talk about bears on this trail which almost dissuaded us from doing it. The only bears I saw were the delicious gummy bears from my pack. That said, we did pass bear dens/scat, but all old. Maybe we came close to some, but definitely scared them off by talking and singing. 2) We met a ranger out on the trail who was the second best view of the day. We actually met multiple rangers along the trail which made us all feel very safe. 3) The road is real bumpy up to the trailhead- my companion got real nauseated so we parked and hiked half a mile to the trailhead. 4) the hike to Phelps Lake overlook is not strenuous and is a gradual uphill to a beautiful view of the lake. The trail then continues on downhill, then another gradual climb back up into the canyon 5) it is currently June 14 as I write this, and we encountered snow blocking the trail. Our handsome ranger friend mentioned above helped us cross, but it’s a little nerve racking as if you slip you are going down an entire mountain. We grabbed sticks for balance since we didn’t have poles, but I recommend poles. 6) Beyond the snow pass is absolutely crazy beautiful and well worth the 1.5 mile uphill to the cabin. 7) We saw plenty of marmot, but literally no other wildlife which was fine by us. 8) the uphill back up to Phelps Lake is probably what gets this hike the moderate rating given the incline. Definitely a workout! 9) We encountered very few people on the trail. Given our fear of bears, we were relieved to see other humans (that’s how infrequently we encountered people). But if you want a solitary hike this is the one! The Phelps Lake trail was definitely crowded by midday, but most were headed down to the lake and not into the canyon. Enjoy! And Ranger Justin if you are reading this my number is...

This trail is an absolute stunner. All the uphill is right up front and really only lasts half an hour. You are then rewarded by a consistent view of the Tetons from under their shadow. There is plenty of wildlife - we saw a mama moose and her calf as well as plenty of marmot. We hiked to the fork and back. Pro tip: if you want to do this hike go EARLY as it is next to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Plenty of people had their kids or were hiking in inappropriate footwear. The path is well trodden, and it’s understandable with the views and the proximity to some places that don’t take a lot of effort to get to. If you are going to continue on to Solitude Lake plan to take the boat there or back.

4 days ago

We went end of March and loved it. Really could not do it without snow shoes. So be prepared. :)

All the work is early, then it’s a gentle, sloping climb through the canyon with Tetons towering all around you. Moose, deer, pika and fresh bear scat all around. We took the boat across Jenny Lake later in the afternoon and choose to add the 3.2 return miles from the original trailhead. Had the trail to ourselves (a refreshing change from the climb in). We spent around 7 hours on trail (12+ miles) with a long sit and coffee at the apex of the canyon. Remember: the final shuttle stop is at 7p (June 2018).

*Only a ‘4’ because we had higher hopes from all the reviews.

This trail is less popular than the others in its category (Jenny, Taggart, Bradley) but offers a quiet, peaceful, and serene hike through various terrains. My group had various ages (25yrs old to 60yrs old) and all enjoyed and were comfortable. I would recommend hiking the lake counter clockwise for the best views. The lake is beautiful and the streams are great lunch spots. I would highly recommend as a moderate day hike for the occasional hiker.

Good hike. Not too tough with great view of Phelps Lake.

5 days ago

Very beautiful spot! You will have to pay 35$ to get into the park but the pass is good for 7 days! Also if you want to take the boat across the river is it 15$ or you can hike around it which was great! A ton of tourists so I would highly recommend venturing on your own! Definitely bring bear mace to be safe! Highly recommend!

saw 2 grizzly bear the paint brush canyon intersection.

The hike gave us a great view of Jenny lake. We were able to see some wildlife including a small moose right off the trail. There is an option to take a boat back so you don’t have to hike both ways if you get tired. The waterfall was super powerful. However, it’s hard to capture a true photo of how big it is since you can’t get right up next to it. Worth the hike for sure!

6 days ago

Relatively easy hike with some climbing, but amazing alpine views and greenery resembling a rustic garden. The Jenny Lake Visitor Center is under construction, so be prepared for limited parking and dirty port-a-potties. We like hiked around the lake to the falls and took the boat back. The falls and cascades were flowing heavy in early June, resulting in some magical views. The boat was a nice reward after a hot afternoon of hiking, but it wasn’t cheap for a family of four. We were hoping to see a moose on our trip and we found one on this hike!

We hiked around the lake and up to the falls! It was so pretty! Not too hard!

Beautiful views of the Teton, can see where all the beavers have been to work. Very quick and very easy to get to, definitely worth the stop.

Beautiful hike- make sure you go the entire loop around though- or else you will miss out on some great views.

6 days ago

Beautiful trail! Incredible views of the lake with the Tetons in the background. The upper left quadrant of the traditional trail is closed for renovation so there is an alternate route higher in the mountain that adds a bit more difficulty and elevation gain. We hiked counter clockwise to avoid the congestion on the other side and it also provided us great views of the lake and Tetons at the beginning of the hike. However, it did make the end of the hike more difficult. All in all, great hike to get started in Tetons!

very nice hike. with beautiful lake ! beach like areas. You can get there from tagger lake trail head. or from lupene meadows which is watch went.

A short hike with a great reward of the powerful falls - just be sure to not stop before you actually get the best view of the falls. The best view is “hidden” as the trail seems to end at the bridge that continues on to lower inspiration point. Turn left prior to the bridge and go beyond the big boulder to a gorgeous canopy of trees, sitting area, and a full length view of the falls.

Just spectacular. Some of the best views ever - wildlife spotted every time on this trail.

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