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1 day ago

Fantastic view of Phelps lake and the mountains! A mama bear and her two cubs decided to join us on the trail. Bear spray is a MUST. We Parked at the nature preserve then once we got to the lake we hiked clockwise. This put most of the difficult part of the trail at the beginning, so by the end when our kiddos were tired, we were rolling easy. We also encountered a moose that was grazing on the trail. It took us a bit to get him to move, but eventually he decided to move on so we could get by. The trail ended up being 8 miles. There were a lot of wet areas around the back of the lake from all the snow melt but nothing too deep.

We were here 3rd week of May. Hiked to almost top of the waterfall and had to turn around to losing the trail due to snow. Had it been signs, we would have went further. Can’t wait to do it again!! Awesome views!

Nice hike that took us about 4 1/2 hours to do. Lots of animal tracks all along the trail. Multiple bear scat and had a moose on the trail. It has great views of the Tetons at the halfway point. Make sure you hike with others on this one due to the amount of bear and moose activity on the trail.

4 days ago

We hiked this trail in May and still had to cross knee high snow along the mountain. The trail was mildly challenging in a couple of areas but beautiful views the entire way.

We started at String Lake trailhead and walked Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls - round trip about 5 miles. Amazing views at the lake and the waterfall ending was breathtaking. Encountered snow but with proper shoes not an issue. Had to be careful in spots but doable. Saw Moose, Elk and plenty of Marmots. Was not too trafficked. Loved the hike ...

Excellent trail with variety of sights from the valley and Forrest to higher look outs of the mountains. The views of both lakes are breath taking. Streams along the way as well. We encountered snow on way down to Bradley Lake. Only a few spots where extra caution needed - it really wasn’t an issue with proper shoes. We liked that it was low trafficked and quiet. We encountered no large animals but saw evidence they were there. Definitely recommend this trail!

Fantastic trail with a lot to see. It is definitely worth it to add on the hidden falls and Inspiration Point too if you feel up to it. this is also a great warm up trail for access to Cascade Canyon.

We weren’t sure about the conditions, so we asked about it at a visitor’s center and got some awful information. Contrary to her claims, the Jenny Lake trail is relatively clear of snow, and you can hike the majority of this trail without even using snowshoes. We had some, expecting to need to use them, but didn’t even end up putting them on. The views of the snow-capped peaks were incredible and we enjoyed seeing two moose, a great blue heron, two bald eagles and fresh bear tracks.

Very scenic hike. Started early and we were on the trail by ourselves. As we were coming back to the trailhead many ppl heading out

Did the loop in 2004, amazing backcountry experience

10 days ago

Didn’t get all the way to the gals because the snow pack got steep and slippery. Wish I’d brought my yak tracks! Did see two moose, a marmot, a bald eagle, and squirrels and chipmunks though. Good views of jenny lake too.

11 days ago

We completed this with the add on to Hidden Falls, May 7 ‘18. We saw a few groups of people but it was all on the south portion as most people turned back after reaching the Falls due to 3’ deep snow in a ton of areas. The hike would likely be super easy if not for the snow and ice. My husband had a difficult time since he’s 300 lbs of shoulders and therefore kept breaking through the snow path. This added a great deal of challenge. Once we got past the Falls, we finished the north half but not before running into Grizzly 399 with her two juvenile cubs. We slowly diverted down to the beach and spoke in hushed monotone until we heard other hikers coming through and joined them to finish the last 2.5 miles. It was our first time coming way to close to a grizzly. We made the crucial mistake of being to quiet and not chatting while hiking since we were pretty tired. We had bear spray and she never charged or bluffed but it’s definitely something this Texan won’t ever forget.

The views are amazing and despite some scary situations, it was an amazing experience.

Gorgeous views of the Grand Teton and by a dancing stream most of the way. We did have to turn back because the snow just got too deep. But we really enjoyed the hike!

5/6/18 Still plenty of snow on the traverse trail East to Northwest route. Postholed some, got feet wet in melting snow. Stayed higher, sidehilling off trail to avoid snow in gully on NW end of trail, keeping an eye on the trail below with this app. Potentially dry by end of May. Really nice trail, well maintained on NW end. Saw a lot of butterflies near the creek on the way out. At least 7 species of wildflowers already blooming on SE end, south facing slopes. This traverse is under 4 miles if you do a bike shuttle or leave a 2nd car at the other end. The 7.3 mile estimate here is an out & back from the same trailhead. If hiking later in summer, start early at the SE side to get the sun exposed climb done while it’s cool, ending the hike down through shady conifers on the NW end.

Short and very sweet! I think this is one of the most underrated lakes in GTNP. Gorgeous view of the Grand, does not take much time and effort but the payoff is great! My personal favorite time to go to Taggart is in winter. Great snowshoe trail!

22 days ago

road biking
27 days ago

In April, the park plows and closes off sections of the park roads for non-motorized use. Many of the side roads to Jenny Lake and other view points, campgrounds and turnouts are also plowed. The weather couldn't have been better this year. And, April 21 was park free fare day, so locals said it was the most crowds they had ever seen. The main park road is relatively flat, but the side roads can have more elevation. Keep in mind that all the buildings including restrooms tend to be closed. We did see one portapotty at the first Jenny Lake pulloff (that was probably there only as they were doing construction there).

28 days ago

Went about 3 years ago on a school field trip, and it was amazing! Beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, light traffic, plenty of shade in the woods, but it's honestly hotter In the woods. on the open trail it's nice and breezy and easy to keep cool, only hiked halfway, as school policy only allowed so long of physical activity for prevention of injury but all in all a great hike! stopped in the middle for lunch, climbed up the mountain a bit to get some amazing views then turned arou d and hiked back down! definately intend on finishing the hike someday!

I did this hike last summer for our family reunion. I had all my little ones with me and they had a hard time lucky I had people there to help my kids up the trail. the falls are so beautiful. great views. definitely going back when the kids are a little older.

Beautiful hike. My husband and I completed last June and there was still snow on the trails.

1 month ago

I loved this trail. Awesome day hike. Went all the way up the canyon out & back. Hidden falls is also great. Saw moose and bear. Some of the most beautiful views of any hiking you could hope for!

Relatively easy hike to Beautiful lake. Had it all to myself this morning.

Only did first 4 miles but loved it!

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery- great hike. I didn’t remember it being this long.

If you are going to make this much effort go to Table Rock. This is just as hard without the view of the Tetons at the end.

It is an ok hike dense forest limited views it was secluded ok , Very flat. St least it seemed that way

1 month ago

Hiked early in the morning. Beautiful views of the Tetons reflected in the still, quiet lake.

1 month ago

Have used this as an access to the cascade canyon trail. It’s a nice warmup. Beautiful and peaceful early in the morning.

1 month ago

Gorgeous trail. Did it once, loved it so much I came back to do it again a year later. Starts off steep and strenuous, but then is a gentle incline hiking into the canyon after Inspiration Point. Lots of places to stop and rest. We saw a moose!!

Hiked in the snow. Would be easier with snow shoes. But we had a lot of fun!

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