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I just finished this hike with my 11 year old son (his first hike in the Winds)! I absolutely love this hike...the views, the smells, and the water make this an amazing hike.

The river crossings were fun and extremely refreshing (okay, cold but awesome).

I also took advantage of this hike to test a new hammock which made it even more fun.

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8 days ago

Nice single track, but it’s narrow in spots with the wildflowers and brush. Wear pants or prepare for some light scratches. Tons of wildflowers and scenic views!

An easier hike, but a pretty long one. The elevation gain is gradual and with a fair number of ups and downs. The wildflowers couldn’t have been better. Absolutely amazing. Also a wonderful mix of terrain including meadows, forests, and some sage brush. Not much wildlife on this day. Singing birds the whole way, a couple of marmots, and we heard one pika.

About 4 miles into the hike there is a major landslide that has wiped out the trail completely and totally. We used GPS and the AllTrails app to cross the landslide and bush hack a bit to find the trail on the other side. There were some horse/game trails that were helpful. We went with our large dog and he was able to navigate everything but it would be difficult for some people and animals to navigate the downfall and rocky areas.

The falls were beautiful and well worth the hike. We took a path toward the end that you don’t have to and probably shouldn’t. Instead of going up the hill, follow the less worm path left along the water toward the falls. Much much easier than going up and over. The lower, flat path is the way we took back from the falls to the main trail.

At least at this time of year there are lots of creeks and streams to cross so be ready for wet feet.
We started from the trailhead at 12:30PM and got back at 6:30PM, including stopping for lunch and other stops for pictures and sight seeing. We never lost the sun behind the cliffs the whole time. The temp was mid 60s with a breeze and it was perfect.

Highly recommended!

Great at times somewhat steep hike for a nice little quick workout and spectacular / best views!

I did this trail on a whim. There is a straight shot option but my buddy and I chose the switchbacks. It’s a tough hike but the views you catch on the way up are well worth the heavy breathing. Not too much snow last week when we tackled it. We’re going again in the morning because it’s a fun challenge. I saw some old ladies doing it so I’m not sure this is “hard” but it’s definitely not easy.

Very fun trial. Pretty strenuous if you aren’t used to the altitude. The views along the trail are better than the view at the top. There is a ski lift at the top that can take you back down if you only want to hike up. Took 1 hour to reach the top.

1 month ago

Beautiful. No traffic.

I hiked this trail in 2016 and actually carried my one year old the whole way! Parts of the trail are steep! But the Lake is beautiful! We also carried a Canoe up there and played in the water! Absolutely beautiful and you can hike around the lake as well!

5 months ago

Great hike. Not technical other than a lot river crossing

6 months ago

I was as new as it gets when I stepped foot on this trail. The only other time I had been backpacking was the night before in Shoshone NF. I studied up on this trail for months, with plans of watching the eclipse from Sleeping Indian, which we did the next day.
The trail starts off super simple. Walking through sagebrush, then you get into the forest and cross a few creeks(2 of the 3 creeks can be crossed with dry feet, but the first of those three, you will most likely get a little wet. One tip, cross the first creek as close to the barbed wire fence as possible, this is the driest route.)
Once you get to the 3rd creek crossing fill all of your water up. You will not find anything until you get to Blue Miner, which is a long, strenuous trek from this point(we learned the hard way when we were dying for a drink with 2 miles to go).
After the last creek the trail really starts to climb. And it seems like you're climbing for miles and miles. the good part is, the views as you climb are truly breathtaking. There are a few stopping points halfway up the mountain that rival any summit in the northeast.
After climbing for what seems like forever, you will hit fields of thousands upon thousands of wild flowers(this was late August). It really makes the previous few miles worth the effort. These fields go on for another 2 miles or so. All the while you are still climbing, but it is much more gradual.
Finally you will see the snow capped peaks surrounding Blue Miner. It was one of the most welcoming sights I have ever laid eyes on. After about 1/2 a mile, you finally get to see the lake. I looked at pictures of it for months, but they do not do it justice. The trail begins to dip down sharply towards the lake, on a very narrow path. But before you walk down, be sure to stop and take a 360 view all around you. Green lush fields, with vibrant wildflowers, snow covered rocky mountainsides, craggy rocks, huge trees, and this aqua blue crystal clear lake. In 28 years on this planet I've never seen something more beautiful.
Anyway, from there you climb on down this narrow path for about 1/2 a mile and arrive at the lake. It's super rocky to the left, I would suggest staying to the right and finding a nice campsite.
If it tickles your fancy, in the morning climb back up the goat trail again but this time stay to your left when you reach the top. An easy trail follows the rim of the mountain and leads you to a tundra like atmosphere. From there you can reach Sheep Mountain and have an unbelievable view of the Tetons, the red hills and lucky enough for us, the solar eclipse.
In short, if you're in decent shape do this trail, you 100% will not be disappointed.

8 months ago

This trail is down a dirt road by the Half Moon Lake Lodge. When we went the road up to the trailhead was closed to vehicles so we parked by the lodge and walked. The wildflowers and butterflies were out and I saw a redtail hawk circling overhead. The trail goes alongside the lake for a while before branching away. We turned back just before a flooded meadow. A really pretty hike! Lots of boulders, pine trees, bushes, and flowers.

With some minimal corridor maintenance and if your prepared for the bugs easily a five star hike

11 months ago

Beautiful lake, but it takes some time to get here. High clearance vehicle is required to travel down the access road. Final 1.3 miles is by foot. Several fallen trees block the path, so you can get a little closer with a 4 wheeler but not the entire way.

We backpacked in and spent two nights at the lake without seeing a single other person there. Water is crystal clear, and fishing is great - we rarely went more than 2-3 minutes without hooking another fish (released them).

There are several primitive campsites in the area. Two are at the bottom of a small hill a few hundred feet east of the lake. Mosquitoes are very thick there, but they are protected from the wind. One is at the top of the small hill east of the lake - beautiful views while laying in your hammock, but the winds blow pretty strong there all day and night. There do not appear to be any sites south of the lake, but we found a few other spots on the north side that also appeared to be windy when we walked through.

This area is pristine - come prepared for solitude, and pack everything out.

11 months ago

My family and I hiked this trail based on some amazing pictures others had posted. Overall, it was a beautiful hike with great views of Jackson. Based on other pictures posted we thought we'd encounter a lake at some point on the trail but 2 miles in all we found was thicker foliage. The trail split about a mile in with no signage to indicate which way to go, maybe we took the wrong path.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Great hike with good flow and nice scenery. The first part is a bit steep and narrow, but it flattens out after that. It's great for kids, pets, and the less experienced. With a fast pace it can make for a good cardio workout.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I've done this twice, once in early July and once in late August. There was still snow patches in July and snow along the ridge to the peak so we only went to the lakes that time. Beautiful flowers. Consistently steep for most of the trail and a few streams to pass. Beautiful day hike.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Beautiful hike with wildflowers, snow banks and waterfalls. Had to cross several small streams but not too difficult. We only went as far as Wagner Lake but the GPS measured 8.6 miles R/T.

Monday, July 10, 2017

absolutely stunning and well maintained trail. WATCH OUT FOR THE ELK EATING BEARS!!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Beautiful trail, I hiked it over the 4th of July weekend and did not see another person on the trail. Breathtaking waterfall and flowers galore. The problem I had was the snow stoped me just short of getting to the peak. That said, not getting to the peak just gives me the excuse the try again later. I'll be back!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

I wouldn't do it for the wildlife, but just for the exercise.(and a decent view of Jackson and everything to the north) FYI, if you want to do a seriously tough workout, just hike straight up(with minimal rest) from the lift, and you'll do 1441 feet of elevation gain in .67 miles. It was a fairly torturous 28 minutes for myself..lol. I ran back down in about 18 minutes on the trail mentioned here.

Beautiful view at the top!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Great morning hike with beautiful views on summit

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Billy goated that bitch. Lost trail little over a half mile in. Steep and unmaintained. Lots of cows. Never made it to the end.

Huge vertical gain, but worth the view, especially on a clear day.

It's a workout.. it a great hike. Views are awesome.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Backpacked in and spent the night on the far side of the lake. Great fishing. Was with 3 others and caught a collective 20+ nice sized cutthroat and one Brooke trout. Nice rope swing if you are the adventurous type! Trail was rather rough due to horses using the trail when it was wet. Overall an enjoyable trip.

Great trail. Awesome views. A little tough for us flatlanders, but well worth the climb.

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