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I hiked this trail in 2016 and actually carried my one year old the whole way! Parts of the trail are steep! But the Lake is beautiful! We also carried a Canoe up there and played in the water! Absolutely beautiful and you can hike around the lake as well!

The trail is an easy walk and it is beautiful. About halfway it connects to the swift creek trail. The end is steep up to the actual spring and is usually covered by a decently sized glacier but is an easy climb.

5 months ago

I was as new as it gets when I stepped foot on this trail. The only other time I had been backpacking was the night before in Shoshone NF. I studied up on this trail for months, with plans of watching the eclipse from Sleeping Indian, which we did the next day.
The trail starts off super simple. Walking through sagebrush, then you get into the forest and cross a few creeks(2 of the 3 creeks can be crossed with dry feet, but the first of those three, you will most likely get a little wet. One tip, cross the first creek as close to the barbed wire fence as possible, this is the driest route.)
Once you get to the 3rd creek crossing fill all of your water up. You will not find anything until you get to Blue Miner, which is a long, strenuous trek from this point(we learned the hard way when we were dying for a drink with 2 miles to go).
After the last creek the trail really starts to climb. And it seems like you're climbing for miles and miles. the good part is, the views as you climb are truly breathtaking. There are a few stopping points halfway up the mountain that rival any summit in the northeast.
After climbing for what seems like forever, you will hit fields of thousands upon thousands of wild flowers(this was late August). It really makes the previous few miles worth the effort. These fields go on for another 2 miles or so. All the while you are still climbing, but it is much more gradual.
Finally you will see the snow capped peaks surrounding Blue Miner. It was one of the most welcoming sights I have ever laid eyes on. After about 1/2 a mile, you finally get to see the lake. I looked at pictures of it for months, but they do not do it justice. The trail begins to dip down sharply towards the lake, on a very narrow path. But before you walk down, be sure to stop and take a 360 view all around you. Green lush fields, with vibrant wildflowers, snow covered rocky mountainsides, craggy rocks, huge trees, and this aqua blue crystal clear lake. In 28 years on this planet I've never seen something more beautiful.
Anyway, from there you climb on down this narrow path for about 1/2 a mile and arrive at the lake. It's super rocky to the left, I would suggest staying to the right and finding a nice campsite.
If it tickles your fancy, in the morning climb back up the goat trail again but this time stay to your left when you reach the top. An easy trail follows the rim of the mountain and leads you to a tundra like atmosphere. From there you can reach Sheep Mountain and have an unbelievable view of the Tetons, the red hills and lucky enough for us, the solar eclipse.
In short, if you're in decent shape do this trail, you 100% will not be disappointed.

6 months ago

We drove to the coordinates and couldn't find any sign of the trail. There's a nordic training area nearby so something probably exists for skiiers in winter (the sign said no hikers).

Very muddy right now, but great trail through nice terrain, and a cool lake at the end!

8 months ago

Great scenery, variable terrain from woods to meadow, some elevation climb but also many level areas. Beautiful wild flowers all along the trail. Definitely on my recommended list! Bring picnic lunch to the lake, then explore beyond and above the lake itself.

8 months ago

Easy Trail, lots of wild flowers!

With some minimal corridor maintenance and if your prepared for the bugs easily a five star hike

Great trail and scenery but leave fishing poles in car. The lake has drained out bone dry.

It's Faler Lake isn't it?

9 months ago

3/4 mile hike! The trail was just redone by the Boy Scouts and it looks great! Great hike for kids and super beautiful. To get to the mouth of the spring is a little steeper and may not be so easy for small kids. But well groomed and not too steep.

Short and sweet!

Mainly a walk that has a short little climb at the very end to get to the spring. The geyser itself isn't active until roughly lay august, and is at a constant flow right now. The hike is still gorgeous and the river that you follow up is a beautiful blue color.

9 months ago

Beautiful lake, but it takes some time to get here. High clearance vehicle is required to travel down the access road. Final 1.3 miles is by foot. Several fallen trees block the path, so you can get a little closer with a 4 wheeler but not the entire way.

We backpacked in and spent two nights at the lake without seeing a single other person there. Water is crystal clear, and fishing is great - we rarely went more than 2-3 minutes without hooking another fish (released them).

There are several primitive campsites in the area. Two are at the bottom of a small hill a few hundred feet east of the lake. Mosquitoes are very thick there, but they are protected from the wind. One is at the top of the small hill east of the lake - beautiful views while laying in your hammock, but the winds blow pretty strong there all day and night. There do not appear to be any sites south of the lake, but we found a few other spots on the north side that also appeared to be windy when we walked through.

This area is pristine - come prepared for solitude, and pack everything out.

on Ski Lake Trail

10 months ago

just finished hiking this trail and gave it a 5 start because the wild flowers are at peak and amazing!!

took the family on the trail. gets a little steep at the end but not bad. the extra run off currently has made it not intermittent with fast moving water. made me a little nervous with little ones. still a little patch of snow but the trail goes around it.

10 months ago

Really easy, short hike. Shaded. If you go mid-summer in the summer the lake is full and a beautiful turquoise color. Later or earlier in the year, it isn't full or it drys up.

10 months ago

Awesome views and the perfect length for a morning hike before work or after.

10 months ago

Forest service calls this a "moderate" hike of three miles each way, so there are some discrepancies with the description. Essentially 1000 feet elevation gain over that distance, at times quite steep. But beautiful, with wildflowers working their way into bloom. There are three steam crossings, two of them involving logs, one of those not flattened. The third has a nice bridge. On a sunny Sunday morning, there were dozens making the hike, many with dogs.y

Good historical accounts and visuals of catastrophic land slide and resulting geological character changes. Short, but informative. Kids would enjoy.

cross country skiing
11 months ago

We were going to attempt this hike in June of 2017, but signs indicated "no foot traffic allowed" Nordic skiing only.

Super easy trail, took three small children ages 7, 5, and 3 on it. We have done it twice now its easy for kids even, the first time the stream was calm, however second time the weather had warmed up so lots of melt water and the stream was much deeper and faster. So be careful with children. We love this trail. both times we have not been to the very top the last tiny portion of the trail due to a large chunk of snow ( you can see it in the picture) i think overall its an amazing trail, so beautiful.

It starts about 10 to 15 feet past the bathroom, slightly hidden. The trail is quite steep and fairly narrow and rocky at the start especially. Its beautiful lots of wild flowers and trees its gorgeous. We can't wait to go back.

11 months ago

I never do reviews really but I was so incredibly impressed with this app that It led us directly to the trailhead in an area I was completely not familiar with. The hike was outstanding, along with the gorgeous scenery. Now something to be reiterated is that this isn't the 3/4 mile hike that is the obvious and easy one. This moderate trail head ( which in my opinion is way better) is actually right next to the bathroom area. You will completely miss it if you don't know this. Great app and amazing hike !

Saturday, October 08, 2016

very easy for the kids and beautiful

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Great place. Would recommend this place to everyone

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Great and BEAUTIFUL hike! We went around 9am which was perfect. Low traffic and stunning views with the sun rising. Our 4 year old walked this hike easily and climbed to the top of the falls with a bit of help. When you reach the falls, go around the bend (looks rocky and overgrown) to get to a bridge in order to cross the river.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

To begin with, this trail is not the trail to the intermittent spring in Swift Creek Canyon though it does start nearby. We backpacked in 6 miles and set up base camp. The following day we continued up with daypacks and fishing gear to Corral Creek Lake and then returned back to our campsite again. The third day we backpacked out. The waterfalls and flowers were amazing. Did have a few horseflies to deal with.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Absolutely beautiful hike! the whole way, you are following a beautiful, clear spring. it is relaxing and gorgeous. I wanted to take 2 million pictures! I did this with my 6yo, and, while the hike to the spring was easy, I think that the portion to the top is not really meant for kids. We did climb, and the view was AWESOME, but I was quite worried about the kid in our way down. Definitely an adventure. I would visit again, but might not do the climb.

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