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The difficult hike is well worth it. I was there on Oct. 1st and 2nd and didn't see a person the whole time. There are some up and downs but you are mostly hiking up hill the entire time. The views are great.

4 months ago

Not a soul on the trail. Very peaceful bubbling brook, meandering creek. Lake super pretty. Did not see (make it) to the camp site, turned around at 5 miles. Fall in Wyoming cannot be beat!

This hiking is so amazing, it really challenged me as a hiker. I recommend doing the trail in late spring/ early summer. I went and saw almost no one else on the trail. You will probably see some snow at the beginning of the trail if you go during late spring / early summer but it will dissipate quickly. Also be advised you are hiking downhill during the whole hike and then uphill on the return. So, mentally prepare yourself for that. The trail head says the hike only a few miles but it really is the full 7. The sign is incorrect.

5 months ago

Blue Miner Lake is a hidden gem! The hike is worth all the views of Blue Miner Lake, Emerald Lake (off to the left) and the gorgeous meadows of wild flowers. The first half of the hike is difficult because you are on a consistent ridge line. Just prepare yourself mentally and know that once the ridge line is over the beautiful meadows begin and it flattens out. Take bear spray because you never know. I’ve seen moose and mountain sheep on this hike. Enjoy!

5 months ago

The lake is beautiful getting to trailhead was a bit rough as the road is rocky and deep runoff ruts. Be careful about one third of the way in the trail forks and Someone has turned the arrow left . This takes you to the top of the mountain you need to go right to get to the lake . We hiked an extra 5 miles before we came back and found the lake.

on Clear Creek Trail

5 months ago

This is one of many hikes that can done from the Green River Lake trailhead, which is extensively used for camping and lake access. There are places to launch boats and swim. The 18 mile dirt road to the trailhead is in good shape and people drive it pretty fast. Clouds of mosquitos in places, but my repellent worked just fine. Without repellent you will be miserable. Bear spray is also recommended, but my hike was bear free. This is a popular access point to the Wind Rivers Range/Bridger Teton wilderness for backpacking. The day hike options are limited. I had planned to go to Slide Lake, but the bridge across the river was washed out and it did not look safe to ford, as it was deep and running vigorously. So, I went to the natural bridge, which was underwhelming, but it was a nice enough hike.The trail continues a bit past the natural bridge, but then seemed to peter out. The wildflowers were beautiful and there is a nice waterfall right where you turn left on to the Clear Creek trail after passing the lake. On the way back, I did a loop around the other side of the lake on the Lakeside trail, but kind of regretted it, as it was a lot of up and down. This worked out to about an 11 mile hike. I saw a few other hiking groups, but it was relatively uncrowded on the trails.

I just finished this hike with my 11 year old son (his first hike in the Winds)! I absolutely love this hike...the views, the smells, and the water make this an amazing hike.

The river crossings were fun and extremely refreshing (okay, cold but awesome).

I also took advantage of this hike to test a new hammock which made it even more fun.

6 months ago

Did this one last week of June 2018. The trails follows the lower lake for a few miles with a view of beautiful mountains and winding rivers. As you head away from the lake you follow the river that flows into the lower lake as it winds through meadows and end up at a natural bridge. The backside of bridge is better than front and getting on top gives you another nice view of some peaks. The campground outside the hike is very pretty and spacious but we were victims of very hungry mosquitos once the sun went down. No people on the trail!

Beautiful.... bring bear spray.

the best part of this hike was at the viewpont at the half mile mark. it's not really worth doing the steep uphill climb the rest of the way. expect a ton of mountain bikes to come flying down at you if you continue. also clocked a total of 5.2 miles

I hiked this trail in 2016 and actually carried my one year old the whole way! Parts of the trail are steep! But the Lake is beautiful! We also carried a Canoe up there and played in the water! Absolutely beautiful and you can hike around the lake as well!

11 months ago

Great hike. Not technical other than a lot river crossing

Monday, December 18, 2017

I was as new as it gets when I stepped foot on this trail. The only other time I had been backpacking was the night before in Shoshone NF. I studied up on this trail for months, with plans of watching the eclipse from Sleeping Indian, which we did the next day.
The trail starts off super simple. Walking through sagebrush, then you get into the forest and cross a few creeks(2 of the 3 creeks can be crossed with dry feet, but the first of those three, you will most likely get a little wet. One tip, cross the first creek as close to the barbed wire fence as possible, this is the driest route.)
Once you get to the 3rd creek crossing fill all of your water up. You will not find anything until you get to Blue Miner, which is a long, strenuous trek from this point(we learned the hard way when we were dying for a drink with 2 miles to go).
After the last creek the trail really starts to climb. And it seems like you're climbing for miles and miles. the good part is, the views as you climb are truly breathtaking. There are a few stopping points halfway up the mountain that rival any summit in the northeast.
After climbing for what seems like forever, you will hit fields of thousands upon thousands of wild flowers(this was late August). It really makes the previous few miles worth the effort. These fields go on for another 2 miles or so. All the while you are still climbing, but it is much more gradual.
Finally you will see the snow capped peaks surrounding Blue Miner. It was one of the most welcoming sights I have ever laid eyes on. After about 1/2 a mile, you finally get to see the lake. I looked at pictures of it for months, but they do not do it justice. The trail begins to dip down sharply towards the lake, on a very narrow path. But before you walk down, be sure to stop and take a 360 view all around you. Green lush fields, with vibrant wildflowers, snow covered rocky mountainsides, craggy rocks, huge trees, and this aqua blue crystal clear lake. In 28 years on this planet I've never seen something more beautiful.
Anyway, from there you climb on down this narrow path for about 1/2 a mile and arrive at the lake. It's super rocky to the left, I would suggest staying to the right and finding a nice campsite.
If it tickles your fancy, in the morning climb back up the goat trail again but this time stay to your left when you reach the top. An easy trail follows the rim of the mountain and leads you to a tundra like atmosphere. From there you can reach Sheep Mountain and have an unbelievable view of the Tetons, the red hills and lucky enough for us, the solar eclipse.
In short, if you're in decent shape do this trail, you 100% will not be disappointed.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

With some minimal corridor maintenance and if your prepared for the bugs easily a five star hike

Friday, August 11, 2017

It's Faler Lake isn't it?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Beautiful lake, but it takes some time to get here. High clearance vehicle is required to travel down the access road. Final 1.3 miles is by foot. Several fallen trees block the path, so you can get a little closer with a 4 wheeler but not the entire way.

We backpacked in and spent two nights at the lake without seeing a single other person there. Water is crystal clear, and fishing is great - we rarely went more than 2-3 minutes without hooking another fish (released them).

There are several primitive campsites in the area. Two are at the bottom of a small hill a few hundred feet east of the lake. Mosquitoes are very thick there, but they are protected from the wind. One is at the top of the small hill east of the lake - beautiful views while laying in your hammock, but the winds blow pretty strong there all day and night. There do not appear to be any sites south of the lake, but we found a few other spots on the north side that also appeared to be windy when we walked through.

This area is pristine - come prepared for solitude, and pack everything out.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Backpacked in and spent the night on the far side of the lake. Great fishing. Was with 3 others and caught a collective 20+ nice sized cutthroat and one Brooke trout. Nice rope swing if you are the adventurous type! Trail was rather rough due to horses using the trail when it was wet. Overall an enjoyable trip.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Great trail in August well marked.

great trail! spent 5 nights along the trail with several great day hikes including one to the top of wind river peak at 13192 ft! absolutely beautiful!

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Enjoyable trail, first ~1.5 mi is fairly steep/wooded but clears up when you reach the ridge and are even/above tree line. Great views of surrounding mountains and saw medium wildlife throughout (no bears). Our dogs were able to do it no problem just no water along way besides some small unreliable creeks that were running slowly. Overall good trail, worth the 8 mi drive from Alpine for scenic views. Enjoy!

This trail used to be a favorite growing up. The boat dock is no longer there and access was very difficult. The trail has not been maintained and we had to go around MANY downed trees, sometimes easy other times not. Ascended to the lake by taking the direct route, descended by taking the river route. Both are in the same condition.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hiked this trail many years ago. Started at the Elkhart Parking lot and dropped down and camped at Long Lake. Then continued on a 5 day loop called the Sky Pilot loop. Very pretty lake with good campsites

on Lowline Trail

Monday, September 07, 2015

Great hike, do this hike on a cooler day. Be prepared for weather. This is not an easy trail by no means, most people take horses up.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Where we set up for the night, had a AMAZING veiw of the Grand Tetons! Easily one of the best places I've ever set up a tent.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

This is a great, and well defined, backcountry trail. I would recommend pepper spray as Grizzlies have been seen in the area. It is actually 8 miles out of Alpine, Wyo, and not Grover.

off road driving
Sunday, June 28, 2015

We rented an atv for the day and this is where they sent us. Beautiful views.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Backpacked in to Bailey Lake and camped for two nights. Trail head is found by traveling from Alpine WY up the Greys River Road to the Little Greys turn off. Travel to McCain Meadow and then to the trail head which is just prior to waterdog lake where the road ends. Saw deer, moose (early am, and during the night), eagle, osprey, ducks and ducklings, muskrat, and many wild flowers. Caught fish for lunch which always beats packed in foods!

Monday, May 04, 2015

One of my favorite areas. I have been coming up to New Fork for over 30 years. The main trailhead starts above the camps area by the corrals and take you above the upper lake and down to the inlet. After that this trail starts into a canyon area which is absolutely amazing. You can do a day trip or several days along this trail.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

This is a good family hike. We docked our boat at the end of Fremont Lake and hiked up to the lake over the 4th of July 2014. We took the shorter route (stay to the right when the trail forks) and made it there. It is a beautiful trail and lake.

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